Behind The Scary Door

I don't talk about the strange little things I have seen over the years much or with many.  I do think in some way this story makes me seem like a less credible person. I'm not trying to be offensive to anyone I just mean if I went around telling this/these stories I might find myself in a room with padded walls, on medication and labeled something or other or just look like a crazy freak.

Since ep is anonymous though I might as well divulge in the interests of sharing.

When I was 8 my family and I were on holidays in this little beach town we went to every year.  One night I woke up and hovering at the end of my bed (it was a bunk bed and I had top bunk) was a pale man (skin looked like glowing white, was perfection with not one blemish) hair was a beautiful brownish redish hue (subtle red here) in the thinker pose not looking at me.  He wore a white dress like outfit with a white rope cord belt.  He had amazing super white wings that were massive!  They were kinda tucked in a bit, not out or extended.  Being raised christian (I don't consider myself of any religion now i'm just a person) I thought of this figure as an angel.  He looked at me and I felt this wave of love wash right over me it was the biggest rush of pure love, so hard to describe and unlike anything I had ever or have ever felt since.  I didn't say anything which I have always kicked myself for but it didn't even cross my mind to at the time.  He didn't say anything either.  I went to sleep feeling watched over and loved and safe.  I told my parents the next day and they were like "Yes dear, an angel how nice" lol  If it was a dream it was the most beautiful dream I have ever had.

In year 11 I had a dream about my favourite teacher who had left my school at the end of the year before.  It was just a general dream where I saw her and talked to her.  (she was such a great teacher.  My english teacher, a really inspiring lady)The next day at school they told us that she had died during the night of meningitis.  So sad.  That may have been a coincidence but anyway.

My Dad and I were talking in amongst all these fruit tree's on our property (In the late 90's) having a great conversation I still remember about life and what not when I saw this weird object in the sky.  I was like "Whats that Dad" and he didn't know.  This thing was going crazy, zipping all over the sky then just stopping, crazy loops and seeming to disappear and reappear (that fast I guess) all over the sky.  A ufo maybe.  I loved x files which was on back then and a few times had thought there was something strange in the sky but Dad always had an explanantion except for this one time.  He was pretty weirded out about.  Maybe ufo's aren't supernatural but it's strange so thought i'd include it.

In 1999 my friend and were in this bushland accross from the cemetary smoking pot in his car (I know I know, terrible.  I was experimental ok) at maybe 9pm ish at night and I saw this glowing light in the distance through all the tree's and scrub.  Me and my friend were watching it and joking around about ghosts and ufo's but not really worried.  In the back of my mind and theirs we were more worried I think that it was a person and we would get busted with pot.  This lights sorta slowly moving through the tree's, never disappearing behind a tree or winding around, very straight trajectory.  We started to note that it couldn't be a torch cause there was none of that jerkyness of the light that you see when someone's walking, if you know what I mean.  This lights a fair way from us but we were starting to feel a bit weird about it when it just started coming at us really, really fast.  Me and my friend freaked out!  I'm like yelling "Go. Drive. Aaarghhhhhhhh ..." My friend is fumbling with the keys , getting the car going, slamming the foot down on the accelerator.  Classic stuff that cracks us up now.  We were scared ****less at the time though.

a few years ago I wa walking across the street in front of where I lived on the way to the ph box up the road.  Feeling like crap, tired, unhappy cause I was broke and needed to use a ph box when I heard this male, not friendly or nice but hard to explain, deep voice say "Today your father will die."  I turned around right away expecting to see someone and confront them like wtf. There was noone there.  Weird I thought and felt bad for having such a disturbing thought (rationalizing that it must be this terrible thought of my own and what a nasty, terrible thought to think and why was it male sounding ???) and continued on my way.  A few hours later my Dad was in an accident and he did die.  I'm not making this up!!  I have noticed on that corner where I heard the voice someone puts memorial flowers for somebody, a ghost maybe?  Or maybe not connected I don't know.  But that still gives me the shivers.

Where I live now I have seen 2 things.  Both incidents within 6 months of each other a year and a half ago or so.  First one I was in the lounge room watching tv when I looked across the room I saw an old lady wearing typical old lady clothes, very formally dressed with a hat on, a green brooch on her floral dress, a bag on her lap, curled purplish/grey hair and the biggest smile with big white teeth shining sitting on the other couch.  She gave me bad vibes I have to say but not in a scary way.  I actually wondered if maybe some old lady nearby had passed away or something but I don't know.  Then she was gone. 

The last one was scary!  I had fallen asleep in the lounge room on this matress with my boyfriend at the time (those days where you get a bumch of movies, drag a matress into the lounge and don't get out of bed cept to go to the bathroom or the fridge) and something woke me up.  I saw the face of this man with long gold hair (shoulder length) and we locked eyes and he started laughing the most evil laugh and his whole face and all around him was on fire.  I was terrified and trying to wake my boyfriend up, shaking him and calling his name and screaming wake up, just extreme terror y'know and the face kept laughing.  Then it was gone and after some more shaking my ex finally woke up and said he hadn't heard me and that it must have been a dream.  Which maybe it was.  Most likely, I know that.  I don't want a dream like that again.

Sorry this is long and rambly but thats about all of the supernatural kind of things I have seen or thought I have seen anyway. 


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A lot of things happen that we cant explain seem to be happening to some folks, im getting round to telling EP but not people outside of EP, for the same reasons as yourself because people arent ready for this outside EP

Thanks. I actually felt at the time of the face on fire that that thing loved my terror. It was really scary. My way of thinking is definitly I don't want to know when it comes to the unknown! And ufo's, the thought of aliens freaks me out lol<br />
I appreciate your comment and it's good to know other people have similar experiences.

I believe you. I don't think your crazy at all. It sounds like what's happening is like what happens to me. I'm a medium but not by choice. Unless it's a good thing, the best thing you can do is to not acknowledge its presence. They'll feed off your energy if they can. WM