Why Does It Always Happen To Me!?!? :'(

Why is it always me!? Its the second time it happens to me. Its the second time I go out with a girl from my class, and she leaves me for my class mate!
I started to think that there is something wrong with me, I was just doing well with her, then suddenly I found out that this guy like her, he is her best friend, and she told me she doesn't feel anything toward me, she lied to me all the time...
The thing is, I'm still a friend with this dude, He's a good guy, I tried to forget what he caused to me, on the outside, I'm nice to him, but on the inside, I feel like I want to kill him!
I don't talk with her anymore, I'm trying to ignore her, like not even say hi to her...
I'm trying t forget about her, its hard, cuz i really liked her, even loved her!
I can't prevent my self of thinking about them, specially when i'm alone, I feel like i've been left behind, no one there to help me or to keep me company, I feel like a looser, a nobody, this happens when i wake up, It just ruins my day...!
I know that if I get a new girl friend I'll forget about her, but that's not that easy you see...
Any Help!? :/
Mhaasf1 Mhaasf1
18-21, M
Dec 9, 2012