Ashes Of The Soul....

Sometimes strange things happen.

It was a warm summer night, dark and quiet but not unusual in any sense of the word.
I felt tired but I wasn’t planning to go to sleep, just taking a rest to allow my my metabolism to adjust to the cooler night air.
Then something strange happened.
I awoke with a terror, a sound, something or a thing, an animal maybe, seemed to be in my face, right here with me   as if it was almost sitting on my chest! "close", much too close!
My first thought was, this had never happened to me ever before that I can remember, this wasn’t a normal awakening from sleep, a dream, or even a nightmare.
I figured it must have been a wild animal outside, maybe near my window.

A few days later while walking down a trail near where I live, I smelled the odor of rotting flesh.
I looked around to see whether I could find the source of the odor. Maybe it was just another stink horn fungus or possibly a small animal like a mouse or a squirrel.
But it wasn’t, I found the reason for the odor, a badly decomposed raccoon, bigger than any I could ever remember seeing.
I seemed to have just dropped dead, there was no sign of a struggle, not even one small twig out of place, no scratchings, no blood, no torn up tree saplings or signs of a deadly struggle.
There is nothing in this area that can kill an animal of that size except maybe for a stray bobcat, a large dog, or another raccoon.
It must have been a disease that killed it.
Was the raccoons soul wandering alone in fear, the fear that souls must experience at the moment of death?

A troubling thought that has crossed my mind;
Can a soul develop through the natural process of evolution without the interference of a higher being  if not permanently existing but just for a short time after the mind experiences shock and confusion at the loss of the body?
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I think it is possible