More Has Come!

I used to love teaching women about their sexuality. I still love to teach but have found less open-minded people in the south.

I spent time teaching women exactly how to ******. I found women coming to my house to have me touch them and show them what to do. I am obviously very comfortable with my own sexuality so it was no problem to teach these women. And I sure didn't mind when they wanted to touch me too. Although that was never the intention.

I took two different women to the biggest and best sex shop I knew. It's called 'The Pleasure Chest" it's in West Hollywood aka Gay Mecca, it's on Santa Monica Blvd near the cross street Fairfax. It's sure to be a tourist place you should go visit when in Cali.

Anyhow, I took these two women through the whole store and both of them lost their minds. The married woman kept running around giggling at everything. She called me later that day and let me know what a wonderful ****** she had. Her first!! The single girl kept grabbing almost every item on the shelf and coming up to ask me how you were supposed to use it! I kept laughing at her and had to tell both of them to be quiet many times.

After the single girl was through we got in my car. She produced 3 small vibrators from her bag and handed them to me and her friend. We all then began stimulating ourselves right there in the parking lot!! YA!  This same girl and I layed on my bed one time and passed a vibrator back and forth as each of us had an ******. I did this with another girlfriend of mine once and both these memories bring back plenty of warm feelings for me!

I used to do lots of writing about the topic of female sexuality. I was even quoted on a website and ran one of my own for a time. I miss those days of freedom before I had my child.

I guess I'm one of those women who have a healthy sex drive. Unless something really bad happened to you or you can't stand your partner, I have a hard time understanding these women that just don't like sex! How strange!! Don't you think!? I'm sure there are plenty of women out there that would love to meet your needs and rock your world.

I do find myself in relationships that go nowhere. I usually let sex happen early beacause I like sex. But this leaves the man with less to get excited about, the mystery being gone I suppose.. So they move on! Someday I am confidant that I will find a man that is ready to keep up with me. I'm all about the intimacy too, don't get me wrong. And I know that someday as the years go by that sex is not so easy or neccesary. But while I can get it I will.

Your mind is the biggest sex organ! I have read specific books that detail women's fantasies. They can be amazingly intense. I beleive that once you open up your own mind to fantasies, you as a woman will find a never ending world locked away that you never knew exisited. It will make you glow with sex and exude sensuality. You will enjoy your ******* more and have better luck with ************. So read one or start a group here and we can all add to the story!

Remember to always try to love yourself in new ways. You must continually recreate your sexuality and mainly because you can! Men and women equally need their minds stimulated. The subject of female sexuality should never be quieted!! WOO!! I love EP!

On the idea of your Inner Sex Goddess... give her a name, who is she that likes to be sexy and played with, who never can get enough??  Give her a personality and a motive. Allow her to slip into your daily thoughts. Ask her how she would want things to be run in your sex life. Hold on to her and the idea of her, it might just change your life.

I actually had a man have a vision of my Sex Goddess and it literally freaked him out. My Sex Goddess is named "Mistress" and she is a dominatrix. He saw her with whips, leather and chains. She told him she was going to Hollywood! ahaha Hollywood is really a freaky place if you know where to go..

So give me some feedback and tell me your stories!

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

I wish more seasoned women like you would share the art of love making a screwing with younger women.

I Love your story and am feelinng good. Sex is the #1 on my pleasure list! Thanks for sharing. Oh yah, for all the women who have a dark history around sex, you can find your way to pleasure, even if you've never experience it before,

The guys who love u and leave u are fools. Love the tats.