Tory's Story, Freshman Year - Part 2

Warning: Copy and pasted. There may be gramatical or spelling errors.

I know I said I probably wouldn't continue it but, one of my friend's begged me to we go with the second installment of Tory's adventures within University.

    Tory awoke with a start at around four that morning and spat the soother out and started to cry. She tried to get the soother back in before she woke Sarah up, but figured "Why bother?". Sarah always knew when something was wrong with Tory. She put the soother back in and snuggled the teddy that she had brought from home. The same teddy that had been Tory's source of comfort when her babying first began...
    ********Four and a half years ago*******    
    Tory was sitting in the booster seat she had to sit in ever since her babying began. Her mommy said that her car seat would be arriving soon..."Augh...that's gonna suck" Tory thought when her mom said that. She hated the booster seat, so she would probably hate the car seat more. Tory looked out the window and saw her reflection. Her hair was in pig tails with pink bows and the ends dyed a light shade of pink. She also had her first ever Nuk 5 soother in her mouth. It was a pink K2G model. Tory desperately wanted to spit it out, but for some reason she just enjoyed suckling on it too much. She looked out the window again and realized she knew where they were. They were almost to the border for Canada at Port Huron. She looked forward and said "Mommy, why are we aww da way up here?"
    "Because, we're going to a mall up here. They have a store I want to go to" her Mother said.
    "Um...otay den" Tory replied thinking to herself "God, I hate the lisp this soother gives me. Why did mom have to choose this model of soother?!"
    Ten minutes later, they arrived at the mall. Tory's mom went to the back and she heard the trunk open and thought "Oh no...oh dear God no...she brought it...she brought the stroller" Tory sighed and fought the urge to cry tears of embarrasment.
        Her mom pulled it into the aisle, and slid the door back and undid the specially made buckle on the booster seat that Tory couldn't unlock and was placed in the stroller.
    "Now, Tory if you promise to be a good girl...I'll let you just hold my hand and we won't use the stroller, okay?"
    "Yeth Mommy, me pwomise."
    "Good, now...lets go."
    Her mom put the stroller away and held Tory's hand and lead her into the mall. A short walk later, they arrived at...Build-a-Bear workshop. Tory's eye immediately lit up. Her mom knealt beside Tory and said "You can make any teddy you want, okay?"
    "Yeth Mommy" Tory said happily.
    She headed for the "skins" and picked out a pink one. She then had a big blue heart stitched onto the front. After that, it was stuffed. Tory was very happy about the apperance of it and went and dressed it up. She chose some red baby clothes for it, thinking they would fit nicely given how she looked. But, she dressed it in a yellow baby doll t-shirt and matching shorts. She also got some diapers for her new teddy. Her mother payed for the teddy and they left for home. This teddy would be her best friend for many years to come. She named it Megan.

    *******Present Day********

    Sarah came over and cradelled Tory close and said "What's wrong my wittle baby girl?"
    " hadded a bad dweam Tarah..." Tory sobbed
    "'s okay. It's over now...shh shhh. It's okay Tory, there's no need to cry." Sarah gently cooed to Tory as she kissed her forehead. Sarah rocked Tory back to sleep and bundled her back up under the blankets. Sarah thought to herself "Wonder what brought on the bad dreams...oh well. She's back to sleep. I'd better join her..." and on that note Sarah crawled back into bed and fell asleep after giving Tory a look of concern. Even though she was already fast asleep again...
    Sarah was up before Tory. She saw that Tory had a smile on her face, even around the large shielded soother. Sarah went into the kitchen area of the dorm and started to make breakfast. Tory, upon hearing the sounds of a waffle iron woke up instantly and just stared at Sarah's back.
    "Good morning Tory, and how are we this morning?" Sarah said, not looking back.
    "Me gewd. Wu makin waffles den Tarah?"
    "Yup, give me a sec then I'll come change you, okay?" Sarah said sweetly, giving Tory a smile.
    "Otay" Tory said and crawled out of the bed and got shakily to her feet and held her teddy to her chest and her blankie to her face and waddled into the kitchen and climbed onto the chair to wait for Sarah.
    Sarah took out the waffles and put some more batter into the waffle iron and turned to face Tory. Sarah picked Tory up and set out the changing pad on her bed and set Tory down on it. She took the sleeper off and opened up the diaper.    
    "Peww! Didn't you make a big messy Tory Worey!" Sarah chided to Tory in syrupy baby tones.
    Sarah lifted Tory's legs into the air and slid out the very wet and very full diaper out from under Tory and thoroughly cleaned her ***, vagina and **** with baby wipes. She then rubbed baby oil all over her diaper area and then liberally powdered it with Johson's baby powder. She then taped on the dispossable diaper.
    "There, all clean. Lets go get you some breaky, okay?" Sarah spoke in the syrupy baby tones again.
    Sarah helped Tory to her feet and smiled at her. Tory was wearing just her white diaper. Tory waddled back into the kitchen area and got back into her chair just as the waffles were done. Sarah put the waffles on two plates and put some corn syrup on Tory's waffles and cut them up into little bite size pieces for her. The plate was placed on the table with a bottle of milk.
    After breakfast, Tory got changed into a fresh diaper and an outfit for the day's classes. She left in a rush for her bussiness class, as she was already close to being late.

