Becoming A Diaper Wearing Baby Girl

Hi! My name is Tessa and I live a lifestyle as an adult baby girl! I have wanted someone to want to take care of me for as long as I can remember, but I didn't always know exactly how I really wanted to go about that. I used to play these attention games with boyfriends, pretending to be sick or hurt and secretly hope that they'd desperately want to wait on my every need. Now I found someone that will take care of every need I ever wanted-and he in fact showed me even more ways he wanted to care for me! His name is now daddy. Here is a little story of how I first became in love with being an adult baby girl, and my first experience wearing a diaper.

I fell in love. I was recently divorced, and didn't even care about love, and yet, here it was. I moved 3000 miles away to be with my new love interest, and life was fabulous. Sex was amazing. I had never felt prettier or better taken care of. We talked about everything. About 3 months into our relationship, we started asking each other about fetishes. He was scared to tell me his, and he wouldn't for a long time! I started to think if it was that bad, maybe he shouldn't tell me after all! (I had a little spanking fetish-if you could call it that, but was really more turned on to the idea of the role played by the one who would spank me) Well days went by, and I still brought it up from time to time, and there were a few clues dropped. How he liked "cute" girls and he loved pigtails and footed pajamas. Well, I did some inet research while he was at work and saw lots of pictures of baby girls wearing diapers! I didn't really know what to think-did he want ME in diapers??! The next night I purposely brought up the fetish topic and got him to open up a little-and then he finally hesitatingly told me he loved when adult girls dressed up and acted like a baby girl, and his true fantasy would be to take care of her completely. He was super scared to add that it included diapers. I was excited, to say the least. I was ready to buy the diapers and get started! I was super curious, and who wouldn't want their amazing boyfriend to completely take care of them? He wanted to take it slow, because it was hard for him to believe that I would want to do this-and that I actually wanted to do it myself. It took a week before I went to the drug store, and bought a pack of Depends disposable diapers! I also bought some baby wipes, and a 2-pack of pacifiers. I was so excited on my walk home from the store-I could hardly contain myself! I went straight home and laid the fresh diaper (which was bigger than I had imagined it would be!) on the bed, and hurriedly slipped off my clothes and laid down on top of it. I pulled the diaper up between my legs and fastened it. It was my first time so it wasn't as snug as I like them to be. I instantly felt so warm and secure and happy. A wave of emotions hit me and it is a near indescribable feeling, hard to explain-but I felt great! My boyfriend was at work, and so I opened up the pack of pacifiers and put one in my mouth, getting ready for a little nap in my new diaper. I went to the mirror to look at my bottom in the diaper and to look at my face with the pacy. I felt I looked a little too grown up, so I washed my face and pulled my hair up into pigtails. I was super cute! I laid down in bed, and sucked on my pacy. I fell asleep wondering if I would wake up in time to put my big girl clothes back on before my boyfriend came home, or if he would find me asleep that way
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Great storytelling. You have us waiting on more :-)

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Hi Tessa,i liked your story! I too love diapers and being a baby girl.I am 23 and got started on diapers and being a baby when i was 14.I was never baptized when i was a baby due to being born a premmie and had some issues for the first year,then my parents had to relocate,and other things came up so it got put off.Finially,when i was 14,my great aunt Sofia and my grandparents and parents told me that i had to be baptized.Since we are catholic,great aunt sofia convinced my grandparents and mom and dad that i should be baptized as an infant thru the Infant baptism program at our parish.they all talked to our priest and he agreed to baptize me as an infant and my name was put on the infant baptism roster.They then told me i would wear a cute,white,poofy,midthigh length 'baby girl'style dress with a matching bonnet,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and under the dress i would wear a cloth diaper,rubberpants,[plastic pants[ and a tee shirt and that i would be treated like a regular baby girl for the day.Great aunt sofia and my gramma and mom then set about getting my outfit.The week before my baptism,Sofia flew in and stayed with us.that friday night before the ceremony,mom and dad,sofia and gramma took me to the parish nursery and put me in cloth diapers and rubberpants and a footy pajama,gave me a pacifier and a bottle and let me become a baby.[sofia brought the diapers and rubberpants[.All day on saturday,i was kept in the diapers and rubberpants and just like a baby.On sunday morning,we all went to the nursery and mom,sofia and gramma had me lay in a crib while they put my baptism cloth diaper,rubberpants,and tee shirt on me,then next came my lace socks and shoes,then my dress and bonnet,then my pacifier was pinned to the front of my dress.I felt and looked just like a baby girl.I was taken up and shown to the baptism director,then we went and all sat in a pew.When it came time for my baptism,i was carried to the font and held while Father poured the water on my head.since my dress was short and poofy,every saw my diaper and rubberpants under my party,i was put into a playpen and treated like a baby.I loved the feeling of being a baby girl! A year later at 15,i made my First Communion with the little kids and was put into the diaper and rubberpants again under my communion dress.two years later at 17,i was confirmed and had to wear a white dress and veil and mom,sofia and gramma put the diaper and rubberpants on me again under my dress.after that,i started wearing cloth diapers and rubberpants and being a baby when ever i could and mom and dad were fine with at 23,i wear diapers and rubberpants almost 24/7 and love being a baby girl.

