Is Desroying America.

 they hide behind religion.and use it to hold the country down.they do not want anything that will help most of us.if religion dosen`t work ,they use the old divide and conqure .white vs. black;old vs young;rich vs see it everyday .this is why george washington warned against political parties.nothing gets done.what happened?it used to be that they tried to work together.but now it is like two communist idaels fighting to destoy all of is the real truth:in order to pay off the deficet  we will half to pay more taxes.and sooner or later their will be universal health care.why?the health care industry will force it by rasing the co payment s and more and more people will lose their coverage.both parties are guilty of helping export our jobs overseas.but so are we.we buy cheaper cars and electronic equipment from overseas.these countries help their companies to ship them trade only works when everyone is playing by the rules.the truth is we are the only ones playing by the rules.and we are losing and becoming a third world nation.i employ you to stand up and stop the selling of america to the big companies and to our eniemies.

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
Mar 13, 2010