Magic Diapers - Incontinence Training

All I want for Christmas is a magic diaper that makes you truly incontinent. The diapers come with high tech sensors of how full your bladder is and stimulator at your pee hole that makes you pee uncontrollably. The Master has pre-set the diaper at toddler level, which means that when there's 8-10 oz. in your tiny bladder, the diaper will immediately trigger release of your bladder. Wearing this kind of "incontinence training" diapers day and night will make you incontinent in a month.

aliceleed aliceleed 22-25, F 3 Responses Jan 2, 2012

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I like your concept! Perhaps the 'high tech sensor' at the pee hole could protrude up in it to stimulate your urethra simultaneously! Is anyone here a urinary scientist?

I like the idea of a nappy that makes you incontinent just when you're wearing it... when you take it off, your bladder control returns to normal!

No, after you take it off, your bladder control won't return to normal due to the magic diaper's intense "training." And you can't ever take it off. The diaper has a tight grip and a "no removal" setting.

thats intersting but im not sure that tech wil lbe around for along time and if it ever came aroun id certainly not want it but thats just me <br />
how much is 8 to 10 oz?

That's about 20 ml. Very little. So your bladder capacity will be gradually reduced to that of a toddler.