Pain Was So Bad

I went to the doctor to deliberately get rid of my virginity after I was being made fun of for it
and being labeled a lesbian.

It was the worst mistake I did. I didn't know what to expect, I was so confused from the bashings and
abuse I just got rid of it -

I bleed for ages and felt faint. I would not advise any girl to do this at all. now everytime I was a vaginal
test or pap smear its painful.

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I am confused. Deliberately getting rid of your virginity (removing or breaking the hymen) is not the same as "female" circumcision. Did you have one or the other? Or did you have both?

My heart goes to You!

correct kind of answer!!! LOL cheers.

I know this is a old post and all but,<br />
<br />
What exactly did you ask the Doctor to do?<br />
<br />
Technically the Dr. Couldnt "remove" or "take" your virginity...<br />
<br />
Virginity is 1. The state of never having had sexual intercourse: "he lost his virginity in college". 2. The state of being naive, innocent, or inexperienced in a particular context: "his political virginity".<br />
<br />
So unless he had sex with you it would be impossible.<br />
<br />
Are you talking about having your hymen broken? <br />
<br />
That of course has nothing to do with circumcision.<br />
<br />
I'm confused please help me understand.

i think this do happen in todays world,,in some parts of the world,,

Having read all the articles that have happened to tsarista I can’t believe that it’s all true. So I sat back and thought about it all and realized that he (this person male is not female) made too many mistakes and only a female would know that they were untrue, i.e. removal of her virginity but she has been raped since 5 years old??? I know the ancient practice of female genitals manipulation was done in Africa a long-time ago and that there are very few if any are done today. This practise was carried out by the girl’s mother and grandmother, no doctors were ever involved. They use an old razor and slice off the inner lips of the vagina which effectively slices off the clitoris and then sew the two side together. All this made me think of what he was trying to say and do and I know that he is taking away from the real tragedy of the women in Africa who really have suffered such a traumatic experience. This is a despicable little man trying to find sympathy from other females and I can’t believe that they are falling for it.

Thanks for this analysis Nesssmartgirl - I was also finding it all a bit difficult to believe.

Me too.

Seriously? Wow. If you had lived through the kind of hell I did, and worked with other survivors for 20 years, you wouldn't find these kinds of things hard to believe at all. Try and grow some compassion.


That is not female circumcision. <br />
<br />
The barbaric practice of female circumcision is the removal of the tip of the **** not the hymen.

I'm sorry for your bad experence. My heart goes out to you. <br />
<br />
What did the doctor do? cut off your ****? I'm just curious.

i am soo soo sorry to hear of ur ordeal.i am so against female genital mutilation or in other words female me the female body is god's gift to man so thefore it should be respected by is not for man to abuse it,sexually harase it,make fun of,and so on.

That's horrible. My heart goes out to you. Stay strong :)