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This is a story that I have not told anyone, except for my mother and a few close friends. A true story that happened to me...

It begins at night (surprise), I was in bed asleep under my covers. I was 11 years old, and slept with my head under the covers. So, I was sleep, when I suddenly woke. I felt someone over me,and through the covers that were over my head, I saw a red light. I knew who it was before I could was like instinct. So, I pulled the covers of off my head...and there he was.

He was comming out of the floor, with half of his body still submerged. His body glowed with a red light that was bright, but did not leave his body. His hands...were like claws,hooked at the tips of the fingers. They were stretched out over my chest.There were no finger nails, no nose, or even a mouth. On his head, he had two small horns. I looked into his eyes, if you could call them that. They were large eye shaped holes in his head that seemed to absorb all light into them. Like a bottomless pit of darkness. When I did, I prayed. I prayed that God would protect me, and keep me safe. When I said the words "Amen", he dissapeared...just vanished as if he had never been in the room.

However, it was not over. As soon as he vanished, the sounds of swords fill the room. It was like an ancient battle was being fought in my room. So many swords, and all so loud. Some clashed close to my head, and some far. I could not see, but I could hear. The fighting continues for the entire night.

When the sun came up, my mom came into the room. I had never been so happy to see her in my life. The sound of the swords had kept me up all night, and I was afraid for my mother. I asked her if she could hear it, but she heared nothing. I ran to hug my mom, and when I touched her, the sound faded away slowly. I knew that the battle had not ended, only my ears had stopped hearing.

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I can plainly tell you what you experienced from a Christian Standpoint my friend. The battle which you heard being waged was an angel (possibly more than one?) of God battling the demon (perhaps more) who dared to trespass his own domain to cross over into your own. Your prayer to God is all that was needed to set the battle into motion. The holy angels of God will not intervene in that kind of way when people past the age of accountability allow evil spirits into thier lives willingly through seduction and temptations.<br />
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A simple childlike prayer will easily move God to send out the armies of heaven if need be to protect and innocent individual from malicious demonic attacks at any other level. The natural world that we live in conceals the supernatural from us but its there my friend. Make no mistake about that. After death, ALL men and women will become believers whether they want to or not!


Wow that was a scary experience !=-O *hugs*

Thanks for your comment, pops.<br />
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What you said had crossed my mind. Why did I have to pray? I had prayed before I went to, why the need to pray again? Why would satan be interested in me enough to pay me a personal visit?<br />
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I asked all those questions. The only answer I can come up with is that I was supposed to see what I saw that night.

I read the comments of others who said that was the devil you saw but why did he want a little innocent boy, id have thought you would automatically be protected by our lord jesus christ, thank you for sharing this story

you got good idea to prey to jesus because that was devil really discusting thing ever or demons there are like coackroches you got to option with them destroy thel or let them destroy you.

you got good idea to prey to jesus because that was devil really discusting thing ever or demons there are like coackroches you got to option with them destroy thel or let them destroy you.

I am a spiritual Medium and a Santera of 10yrs. What this sounds like is that you are a very strong medium. Mediumship starts at an early age, if you speak to other mediums you will come out with simular stories of how thier first experience with "the gift" unfolded. The BATTLE you heard around you was the "good spirits" and/ or "protector spirits" fighting with... lets call them unevolved spirits who attack people with large amounts of light. Those spirits feed of the light, and can make you physically sick, throw you into commas all kinds of stuff. If it hasnt been too long you MAY be able to get your sight back...<br />
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What sometimes happens is a person (not knowing what is going on with themselves) sees all this ultra deminsional stuff and it scares the woogga out of them then consciencously decides not to "see" it any more. Hence loss of sight. Eventually the facualty goes vestige and cant be used, so if it hasnt happened too long ago prehaps you can save it.... just need the Balls to face the real deal and the right training...

Once someone looses the "sight" can it be returned? When I was younger, I had many instances with this and it scared me to no end. I freaked out and did everything I could to make it all go away. I regret that choice now, but i'm afraid there's nothing I can do.

Actually, this had nothing to do with my stepfather. Nor was it a dream...Thanks for the comment Artsy! *hugs back*

is ur eyes are ok ? now ?