Transvestic Fetishist Story You Have To Read

OMG! I cannot believe you started a group like this. I enjoy TG captions, TG stories and the TG aspects of Experience Project. But, when I saw this group and that there are only a few that are part of it, I had to join. Of all of the items I have searched for over the years, what I enjoy about women’s lingerie was summed up in this story the best. Do you read stories from

If not, you need to go there and find a story by Everyday2. It is called “Trained to Have Transvestic Fetish.” Of the thousands of stories I have read, captions I have viewed, and Experience Project groups and stories in this site, this is my all time favorite. Below are a few of the first part of the story: “I did a little research on why men are so attracted to panties and lingerie, and discovered an interesting thing called a transvestic fetish. That is where a guy experiences intense sexual arousal when wearing female clothing, most particularly sexy lingerie.

The articles I found explained that the fetish usually involves the guy putting on panties, stockings, garter belts, baby dolls, and even high heels all of which trigger intense sexual arousal. The more sexy the items the better, so lace, satin, pink, ruffles, and bling all are the best for the guy to wear. The guy comes to relate wearing lingerie and seeing it on himself with sexual pleasure, and wearing lingerie causes his brain to release dopamine and other neurotransmitters which produce sensations of pleasure, relaxation, and sexual stimulation and arousal. Once a guy experiences these sensations, it becomes like an addiction and he can't resist putting on lingerie and ************, and is sexually aroused by the mere thought of lingerie. They become attracted to the lingerie itself and how it looks, not to the woman who may be wearing it.”

Read the rest of the story. While my interest is not going public and keeping my experience at home only, it is still the best story I have ever read. Enjoy!

For others, I hope it will inspire you to join this group and to enjoy the intense experience that wearing silky, sexy lingerie can provide.

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I am with you on this issue ,you are so so right ?