Even When I Get Brought To Task..

Recently I got a ticket for going 74 in a 55. Lies! I was going MUCH faster than that.

I was going to work, it was dark, 4:30 a.m. Not many cars on the road at this time but there was one truck going very slow. Slow enough to have backed up several cars and at O dark 30 that is quite a fete. Windy back road that I start my drive on has very few places to pass and when one did present itself, I made use of it to pass the truck....and two other cars. Hey, it's boring driving in so early...what can I say.

So I am very pleased with myself for successfully passing and "winning the competition" when I notice way back there, a car coming on fast. My instinct is to go even faster when someone is coming fast. I don't know why. I do love to drive. So I put the pedal to the metal and up onto the freeway I went.

By golly, he was still catching up to me and I was doing almost 95. "K" I says to myself. "you win this one" and I backed off to let him go by, thinking what a jerk he was. He didn't though. He didn't go by, he pulled right up behind me and hit his lights.

"Do you know how fast you were going?" he asks. Of course I did i had looked and it was up past 95, but I said "No. how fast was I going?". He says 74 in a 55, and I breathed a sigh of relief. "Why were you going so fast?" he asks. I am smarter than to tell him that I was trying to get away from him. I gave him a lame excuse and he gave me a ticket and let me go.

I pretty much see traffic tickets as road tax. I use the roads excessively and sometimes am tapped to pay extra. Many times the officers have just warned me and let me go. I have been stopped 6 times in the last few years and got 2 tickets.

One time when I was young and dumb, in Texas at a school, my friend Lonnie and I were driving home when only an idiot would have. Both of us had been drinking and I was doing my very best to get us the few miles to our place. For amusement, Lonnie kept turning off the radio. After a few seconds, or minutes, I would notice and turn it back on. He was laughing hysterically as he would turn it off again. I stupidly would notice and turn it back on. Lonnie found it even more fun when a Texas State Patrol pulled us over.
Clearly we should have gone to jail. Me trying to explain that the reason I was weaving was because I was adjusting the radio and Lonnie on the floor...literally... laughing. The good gentleman instructed me to leave the radio off if I couldn't use it and drive properly and he followed us home to make sure we made it alright.

Dumb luck again.
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Texas State Troopers have a reputation for being hard assed. I was very lucky to find one who cut me a break.

Yesterday I was hauling recycle from the local elementery school to the recycle center and was in a hurry and didn't cover the load. A bag of shredded paper fell out. I didn't see it go, but the Sherrif behind me did and lite me up. He explained that I had to cover the load (I knew) and that it was a violation (I knew). The he said "would you please do me a favor and go back and pick up the bag that fell out of your truck?" I said yes and he drove away.<br />
<br />
They say that people treat attractive people different than less attractive. I must be drop dead gorgeous. Or else I got lucky again.

You obviously did not learn from past information.you know what you were doing and did it consciously. You know when I break the law and I know I am breaking the law...I prepare to get busted for the full extent of what I am doing. Full knowledge.We cannot expect to be cut breaks when we know what we are doing.Young means dumb Life cuts us breaks when we are young and stupid (but there is no guaruntee to that statement)and luck is unpredictable (ask anyone who is dead)I wish you the best, but I think that you will have to find your own truth, as each of us does.

You certainly are lucky.