A Spirit Told Me In My Dream She Died In My House And I Need Help As To What To Do About The Situation

I had a dream that really caught my attention and im curious as too why ! So if you can help please tell me your opinion about it. 
In my dream I pulled into my yard and in the back yard I noticed A young pale skinned girl with bright bright red, wavy, long hair & she was in A white plain dress sitting in my back yard playing with the yellow flowers I was thinking okay maybe she is related to the neighbors or something but then I noticed A random Fireplace that magically appeared next to her in the middle of my backyard it was brick and really old like an old day fireplace and it had smoke coming out of the top like crazy so i get out of my car and i wave at the little girl and she waves and runs up to me while im still standing beside my car and i say Hey and she said you can really hear me? Can you really really hear me? & I said uhm yes I can hear you and she was so excited i could hear her & I said are you a spirit cause I knew she was automatically and she said yes i am so she grabs my hand and says follow me and starts to run so im running while holding her hand we go to my back door of the house and she says come in here and she takes me in my back door that goes into the kitchen and she says I died in your house & I was just listening as she took me through my house and showed me what it looked like while she lived there and i dont remember exactly what everything looked like but i do remember in my basement that i have now she took me to in my dream she showed me a old style fireplace and she said my grandma hid me she didnt care about me noone knew I was here she never fed me and i never got to play outside she said her grandma tortured her by not taking care of her and then she put her in the fireplace and killed her. & I remember all of my dreams but this one got to me because i felt like she was calling out to me like i should figure out her story cause it was just the feeling i had once i woke up. Helpppp ! ! ! What to do about it
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Creepy... If you are unsure of if your dreaming and you also want to wake up try to do these things: Pinch/Slap/Punch your self or just about anything to cause pain, if you don't feel it then try to do it again some where else this will cause your brain to try to talk to your nerve endings to see if the pain is real, which wakes up the nerve endings, which wakes you up, IF YOUR NUMB DON'T ATTEMPT AS NUMBNESS CAUSES YOU TO NOT FEEL PAIN!, try to notice things that don't make sense such as teleporting, rapidly traveling long distences, if you notice them then try to focus on them, this wakes up the conscious part of your brain intern waking you up. Try to move, this might sound stupid, but if you try to move you might move in real life and then your reflexes will try to respond to the movement waking you up, ONE OF THE EASYEST:
B-L-I-N-K! That sounds stupid also, but like the trying to move thing is why it wakes you up, also if you cannot blink the it is obvious it is a dream, so that is also a reason you might wake up, try to say some thing, if you cannot dream (Or your a mute, or you have "lost your voice") hope this helps, I know you posted your thing two years ago, but this will help with your future dreams! BYE!