I enlisted when I was 17 yrs old.  I have now been in 23 yrs.  I don't regret my decision for a minute.  It gave me the opportunity to travel the globe.  Get my college degree.  Meet my wife, and paid for 2 of my 3 children's births.  I transferred to the Army Reserves for a little while, hence the Army not paying for all three.  I came back on active duty and when my wife went threw kidney failure the Army paid for that also.  I feel that serving my country as a soldier has to be one of my greatest accomplishments.

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SO have you been deployed yet? My hubby may go to Afghan in the summer, well he has to go to training first. I'm scared out of my wits end with this. But it just seems we have no choice, it get us out of debt and maybe I'll spoil him when he gets back and take him on a cruise. A fun one at that, he's been wanting to go to Morocco lately so we'll see. I want to do something nice, fun, and romantic. He's gone on little dets before but nothing like this. My sister just got back from afghan and I think her and her husband are getting a divorce now. He did nothing while she was gone. I mean she had to clean house before a maid came over to clean it. I don't see any respect in that what so ever. She works her *** over there then had to come back to clean her house and call a maid. He's also in the military but he's a scum bag. He treats women badly and I can't seem to respect men like that. Is that bad? I know he's in the military but I can careless when he treats my sister like ****.

Great to hear from you J , that is my youngest son,s ambition to join the army when he is of age at present he is in the army cadets Argyll and Southern Highlanders , thank you for your service ......

Thank you for your service to our country Jim. Are you in Hinesville at Fort Stewart? I loved it there.

Hi! My fiance is currently deployed to Iraq and I'm doing some research about soldier deployments. If you've deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, please help me out and take this survey! It will only take about 5 minutes- Thank you!<br />
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Being ex-military have the greatest respect and compassion for servicemen.

Thank you all for the Great remarks :)

I understand your pride, with a similar situation with the old lady, the Navy (20yr) took a lot of worry away to concentrate on the spouse and duty. The ‘sand crabs’ don’t understand the military mine. The best thing about life now is you are your own boss.<br />
Appreciate your service & best of health to your wife.

I salute you bro. I am in my 9th year in the Army.