Cussing Out Cindy On Christmas Eve

Cussing Out Cindy On Christmas Eve
             Orlando Lujan Martinez IWA

    It was Christmas Eve on Five Points Road in Albuquerque and the familes nut case, Cindy, was laying peacefully next to the Christmas tree,  nosed snuffed to the floor,  next to a plaster manger with the three wise men and the little cute baby Jesus-just arrived from heaven, in a pile of cotton  sparkling with sliver and foil streamers.   On the very top of the tree was an angel wearing a blue robe with the 7 stars that Revelations said God will have in his hand when he returns to earth.
   This meant nothing to the black eyed and peaceful happy Cindy.  When I first brought Cindy home, my wife Margaret took one look and said that  she could tell that Cindy was some kind of a nut case.   and I thought-so what-a few of my friends are, and maybe me too, and her to, and I'll bet you know a few too, right. And who knows maybe you too.
    On Christmas Eve me, Margaret  and her son Andrew were sitting on the couch, in the soft spiritual glow of the Christmas trees  green, red and blue lights.,   We were watching-yea you guess it, It's a Wonderful Life, for the umpteenth time.
   About  8 o'clock I let Cindy out into the yard ,  Cindy loved running around in our big dark yard barking and pretending.   As soon as she got outside the kitchen door she ran off into the darkness barking.   It was frigid cold outside and the yard was filled with neon silver moonlight.  I looked at he moon and then bowed my head in the sliver light and said;  Thank you God for this wonderful life. Happy birthday Jesus, and I thought for a moment that i could hear a church bell sing somewhere across the city.
    it was ten o'clock and it was beddy beddy time so I went out into the yard to fetch  Cindy.  I left  the kitchen door open so Cindy could run in..   I stepped out into the yard without a coat,  thinking I wouldn't be there long enough to need a coat,  because Cindy would come as soon as I called-wrong again.  I called and called and no Cindy.   As  I looked across our big yard I could dimly see Cindy running back and forth across the yard barking happily. I was by this time shivering, in my thin shirt, in the frigid cold and Cindy was having a grand old time tucked in her warm fur.
    Suddenly Cindy darted into the part of the back yard where, if i hurried up, I could cut her off and force her to go in the kitchen door.   But I had to do it quickly so as I ran across the yard I  tripped over a piece of fence post  but i didn't go down I had  enough momentum to go ten feet staggering and trying to regain my balance and cussing out Cindy on the way across the yard..  Cindy you blab  blab blab and blab blab.   Wait until I  get my hands on you.  You blab blab.   I  screamed under the moon-wondering now- if the neighbors though I was a nut case hollering cuss words like that on Christmas Eve, no less.   I was really angry. "Be angry but do not sin" said God.
    So I did not and gave up and went back to the house happily chuckling and shivering and laughing at the ridiculous clown act i  just  did and muttering to myself, you craze Blab blab.  What are you some kind of a nut case.  Such fun.  It was refreshing and gratifying.  It was a liberation from the ordinary of life.   Try it you'll love it.  It made that Christmas  Eve a happy memory.   And I knew that God and Jesus understood and  were laughing too.
   As i went into the dinning room, Margaret mentioned towards the Christmas Tree and hiding in back of the tree, peeking meekly through the tinsel covered branches were the black eyes of the nut  case Cindy with its tail wagging and then my tail started to wag too.

A Puppy You Wanted to Hug All The Time.
Orlando Lujan Martinez IWA

When i was a kid me my friend Otto were playing on the side of a hill overlooking a road when we seen a car pull up and a man get out and put a box down by the side of the road, After he left we went down there to see what was in the box. As we walked around looking we hear a little cry inside like there was a little baby in the box. When we opened up the box out jumped this little darling puppy who was so sweet that you wanted to hug her all the time. She had kinda big paws and was kinda chubby and had kinda big ears. And was so happy to see us that she jumped up and licked our faces. It was fun and we just laugh and laugh all the way home. On the side of the box was printed peanuts so that's what we named the little dog that was so sweet that you wanted hug it all the time. We wonder why that meanie man put peanut in a box by the side of the road.
My mother was making sugar cookies when we brought the puppy in and the smell of the cookies made me, Otto and Peanuts real hungry. She gave us and Peanuts some cookies and Peanuts ate her cookie like it was the first one she ever ate. I'll bet that meanie man never ever gave her a cookie. How can kids and puppies go through life without eating cookies. It's impossible. But I'll tell you one thing i would never give that meanie man a cookie ever.
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41-45, M
Aug 1, 2010