Rude Awakening

This just happened to me about two hours ago.
I was taking a nap, slept for about  an hour and woke up. I was lazy so i stayed in bed. Few minutes must have gone by and i nodded off again. I remember during that period that i dreamed about being in a church(catholic looking church)
and two people were with me. The front of the church where the alter usually is, theres a big mirror, and the mirror shows images. Supposely theres a person in danger and dieing who needs help, and somehow me and the other people there
summon an angel and we can see the angel through the mirror, and it saved the dieing soul. Minutes later, i start to feel negative energy, and the mirror changes to evil red light. I get kinda nervous to the point i felt my self waking up. I was able to open my eyes half way and see my room and my bed, but my body was unable to move, and i started hearing the voice from the mirror as if it was the devil himself. Ive always wondered how those people who say they hear voices feel, and now i do. The voice said "You are a strong warrior, but today you will die."  They my room started shaking and it was like an earthquake, and i still couldnt move. This all happened in a period of no more then 10 seconds. I was dreaming, i saw the red light, i heard the voice, i opened my eyes half way, i still heard the voice as i was awake, and i could not move for about 10 seconds. I asked someone i know whos in the medical field if the shaking i saw or the paralyzed state i was in could of been a sizure of some type. No one in my family is proned to sizures, but i wanted to make sure. I told her that i was able to snap out of my spell at my own will, and according to her you are not able to do that. So then  i asked if there was an earthquake, and  there was not. The strangest thing about all this is that i was awake and i could not move and i heard this demonic voice, and i saw everything around me vibrating.

ANY ONE with knowledge of these type of experience please give me feedback.

danieldreamer29 danieldreamer29
1 Response Jul 3, 2008

I've experienced this many times since the age of 12. I've been told that this condition is called sleep paralys. Starts with a nightmare or just sensing an evil presence in the room which seems to trigger the paralysis. your body wakes up before your mind, in other words you're still dreaming but feel awake and suffer some sort of panic attack. I've been to drs but there is no treatment for it.....its extremely scary. There has been no scientific proof to support that it is a medical condition...i can only explain this as supernatural.