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This is somewhat simmilar ot how my boyfriend at the time introducted me. I totally heart this experience!!!

CuddleCups-please tell me about your experience becomming a baby

Love the story. Would love to find an adult baby mommy in Vancouver BC area to take care of me :)

good for you your story has given me the hope i need to find someone for me

Aww your story inspired me to officially just wait for a girl to come along altho its been hard latly havent had my Pull ups and my pacy it put away it cute tho I will tho wait and Ill open up maybe ill open up not so fast Maybe dats the problem I live to be in my pull ups message me if ya want to know why its a hurt filled memory from age fourteen

I have new photos..please take a look and leave a comment....!!! The folder is called "For Tatia"

I really hope he found you asleep that way :)

Please add me as your Friend please?

you are so lucky to find you daddy i am still looking rember you great

trying to find a diaper gal in eastern Pa.

Wow your a good gf to do that

A New Dry soon to be Wet Diaper a Pacifier and a Nap and a Great Story!!

A Girl Gave Me Her Flooded Wet Diaper!! A Girls Human Body Is A Beautiful Thing And Their Peed Out Flooded Wet Diaper Was Given To ME!! OH WHAT A FEELING!!

countinue the story =) have you tried any cute socks?

Cute =) and genuine.

im an abdl =D ummmm i think im insane... does that come with us being abdl's or is it possible im an abdl who is mentally unstable for other reasons.... any abdls out there not have some sort of depression?

Your feelings are typical & just come with the trade. Dont sweat it & cheerup! <3

I would love to speak with you more! I'm 17 and I soooo so so so jealous of the life you have! If only I could live like you :( I love being diapered. Skype me sometime? message me If you like :) xx

any abdls in chicago message me

I would love to talk more with you, feel free to message me on here, also could you please continue this story, i would love to know what happened

Tessa; That is great that you found a man that would treat you as a babygirl at your age and engoye it.

Splendid story! :) I'm on the way to introducing diapers to my boyfriend... He already calls me baby and I call him Poppy. I love being spoiled by him and he loves doing in. I hope he'll accept my DL side as much as my AB side.

So How Did Introducing Ur DL Side Go

I'd love to try diapers. I wish i had a girlfriend like you.

you go girl!!!!

so what happened? did he find you asleep? let us talk , i live in albuquerque, nm where are you?

i would like to talk to you more


if you want to write me snail mail i will send pix of me in a diaper , i can not do it now coz i am at the libary , ok <br />
jeffery @ 7220 central se, #1133 , albuquerque, nm 87108

Hi Tessa - Very lovely story - way to go! Good luck to you both.


water bills are probably more expensive, lol

For those of us that didn't start the baby play until we were grownup can really understand just how great the first time was :) Glad it was a great time for you as well

i also has fetish.

I to have a fetish for wearing diapers. I am a 59 year old man been divorced for years live alone<br />
now and wish I had a female ab/dl as a partner my age or not. I live in Salem, Or

Hello Wolf02. I don't know if you're still around, but I'm in Salem and am offering babysitting service if you are interested.

i have a fetish too , i need diapers so , i want my girlfriend to change my diapers and coz i am in diapers , i want her to wear diapers too ...if i am not potty train anymore why sould my girlfriend. i feel we should have fun with it.

Lucky you what a way to relieve stress...way to go