I'm A Transgenderd Peson

I've been trying to understand myself all my live, and now i do.At least i think i do,am very much a feminine person.and finely except myself as i am.Even if others dont,its there loss not mine,because at least im truthful and sincer.I understand how other pp must veiw me,but they have the right to either except me or not the ones that do seem to be the best of friends.I'm 51 years old and need to be myself ive lived to long keeping it to myself.I'm looking to find a support group and this looks like a good place to start.I would love to hear from anyone who understands what it like being tg,and could use a good friend from time to time to relate with.Im hoping to hear from one, if not all of you. Id really like it if you could find the time for me.Sincerly,Jewel58
Jewel58 Jewel58
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hi jewel,<br />
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i'm considerably older than you. but, i've enjoyed living the lifestyle 24/7 you have envisioned eversince i was 22. so, i can relate to much of what you said, and what you have gone through. fortunately for us, it's so much easier nowdays, to enjoy it all out and about with more protection and acceptance, than ever before.<br />
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if you would like to corresspond via email and ask me anykinds of questions. let me know and i'll give you my email address, or you can give me yours. once you see my profile photo albums here. you'll get a better idea what i had to go through, besides just dressing and passing. <br />
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hope to hear from you, and anyone else with similar interests.<br />
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Hi Jewel I too am 51 and am still not sure weather the transgender path is for me ,I admire you so much that you have had the nerve to come out so to speak ,I wish you well and hope all your dreams come true .............here is a web site you may find very helpfull www. nuttycats.co.uk ,you have to apply to join but once you are a member you will find lots of help support and friendship from TS's who have gone through the whole process or are just starting like you .....<br />
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With Much Love To You Ann

Hi Jewel.I am 58 and have lived in secret most of it.<br />
I understand you and feel for you. Every time I read a story like yours (mine) i shiver inside and out.<br />
The feelings of letting go are so strong.<br />
Lets bond and share. lets agree to support our feelings.<br />
A CD thought<br />
Louise<br />
Ontario Canada

I hope you find the support that you deserve to have Jewel. EP is a great starting place.

I hope you find the support that you deserve to have Jewel. EP is a great starting place.

This is the very first time for me to shair my storie to anyone ever.Respecfuly, Jewel58