    Tory got into the class just in time. She settled down in her seat and took out her homework, ready to hand it in. She was painfully aware of the growing warmth in the diaper and thought to herself "Oh ****...I've got another two hours ahead of me before I can even think about getting changed...This is gonna suck..."
    She handed the homework in to her professor and listened through the entire lecture. At the very end she was grateful she only peed once. She still changed herself in the bathroom and left for her computer sciences class.

    Sarah was rushing to the class as well. She joined Tory just as it was time to go into the class. She sat beside Tory and the class got underway.
    With about fourty minutes to go in the class. Tory's stomach clenched and a large poop slid into her diaper. She just ignored it and gritted her teeth through the class. After that, her classes were done for an hour and she left for her dorm to get changed.

Part 2.

    Tory was just finishing decorating the cake she had made in her cooking class. She was really happy about how it looked and put it in the fridge so she could work on it next time. She got into her car and drove back to her dorm. Sarah was already there and surprised Tory with a tickle. Tory immedietly wet her diaper as she was tickled and it leaked. The pee got all over her shorts and on Sarah's jeans.    
    Tory teared up and said "Me sowwy did no mean du..."
    "Hehe, it's okay sweetie. We'll get you all cleaned up." Sarah said bubbly.
    Sarah changed Tory, with double diapers and put her into a onesie. "There, all better. Right sweetie?"
    "Yeth Tarah. Fank wu." Tory giggled.
    Tory stood up and immeditely fell forward. The two thick diapers made it impossible for her to stand. She got onto her hands and knees and crawled to her bed and got into it. She fetched her soother from under the pillow and stuck it in her mouth and picked up her teddy and sat on her knees, her legs were spread into a wide "M" shape by the diapers. She smiled at Sarah from around her soother and got under the blankets and fell asleep. Seeing that her nap time when her babying began was at three o'clock, and that it was three o'clock now, she fell asleep.
    Sarah smiled at Tory's sleeping form and giggled at how her left leg was stuck in the air by the double diapers. She settled down to do her homework, and to get started on Tory's if she wasn't awake.

    After Sarah's homework was done, Tory woke up and quickly did hers. Sarah suggested that they went out to a resteraunt for dinner, or to the mall. Tory said she wanted to go to the mall.
    Sarah took the onesie off and the outside diaper, not wanting to embarass Tory...too much. She helped Tory into some shorts and a T-shirt then they went to the mall, which turned out to be completely uneventful.

Part 3

    Tory and Sarah got home around 9:30ish. Sarah put Tory down on the changing pad and changed her into double diapers and a sleeper.
    "Hey Tory, can I show you something?"
    Sarah sat Tory in her lap at the computer and she brought up a webpage showing a house with 2,000 square feet, two stories, three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a backyard with a pool, near the campus.
    "Whatcha think sweetie?" Sarah said while stroking Tory's hair.
    "Me wike iteth."
    "Wanna make an offer on it?"
    "Otay, we can do dat." Tory said happily
    Sarah carried Tory over to the couch and cradeled Tory in her arms, gently rocking her back and forth.
    "Are you hungy my wittle baby girl?"
    "Yeth Tarah," Tory said sleepily.
    "Okay sweetie..." Sarah said sweetly.
    Sarah unbuttoned her shirt and opened her bra. She took out Tory's pacifier and put it in a glass of water to keep it ready for suckling afterwards. She presented her erect nipple to Tory's lips. Tory happily latched on and began to suckle. Tory did not, could not anticipate what happened. A squirt of warm milk filled her mouth and Tory began to rhythmatically suckle on Sarah's nipple, as if it was a bottle. She pressed her tounge up against the bottom of the nipple, then sucked. She happily drank down the warm, nourishing breast milk. Not caring about how aroused she was getting, or how Sarah was lactating. She closed her eyes and just happily kept up the rhythm.
    She teared up when the milk stopped flowing and looked to Sarah for comfort. She noticed that Sarah was smiling broadly.
    "Did my wittle girl enjoy her treat?"
    "Yeth Mommy..." Tory said sleepily.
    "Are you still hungy?" Sarah said in syrupy baby tones.
    "Yeth Mommy." Tory said, fading fast.
    Sarah put the nipple of a bottle of warm formula in Tory's lips. Tory finished that off fairly quickly, stretched her arms up, and held onto Sarah's waist as she fell asleep in Sarah's arms. Sarah put the pacifier in Tory's mouth and then set her down in her bed. Thankful that it was already Friday, she would let Tory sleep in tomorrow.

    That's it for now, I may extend this one or I just might make another part. Not sure yet...thanks for reading. And seriously. There is a difference between constructive critism and being a critic. If it's something you'll say to a signifigant other, then say it. If it's something you wouldn't say to them, why say it to me?
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