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Since i was about 12 i have always found the idea of diapers seductive. If that's the right way to even say it. Ever since i've tried to be in them. I told my mother about this fetish as it's been called when i was 13, and she said okay, let's go buy some diapers. However, i felt awkward as i got older and acted like i'd gotten out of it. I could fit in the pampers size 6 comfortably and they have always given me the most satisfaction. However recently i bought a package of Goodnites, thus my user name :p
Whoever is reading this may realize that i'm new to the site, so my story may not mean much since i'm a newbie or whatever...
Anyway, i found the goodnites didnt satisfy my love for diapers as much as genuine baby diapers and i honestly have no idea how to get the baby diapers!
I'm not sure if this is the kind of thing i'm supposed to put up here, but i just thought i'd share my story

P.S. im obviously not whatever age i say i am, i jsut put that so i could read these experiences
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

it sux we have to take a chance and lie about r age to get to get on this site. i totally understand because i keep getting stopped from even having many friends here. the cool thing is u can see ur not the only tb in the world. thats whats the best part for me anyway. <br />
<br />
im thinking since u cant get the kind of diapers u want maybe u should remember how cool ur mom was about it when u were 13 and ask her again to help u. the only way to get cool teen sized baby diapers is to order online and that takes a grownup with a credti card of course. if she was ok about it once she might be again. for me it would be worth it to go ask her. if u really really want diapers that bad it might me a way to get some. i hope u write here to say what happens next

i love goodnites, but for u i recommend checking out bambino's. they are just like baby diapers only much more absorbent. they are what i will start using once i move out of my house.