Red Wally And....Ow Daddy That Hurts!

Hi My name is Red and to tell you a little bit about my back ground is both a little embarrassing yet desirable beyond compare.

There is nothing more alluring and masculine than when a man brings you down a peg or two. A man who can make you mind and make you obey all rules and respectful to anyone who crosses your path.

I was 19 when I ran away from home. Perhaps I should have been out on my own long before that. After all from 12 years old on I had wool pulled over on my parents they felt there was nothing they could do any longer that would affect me or make me mind any better.

I was smoking cigarettes pot and drinking beer and taking pills.
My mom actually felt sorry for me cuz I had gotten a hold of some bad stuff and gotten sick at school I called her to come pick me up and she did.

I totaled their brand new car and got my dads car out several times no license or anything.

I was free to do whatever I wanted when I wanted and many times gone for days. But I ultimately ran away at 19 and came to the city.
I had been on the streets staying various places once at a mission and another time at a ministers place.

The minister sat me down one Saturday afternoon and asked that he and I lay all our cards out on the table. He even called my parents and was trying to get me to go back home til my parents said its best if I don't come back.

The minister tried his best with me and laid out some rules for his house curfew and the likes of being up and dressed for Sunday service ...this worked about as well as trying to fly a lead balloon.

I did well for about three weeks and being noticed as one the minister took a kind eye too and seemed to all that maybe perhaps all my wild ways might be tamed by the minister.
My bottom hadn't been bared for the belt in years yet when a couple ladies I overheard gossiping were saying some cruel things about the minister and his family I interjected and called them some barroom floozies who had no business even opening their mouths of course I did call them a few other names not mentioned in the bible.

The minister heard everything and then of course some action had to be taken and I thought ....finally some reason, but to my own surprise the minister and one elder dragged me to the ministers office where my pants and underpants were taken down, and everyone I am sure heard the belt lashing against my bare bottom and me starting to sob no one had spanked me in years.

"Red, I will not tolerate any more disruptions like this in my congregation do you hear me?!" Yes Sir was all I could reply choking on my sobs. "You are grounded young man for one week you are part of my household now and you will comply or out to the street you will go!"

This was my cue I knew I had to go time was up and besides there was no way anyone was gonna ground me at 19 yrs old. No one was ever gonna belt my bare bottom again either.

I decided to make my move that night even at the ministers home he bared me once again for 25 swats with the paddle then washed my mouth out with soap and stood me in the corner in the family room while they watched a movie and ate popcorn, after half hour he sent me to bed just the way I was. I heard his children laugh about my bottom being bright red and bare. (The minister shushed the boys) He told me to come to him and give him a hug good night it was only 7:30pm and he smacked bottom rapidly and said from now on watch your mouth and your behavior and give Barbara a hug goodnight with one final pat to my bare bottom.

I had waited til later that night and gathered my few clothes and a couple books I owned and out the window I went.

I had walked past 7-11 getting some smokes and a coke ...really wanting a rum and coke and kept walking the streets unsure where to go next. As far as I was concerned I had worn out my welcome in the ministers home and didn't want to be in the same situation like having parents again.

I walked the way up from the convenience store and kept hearing music it was getting louder and louder. Wonder what's going on?
Sure enough a big ol party going on and I entered the gate where the party was going on everyone had some kind of drink and wild and dancing and well even some rooms inside the house had sex going on groups and couples both.

A man walked up to me handing me a beer and said my name's Wally what's yours? I Don't remember seeing you here earlier.
"Red", I replied. I had seen the man before I just couldn't place him.
He planted his hand around and with a smack to my bottom in which I winced! Awww he said someone's already gotten to you're your *** haven't they boy? Yes sir I replied again. He took a look again and looked at me as though he too remembered me from somewhere then said... you're the boy from church today.

The minister wailed on your fat hiney is what all the rest of us heard, sounded like he made a good impression on you.
What are you doing out this time of night? Wont the minister and his family miss you being gone this late? They might sir but I ain't going back Wally! You cant make me! If you want me to leave I'll leave I said. He said naw, I don't want you to leave.

Then to my horror he and a friend of his named Danny pulled my jeans and underpants down and he made a loud announcement:
"This here is the young feller our minister blistered his bare behind in church over him cussing and disrespectful" Showing my bare bottom to everyone bright red with paddle marks and belt marks.

Wally then turned to me and and said step out of both jeans and boots and underpants boy! With a sharp smack to my bottom...
You can stay but you're gonna stay naked and do what I say when I say you got that lil boy! I said I'll leave if you want me to I replied ...No you wont boy I gotta call the minister and let him know you are in my care. Now obey when a man tells you something boy and Danny handed Wally his belt and I got it again til I was crying and sobbing lil boy.

We'll just see what the minister says about this and he ordered no more beer for me and took the one I had and drank it down. Now boy you go out there and see if anyone needs anything while I call the minister
redsbare redsbare
41-45, M
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At least you were learning a lesson and growing up