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Hi my name is sara,i believe something or someone is trying to get my attention,it started in my young teenagers bedroom,things were moving around her room when she was asleep so i set a camera up and watched from my bedroom large orbs moving/darting over her bed.i ran in to check for moths ect and there was nothing and her window was shut.then the kids were sat down stairs on there own early evening and a pen rolled off a flat surface,and i heard my 15yr old son said to his sister i am sure this house is haunted,i caught that comment as i was going down the stairs.also when my eldest daughter lived at home,she had a few friends over,i had gone out to a neighbours,all the lights flashed on and off,the tele turned off and on so much they all ran out screaming,and now its me,i woke up strangley at 4 in the morning,sat up and lit a ciggie,just then the phone rang,i answered it in shock that someone would phone so early but there was no one on the other end.i did 1471(that tells you the no of the last person who called)and it gave me the no. of my friend who had called me a lot earlier that day.what is going on?am i reading into something that isn't there or are we being haunted HELP

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Well the best way to handle this is not to let it get to you, if you hear a strange bang at night just sigh and roll over and get back to sleep, if a pen or something goes missing find another, turn your phone off after a certain time,(so it cant annoy you that way). whatever it is will get bored and go away,if all else fails just ask in a gentle voice (ok, what is it you want) Now it may say or it may be so suprised it just goes away, dont be scared next say ( I Dont want comunication with you,go away please,then say the lords prayer) it should go now, wait a week if it still happens im afraid you will need to seek professional help.

Hi! <br />
Some of the events you described could be explained by other things - electrical surges for example. However, given the number and variety, I think you are dealing with a spirit, or ghost. Do you know anything about the history of your house? E.g. - did someone die there? <br />
The fact that it's bothering all of you seems to indicate that it's connected to the location rather than a particular member of your family.<br />
There are as many different 'kinds' of entitites as there are kinds of people. Each has a unique personality. Some can be encouraged to move on - or at least out of your house.