Spiritual But Not Religious

As the title says I am spiritual, which means I believe that God - the creator of the universe and all things including life - is real but I have no religious affiliations.  As my relationship with God has developed so has my beliefs.  I don't have all the answers but I'm not afraid to say so either.  I don't know exactly how life formed and got to where it is today but I know God did  it.  He put together the things that created the life and has guided it ever since.  He puts our souls into the womb of our mother.  I don't believe in the traditional heaven and hell senario.   I think we all meet our maker (God) in the end.  We are enlightened and can see our human mistakes.  If we choose not to be with Him than that could be a hell of sorts.  I feel that God is a living being who is alive.  He can communicate with us (not with direct words) and hears us.  His ways are beyond our comprehension and we may never really understand His purpose for us. But He is deliberate, compasionate and loving.  Our lives here on earth are not meant to be perfect.  There would be no point to that.  We may only find the truth once we're gone and are in His presence.  We are made of the flesh and spirit.  Our physical bodies have needs for suviving here on earth.  Our spiritual needs are for God.  I believe our soul is the bridge between the two.  When we can use both parts together our lives can be enriched and satisfying.  We can lift ourselves through challenges and become stronger for it.  We are who we are and we can't really change that but that is what being human is all about.  Our true spirit only cares about being close to God and doesn't care about pain, suffering or even death as long as it is close to God.  Of course our physical bodies have physical needs like survival, food and comfort.  We need this part to be here on earth.  But if we let our soul combine both parts to make our decisions in life we can get the phsyical and spiritual satisfaction we strive for.  I hope this makes sense to some of you and that you may even feel similar.  It would be great to know I'm not the only one.

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Oh my...I am The Exact same!
Spiritualists. Should make an organisation to encourage spiritualism.
and Come together and Share their Thoughts.
There are a few But those are haphazard.

I'm glad to know there are others who feel similar.

YOu put into words some things my heart has always sang to myself. Thank you for this story, and the courage to put your belief out there.

I agree. I don't think He cares only for those who believe in Him but everyone. And who knows maybe I'm wrong but I guess we'll all find out in the end.

You have always made sense to me Henry. I feel much the same as you. We may all seek our own path to be close to God or not but he loves us all the same no matter what and I believe he is there for even those of us who do not seek him. <br />
We will all have our just rewards one day.

It makes sense to me. Maybe at that moment you are at one with nature.