The Favor, A Harry Potter Fanfic

AN: This is my first fetish story and I’m curious to see what you all have to say about it. Anyway, here we go.

Summary: Basically a what if Nymphadora Tonks survived Deathly Hallows. Harry after seeing how she treats young Teddy asks Tonks for a favor…

Chapter 1

Harry gulped as he looked at his older sister-figure taking care of her young child, his godson, Teddy Lupin. The gentle caressing as she rubbed the powder and lotion into his skin when she changed his diapers and the way she held the bottle for Teddy when he was nursing, it made Harry feel strangely jealous and filled him with strange desires.

Harry took a deep breath and walked up to Tonks as she placed Teddy in his crib for his afternoon nap and said quietly, “Tonks, can I ask you a favor?” Tonks looked at Harry and smiling said, “You know that you can ask me anything Harry, fire away.” Harry smiled slightly before he started looking at his shoes and said quietly, “Tonks, if I asked you to treat me like you treated Teddy would you?” Tonks looked at Harry in surprise and asked with a raised eyebrow, “And you would ask me to do that why?”

Harry looked up into Tonks’ face now blushing and said quietly, “I don’t know Tonks, maybe it’s just because of everything that the Dursley’s did to me or maybe it’s because I can’t remember my parents but whatever the reason I’ve always been fascinated by diapers and baby things and well I guess that I’m just curious. So,” at this point Harry looked at his feet again and said, “Will you treat me like a baby Tonks?”

Tonks walked across Teddy’s nursery and gave Harry a hug. Harry quivered in excitement as Tonks said, “Well, I already see you as a little brother Harry so I see no reason as to why I can’t change your dirty diapers.” Harry looked at Tonks in surprised joy and asked quietly, “You really mean that Tonks; isn’t it bad enough taking care of Teddy? Would you really be willing to take care of a teenage baby as well?” Tonks smiled slightly and said, “Harry really, it’s alright, I really won’t mind taking care of you for a little while.”

Harry smiled and wiped a tear from his eye before saying, “Well then I guess we’d best get me dressed for the part of a baby, hadn’t we?”Tonks smiled in return and said, “One question before we get to that, do you want to be a baby boy or a baby girl?” Harry blushed as the possible situations raced through his mind; him toddling about in just a blue shirt and a disposable diaper only to be replaced by images of him sucking his thumb as he wore a pink skirt and a wet disposable diaper. He blushed and whispered, “I’d like to be a baby girl mommy.” Tonks smirked and said, “Say it louder baby, it’s alright; after all I’m the only one here to hear you.” Harry’s blush deepened and he said much louder so that Tonks could actually hear, “I want to be a baby girl mommy.”

Tonks nodded and stepped back from Harry before waving her wand once. Harry had to hold in laughter as his clothes shifted and shrunk as his pants turned into a pink girly skirt that did nothing to hide the obvious pink diaper that his boxers were becoming and his black t-shirt turned bright pink. His sneakers changed into a pair of pink baby booties and his socks became pink and frilly. The feeling of his clothes changing tickled. After nearly half a minute Harry’s clothes had finished their transformation and he breathed a sigh of relief as his clothes stopped tickling him.

Tonks smiled and waved her wand again and Harry felt his black hair lengthen down to his shoulders as a pink pacifier materialized in his mouth. Harry blushed as he automatically started sucking the pacifier but he had to admit, he enjoyed the feeling of the pacifier in his mouth. Tonks walked forward towards Harry, casting a spell to make Harry lighter as she did so. Tonks paused in front of Harry and picked him up, patting his now padded bottom gently and saying, “Mommy loves her little baby girl, yes she does.” Harry blushed but smiled, he hadn’t expected Tonks to get so into this game so quickly.

Tonks carried Harry to the kitchen and conjured an adult size high chair for Harry to sit in. Harry smiled as Tonks locked him into the high chair and he sucked on his pacifier. Tonks prepared Harry a bottle of formula and sat down in front of Harry’s high chair to feed him. Tonks removed Harry’s pacifier and put the nipple of the bottle in Harry’s mouth. Harry sucked the formula down greedily as Tonks praised him for drinking his bottle.

