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3 Responses Dec 11, 2009

Thank you so much for your story, it has brought tears to my eyes. i am new to this but i have been there. my mom had many men and one over stepped with me. I hurt every day and have no one who understands. best of luck to you.

Thanks for sharing this. I came on this site and now know, for the first time, that other people deal with emotional neglect and sad as it is it is comforting not to be the only one. No child should ever be ignored so much that they feel pain and can't enjoy their childhood.

Your story could have been mine, except I never found a man to value me. At 46 it is unlikely now I'll get married, and the time for having children is past. Fortunately, I have "adopted" teens and the oldest has 3 kids - my "grandkids". So I'm not totally alone. But I've been achingly alone at night for too many years now. Count your blessings.