Ever since i have returned home, i've been busy.

From four to five, i ate lunch and watched tv

Then i went to a friend to get a book and found him away.

As soon as i stepped inside, i had to go to a net cafe to get a print for my mother's exam

 paper but found out that they had not sent it on my current email address.

Then i returned, studied for half an hour

 and then my sister started a heated debate with me and as soon as she was finished, power went off.

And i had to go to the market to fetch a pen and a coke for her.

Then i came back but power came back after an hour

Then i watched tv for 15 minutes just to get the bitterness off

Then i had to go to the market AGAIN

This time mother had asked me to(she had just returned from another bazar and had brought stuff for my brother's birthday)

I came back and started to study.

Then he came


Then i was just about to go to my room and study when she occupied. She does this every night

And now its 11:33 and i haven't studied a bit and tomorrow's my exam.


I've never ever prepared like this before.



FreeFallWall FreeFallWall
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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

wish u best luck on ur exam*hugs