Eventually Harry had finished the bottle and smiled as Tonks returned the pacifier to his mouth. Tonks praised Harry saying, “Good baby girl, you finished the entire bottle. Now how would you like to use your diaper, just number one or number two?” Harry blushed and said as Tonks pulled his pacifier out so he could speak, “Number one and number two please.” Tonks chuckled and waved her wand causing Harry to immediately feel pressure from his bladder and from his bowels; it was amazing what Tonks could do with that wand.

Harry tried to relax and use his diaper but the years of conditioning prevented him from letting loose in his diaper. Tonks quickly deduced the problem and asked Harry if he wanted her to help him use his diaper. Harry nodded as he squirmed in a combination of pain and ecstasy. Tonks placed her hand on Harry’s thighs and started tickling Harry. Harry laughed causing the pacifier to fall out of his mouth as he squirmed until he felt a warm wetness splashing into his diaper. He moaned in ecstasy as the warmth spread throughout his diaper and Tonks smiled as she watched a yellow stain grow across Harry’s diaper as Harry smiled at the wonderful feelings within his diaper.

Tonks waited until Harry had finished wetting his diaper to move onto helping him mess himself; placing her hand on Harry’s stomach and rubbing in little circles. Harry smiled at the feeling as the pressure he was feeling increased until he felt his muscles fail and he started to fill his diaper with a soft, warm, mushy mess. He audibly groaned before saying, “Mommy, I’m messing. I’m messing my diapee, thanks to you. Thank you so much!” Tonks just smiled and watched the growing bulge in the back of Harry’s diaper until the diaper could no longer stretch in that direction and the mess started to come around the front of Harry’s diaper.

Harry sat there for a few seconds after he’d finished before he started crying like a baby. Tonks suddenly worried asked Harry what was wrong and Harry responded, “Babies are supposed to cry when they want a diapee change aren’t they?” Tonks smiled realizing that Harry wasn’t really upset and said, “Absolutely correct Miss Harry, but first,” and at this point she picked up Harry’s pacifier and popped it back into his mouth and Harry immediately started sucking it. At this point Tonks picked up Harry and carried him into Teddy’s nursery where she set Harry on Teddy’s changing table.

Tonks told Harry to wait there and not move while she got another bottle for him. Tonks left the room and Harry immediately placed his hands on the front of his diaper and started rubbing, the feeling of urine and mess in his diaper was just incredible and he couldn’t wait any longer to start ************. He blushed slightly as he thought of Tonks coming back to discover him ************ in his wet, messy diaper but he just couldn’t stop, he needed this release NOW.

Harry wasn’t even close to finishing when Tonks returned with a warm bottle of breast milk and Harry felt his blush deepen as Tonks looked at him in shock before smiling and walking towards him. Tonks knocked Harry’s hands aside and said, “No no Miss Harry, you can’t touch yourself like that; that’s what Mommy Tonks is for.” Tonks then placed her hands on the front of Harry’s diaper and started massaging his elongated penis through the diaper. Harry moaned behind his pacifier as Tonks continued to massage his crotch, he couldn’t stand this for much longer, he was going to ***. He struggled to keep himself from coming but within half a minute after Tonks had started rubbing Harry’s body shook as he shot a huge load into his already wet, messy diaper.

Tonks smiled as she watched Harry *** in his dirty diaper and knew right then that she’d made the right choice when she’d decided to indulge Harry. She leaned down and planted a kiss on Harry’s forehead before she continued on with the diaper change. Within minutes Tonks had changed Harry and she brought him out to the living room where she sat him down in Teddy’s playpen and after handing him the bottle of warm milk said, “Now you behave yourself for a little while Miss Harry, I need to set up a nursery for you in the spare room.” Harry nodded as he felt excitement course through him, he couldn’t wait to see what his mommy had planned for him next…

To be continued…
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