Yes I Like Dressing Up

I wear a bra with home made- but very realistic false boobs(38inch) -I wear the bra all day and at night wear a night bra with the inserts in. I started when at school and saw girls showing off their Green or Blue Knickers. I put a pair of green knickers belonging to my cousin- she stayed with us during the week. I was hooked and love wearing schoolgirl clothes- That is green schoolknickers, a white bra, knee length socks, green skirt and white blouse.
I had a male freind who seemed to revel in my wearing of these clothes and used to capture me as lot!
I also like wearing a pair of black panties, suspenders and stockings, denim skirt,bra with those falsies and a nice yellow blouse.I also fashined a false vagine out of a cricket box- did a bit of alteration but have a very realist vagina and slit now. BTW- It is easy to make your own falsies and vagina
Just a little application and you can make very realistic items at a fraction of the cost-In fact mine are better than some false boobs costing over £100.
I wear a professionally made wig though.
How do I feel when dressed- wonderful!

ossiefree ossiefree
61-65, M
Dec 13, 2012