I Fly In My Double Or Astral Body,while My Earhly Body Is Sitting On Chair Or bed.

Yes, its a normal thing by me, when I want to be relaxed,frustrated and I need a outing too enjoying free travel I just sit down,leave my body and mind so relax,especially I let my inner self or soul to feel free,of controlling my mind.
So what happened, MY self or astral body start its journey with a tremendous speed, I fly land to heights seeing flying upon roads mountains lakes I let my soul to go where ever it want,Its not a dream flight Its real my astral flight.
enjoying different geographical land scape amazing birds of many colors variety, which latter I watched them national geographic channel or other channel same things.
Once i went to some ILand in Mediterranean sea saw a city, only problem i face I can not stop, just see them flying, yes that time my double get some slow to see all this, other wise it has a uncountable speed like a jet flight or more,
Any way I am sitting on bed and watch all that travel and enjoying.
I gives this travel my journey on my get fighter.
Once I decided to visit more up in space and could sea new words, ut I could not,
Nex time I prayed God to give me power of traveling faster speed of my thoughts speed, asĀ  you know thought speed is so fast we thing and we are there.
So God allowed me that speed,
I began think speed journey I was going up and up more I wish and think I am going up, suddenly sky got black, and i was moving through star all around me, I reached at most heights.
There a voice waned me that is last border, if you cross this ,you would not be able to go back to earth, and would last y earthly body, I accepte that warning , said no want to go back I came back and was alive.
Its very enjoyable travel freeĀ  just watch my astral body wher its going relaxing on bed. thanks
basy basy
56-60, M
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I also do astro travel and my bf i do it now for 12jears my bf now for 8jears.

nice to know it thanks:-) good day

I will speak to you later basy.

welcome :-)
wish you nice week end,good day,prosperity,health peace of mind.
Free from stress,panic,negativity.

thanks, i will keep this in mind.

Making,formatting getting money through Meditation<br />
<br />
To change money format or bring it from light world to material world we need first to meditate ,visualize in meditation. For get yours surrounding yours self just you are lost in money,yours all concentration are on money, soon you are going to have it, pls no doubt its a negative energy can be rejected because positive vibration never accept it,<br />
Its all natural phenomena, nothing supernatural. supernatural is such a things we do not understand there camestry. how the done,<br />
All inventions came in to being first in mind in a light format, Jus a vision we see, after that work is done to make the with material.<br />
Many music,first came in mind.<br />
sewing mashine etc<br />
Inventor invented mashine but could not know how to let needle go back from up to down in to cloths, Method was show in dream, There is a unknown system or staff working in light world to guide us fixed by God, to whom many Ignorant pass by and give name mother nature,Mother nature of art of God.<br />
So God is there to help us.

This is an amazing skill you have there, even your face looks just like you are meditating, keep me posted of your journeys i may try for myself in the future.lol

Need any help, I am here thanks welcome pleasure to serve my brothers sisters.<br />
You need to conquer yours self, once you conquered all things are going to according yours will,<br />
Is not that said will power, yes its a real power in astral or light world,<br />
words having powers we must know it.

If you need money visualize money in meditation, you soon get money<br />
Every thing is formed in light worlds and comes to being after that in material world.<br />
As we know all invention were seen in light world came to our mind and they got in material world. all is in light world, manifest to material world.<br />
That,s why its said we are that what we imagine.

No basy, its not money i need, id rather contentment, how do i get more of this into my life and for others. lol

there Is no supernatural, just we can not understand how its happened, one day we shall come to know such a things,<br />
nature has no supernatural,just we got no advance knowledge.

Pls mind It its kind of a meditation this I follow my double or my ligh self what ever you call it,<br />
at that time eartly basy is sitting and double of basy is on journey, earthly basy watch double basy.<br />
I got that power practicing and fowling my thoughts, as In my mind comes a though I want to go to market, so i follow my thought, i go after my thought,<br />
I have seen in light form of anger, grieves, but sorry to say all negative world astral body is so ugly,its pain ful experience. but when you are sad, and can not get red of sadness, just feel more sad feel feel it. soon it comes in its body, when you see it yours that negative condition is no more there,<br />
I mean concentrate on yours hurting feeling, as you see its body,which is unbearale to see ,you are totally free of that suffering.<br />
good luck.<br />
Note yours mind must have no negative thoughts or evil thoughts the time you need treatment,<br />
Evil energy is always rejected there.

For people,can not go in meditation Its recommended meditate laying on bed ,when they feeling sleep, fallow whatever visions thoughts, coming in yours mind,let yours mind free automatically you shall see yours double is on journey,so easy, not having any meditation practice because in sleeping mod we are in astral body.
good luck