My Friend Of Work

Hello I am Brazilian, so I do not know if I write these words correctly. Let's try.
My story is not very long, but a long time ago that I wanted to tell someone. This is bothering me and want to talk.
Four years ago, in 2008, I worked in a government office in my town. In that place I met the person of my story, a girl.
She was 19 and I 25 and because of her religion, she was forced to marry a boy of her religion. She always told me she hated the poor guy. And we have been keeping these conversations, we became friends.
Like any friendship, our friendship resulted in dialogues about sexuality. In these dialogues, she referred to the size of my "sexual instrument." At the same time, she felt ashamed and turned to the other side. I was surprised by the boldness of that girl, but said nothing. The other day, she was quiet all day and she waited to finish the job and then started apologizing. She said she was sorry for saying that, but I knew what she really wanted. She imagined that this dialogue would lead us to another kind of "relationship".
Then she said no more and I realized that if I was offending her, with my thoughts, it certainly irritate up, but that reaction he had meant it was true what I thought. It was true that she wanted to direct our friendship to another place.
I felt embarrassed because I knew I was fall in love. So without thinking, I locked the door of our room and went to her desk, wanting to kiss her. But she simply continued sitting in the chair without saying a word, put his hand inside my pants and grabbed my penis. After playing with it, she tied her long hair, slowly lowered my pants, my underwear and then finally sucked my penis.
It left me very confused. I was dreaming declare my feelings and marry her. And she performed oral sex on me? She acted as a prostitute, sucking while laughing. After acting like he was swallowing my ***** was tastier than chocolate.
The end of this story is that the other day I went to our boss and asked me to transfer that room. I lied and said that we had both fought and continue working with it, it was impossible for me. The boss went with me to the room, confirmed the story with her and then gave us a warning. I transferred and never even spoke good day for her.
She married and live very happy today.
When she married, she sent me a note, which said I was an idiot and she always pretend to be a good wife, but "she would own how many dicks she wanted" (were her words)
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Nov 29, 2012