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I've had a few events in my life that I would call supernatural but most occured in childhood but there was one major example as an adult.  My event really took around 8 years to play out and I'm not sure it is over. In 1998 I had a powerful vision in the woods behind my house that I would be hit with a rock in the back of the head. It was vivid but vague. It was just a picture in my mind that a rock came out of the sky and hit me, I even flinched when it first happened.

I had been doing some painting around this time of my life but put it away for years. Fast forward to 2005 and I'm talking with my roommate and he told me a story about a vivid dream he had in which he is impaled. I told him of my vision and he said "hey maybe you're gonna die from a rock to the head and I'm gonna be impaled". We both laughed and moved on...fast forward 3-4 months and I had started painting again for the first time since 1998 (it's winter 2005).

I finished several new pieces and decided to hang them on my wall with the old pieces from '98. This is actually Christmas Eve night '05 and I started to walk out of my room to go to a friends party. As I passed the newly posted artwork on my wall a loud voice in my head said "Don't go!" and that's all it said but it was loud and clear. I couldn't understand why I should not go, it seemed illogical. So I hopped on my bike and went to the party but didn't quite make it cause I wrecked on my bike and fractured my skull (in the back of my head) on the pavement. I spent 2 days in ICU and 5 total in the hospital before getting out b/c I had incurred a brain injury.

Well, believe it or not, that was the short version of the story but it made me believe that we do have a powerful intuition that may have understanding of events long before they actually occur. Einstein himself said that time and space are the same and that past, present, and future occur simultaneously. I believe it and I try to listen to my intuition now even if it seems to defy logic.
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watch "illusion of time" on youtube. space and time are the same, this show is mind blowing!

Cool, i'll have to check that out

there is things we are unsure of but i believe in the sixth scence and that was it, iv experienced it too wich is why i do.....

I like that perspective...yeah intuition isn't everything but it doesn't always manifest either. I think when it's really calling you is when you should listen. I don't think I'm deconditioned enough from this culture to be able to really hear it and pick up on the subtleties. I try though. That's a really sweet story about the mother, daughter, and grandaughter. <br />
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I recently had an experience that brought me back to something my grandmother said to me as a child. She said never trust a chiropractor and that stuck with me for years. Whenever someone mentioned that kind of work I said I think it's no good. With my neck pain getting worse and after several people telling me it works, I decided to go try it. After 2 sessions I had the disc slip in my neck.<br />
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My grandmother was a very spiritual person, a very private and quiet, contemplative type. She read book after book for lord knows how long. She was a quiet and powerful influence on me. I should have trusted HER intuition.

haha...that'll give it some character

It's fun anyways :-) im doing a new pattern ATM and its a touch crooked.. but- im sure my niece wont care.

nice....not bad at all. I don't know if I'll ever get into knitting but I admire the results!

I just got a job answering the phone at the local radio station in the evenings... only the phone never rings, so i end up watching a lot of TV and knitting.

yes I would take advantage of that. My job isn't boring but the kids I work with need breaks throughout the entire day and an hour for lunch. So I get quite a lot of time for reading, computer, etc.

ahh- i really ought to read more Jung i like his theorys. Besides- i have this really boring job and i reading is yet another thing to do.

hmm, that's pretty cool. I've recently taken a bit of a different outlook on the whole pre-cognition thing. I read a book by Carl Jung called Man and His Symbols that had a really interesting take on that phenomenon. I don't have time to go into it right now though.

I trust my intuition whenever possible. I seem to have this gift of being at the right place at the right time. I can recall 2 times when i got "lost" on the way to where i was going, and ending up being where i needed to be at the exact right moment, when being there earlier wouldn't have helped.

Yes says I, and nothing more... :)

Thanks Maise...I don't see it as fate though...I see it as my intuition knowing what was going to happen if I didn't change my mind but I didn't follow it so I lived with the consequences. I was given a chance to make a decision which could have resulted in 2 possible "fates". I chose one of them. Hopefully I will be wise enough to follow my intuition in the future. I see what you're saying Maise, I just don't think the future is written, we can only be given glimpses which our intuition gives us. Nothing is decided beforehand, we decide, our intuition can give us a nice "heads up" but that is all, our decisions determine our future.

Thanks Maise... Fate to me has overtones of GOD and his purpose for you, which I don't agree with. Intuition is your own perceptions at work. I think you can have insight into potential happenings in the future without having an EXACT path set out for you as fate says. I believe intuition is a tool that can help us make better decisions if we listen. I think fate says that we are predestined to have our lives turn out a certain way. Intuition would have nothing to do with that, according to my view. If fate is predestination then we would need no help making decisions (intuition) since they were already made for us.

ROFLMAO....you hit that on the head etherealtistic....I think all people can tap into this potential if they would get away from distracting themselves all the time. My brother this weekend was talking about how he loves his phone cause if he doesn't have anything else to do he uses the phone to play games, etc. He said he would "go mad" without it. I thought that was a rather sad statement (didn't say that to him though) and symptomatic of a society that needs constant entertainment and distraction. We are largely afraid of ourselves and our own minds. How is it that we can be frightened of being by ourselves without anything "to do"? I think that's called meditation and it's a wonderful experience that can keep us tapped into what's real and true.

awesome story...i've never had anything like that happen...my brother has...he sees vividly as well...i do believe very strongly in intuition and things of that nature...we have the potential to be very powerful beings...if only we could turn off american idol...sit down and concentrate a bit...ha...

I had some before as well that never seemed to have any sort of actualization after having the vision. That's why this one kinda freaked me out LOL. I'd like to see a hypnotist to work out some of this.

I still have it sitting in the pad undisplayed. I'm scared to put it up now LOL.

Wow......I believe in the supernatural too. I haven't had many encounters or one as powerful as you, but little things seem to influence me sometime.