My First Sexual Experience

i was 12 but from the age of 7 i knew for sure that i wanted to be a girl, it was when my family were on holidays at the beach when i meet a boy who was about 17, he was lovely and kind to me . i always wore hotpants and a tshirt, i use one of my mothers pads to secure my penis in place so i never showed any bulge, so one evening we went for a walk along the beach and this is when he suggested we go skinnydipping, i was shocked and knew i couldnt reveal my penis so i declined but he said that he was going in and so he took off his shirt and shorts, my heart was tumpping as i had never saw someones eles penis, as he stood there in front of me he looked at me for a few seconds and then he pulled down his pants, and there it was a perfect penis so much bigger than mine, i just wanted to hold it but he ran into the waves and i stood there staring at him and his bum, then i began to feel my penis start to swell which was my first time, i didnt know what to do soi sat down, when he came out of the water it was much smaller and he walked up to me with it waving from side to side, he stood in front of me with his penis inches from my face, then he said whats wrong have you never saw a **** before and i replied no i havent. he then asked me a 12 year old girl if i wanted to touch it and hold it, i couldnt believe it so i reached out and took hold of this warm piece of him, as i held it i could feel my **** getting harder and harder and his penis was also starting to swell, his purple head looked so tastey and without asking i put it in my mouth and he began to push it deeper and deeper into my mouth, he then began to shake his body back and forth forcing it deep down my neck, then i got this feeling in my body and i began to *** which was fantastic and i loved it, then i felt this warm fluid flow into my mouth and i swallowed it , it tasted salty and it was lumpy,then he pulled out and stood there while i licked his purple head, i ran home wit my wet pants and started to **** and i wanked all that nite trying to swallow every drop i could, i never saw him again , i guess he thought he would get in trouble for ******* in a 12 year olds mouth, i didnt mine and was greatfull for his body,
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u r too lucky getting early man ***

That is so cool, you should be so proud to have that amazing memory to go back and visit.

consider yourself lucky. i was in the 5th grade, when i overheard some boys talking about their "ideal" girlfriend who would suck their **** anytime they asked. and that's when i began to constantly daydream of becoming that "ideal gurl". unfortunately for me, it wasn't until i was 22, that i became that "ideal gurl" and made up for lost time by satisfying my addiction to suck **** from then on. actually, for more than 30 years.<br />
<br />
and i haven't stopped yet! :)<br />
<br />

You were so lucky to find someone who had patience with you and let you take your itme. Great way for your first.

I shared your feelings as I read your story. I was 12 or 13 when I saw my first real penis. He was so beautiful this 15 year old that I was shaken.I tough about him all the time and wanked as often as I could dressed in nylons and heels in bed.<br />
I still feel that way today. Being with a special man is incredible.<br />
A CD thought<br />

good story