Does age matter in ARN? What if you're 62 and the match is 24? Even more what if it's a first time? I found out there's a point that age matters - before you meet face to face. The moment you're waiting for the meet and your sensations are going wild and you're wondering what is it going to be like. The unknown maturity level. Then there's the face to face meeting age still matters. You get a sinking feeling that this is not a cougar situation it's more and what if the age does matters.

Then there's the point that age doesn't matter. That first touch it sends a lighting bolt thru you because of the sensitive areas that are being touched and then there's the next level that age really doesn't matter & you're past it. The point of the latch, the point that your body's sensations are vibrating through you and your imagination goes wild. The point you realize it's a man & a woman enjoying themselves for some badly needed therapy!

Being touched, latched on to, feeling the let down sensations, reaching other pleasurable sensations, the body's desiring for more, do you dare lose all control? The point you imagine what his power would feel like, the point you want him to lose control, so many sensations and desires run through the body. The desires and sensations run deep with ARN I've always heard and I found out it does.

He touched, he latched, it was semi public area, the age difference, I enjoyed it, I wanted more than time allowed, for a night and a day I felt his presence, I wondered could I handle his energy and power, what if it went farther, what if? Was it the time and place? No. Was it what we were about? No. Or was it?
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Very nicely written :) thanks for sharing :)

Older women are the best to latch on... I would love to experience a 60 year old.

Consenual desires being answered thru mutual satisfaction can bring such overwhelming pleasures that nothing really matters except for wanting those feelings to never stop ... but first they must begin.

I sometimes makedumb assumptions. To be sure, here… you mean Adult Nursing Relationship ANR… .not ARN? Correct? :)

try typing ANR in a story...usually censored!!

This is true!

Yes, you are correct but see what Dennis said below.

It was fantastic :)

Oh you bad boy!! LOL!

All ages enjoy this and it should not matter the age....enjoy yourself!!

I really enjoyed reading your story. You expressed the special feelings of ANR

Let me latch!

Wonderful thoughts. I feel age isn't a critical factor either.