It must have been 1999/2000 it was the peak of summer, it was a beautiful morning. I worked in a restaurant in town about three miles walk from where I lived, I would walk along the same path pretty much every day and came to recognise people who used the path regularly. There was one woman who stood out from the rest; she was very small and looked like a child at a glance, she always wore a white dress and thin white slipper-like shoes. She always walked incredibly slowly but always looked completely at peace. 

 This particular morning I was running a little late and was walking fast and getting stressed. I saw the woman in the distance walking in the same direction as me and recognised her instantly. I thought to myself how wonderful it would be to be that at ease and as soon as I did I felt a rush of euphoria, it was the same feeling you get in flying dreams, weightlessness pure joy. It lasted only a moment, I freaked out a bit because I didn't know what was happening. I had stopped walking and looking ahead saw that the woman had stopped as well, she slowly turned around and stared at me for, what seemed a long time indeed. Only when she started walking that I continued my journey to town. I walked past her, neither of us saying anything, I regret not asking her about what happened that day but its difficult approaching a stranger and asking them such things.

 I saw her a few times after that day but I was always  with someone and couldn't really talk to her. I moved to another city shortly after that and I haven't seen her since. I've moved back and walk the path but never see the woman in white but always look out for her. I only ever saw her in summer which makes me think of Persephone of Greek mythology.

Thank you.  

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Watch the movies 'Peaceful Warrior', or 'The Celestine Prophecy'. They might have some insight for you that will help you understand your experience. :)