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A Sleep-over With Jimmy

A Sleep-Over with Jimmy

 Mark is a ten-year-old boy, whose best friend is Jimmy. All his
life, Mark has wanted to spend the night with Jimmy, but hasn't until
now, because he wet his bed. After he stops wetting, he could spend the
night, but Jimmy never invites him. After six months, Mark finds out
why. Jimmy wears diapers, and when Mark finds this out he is even more
anxious to spend the night.

A Sleep Over with Jimmy

Jimmy and I were best friends almost as long as I could remember.
I think he may have been one of my play buddies when I was a baby,
because I don't remember a time when he wasn't my friend.
And from the time I was six, I had always wanted to have a
sleepover with Jimmy. Jimmy was my very bestest friend in the whole
wide world, and I wanted desperately to spend the night at his house.
Unfortunately I was a bed wetter, and wasn't allowed to spend the
night at anyone's house. It was one of the rules my mom had, which she
used as incentive for me to stop wetting my bed.
I would ask her if I could have Jimmy spend the night, and she
would say, "Only if you go one month without a wetting the bed."
I would always pout when she gave that answer, but she just
responded, "It's only for your protection. You don't want your friends
knowing you still wet the bed, do you?"
She, of course, was right, but I hated being reminded of this
every time I asked. I hated everything about my bedwetting, including
that stupid, babyish plastic sheet that protected my mattress.
Mom kept that babyish protector on my bed to protect the
mattress, which always reminded me just how much of a baby that I truly
was. Every time I crawled into bed and heard that LOUD CRINKLY SOUND it
rang to me, "YOU"RE STILL A BABY!"
My little sister Becky didn't help much, either. She was a full
three years younger than me, but stopped wetting her bed when she was
three. At six years old, I wasn't completely potty trained during the
day. I still peed my pants, and even pooped them. In fact, I still wore
diapers at night, and even had to wear them sometimes during the day!
I stopped wearing diapers when Becky did, not because I had
suddenly turned dry, but mom felt awkward keeping me in diapers when
Becky didn't use them anymore. At first I thought this was cool,
because I hated wearing diapers, but as I got older I realized the only
reason I didn't wear them was that I was older. If I were still five, I
would still be in diapers.
Becky never missed a chance to call me names. Her favorite was
"Pee Baby", but she had others as well. "Pamper Boy", "Baby head", and
pretty much any other form of "baby" her six year old mind could think
of. She did other things as well. Whenever she drew pictures of our
family, she always put diapers on me. She even drew a picture of our
whole family with me sleeping in a crib. Her Kindergarten teacher
thought Becky had a baby brother, because all of her family pictures
had babies in it.
She was also old enough to spend the night with friends, and have
friends spend the night. She, of course, was not restricted on
sleepovers, since she didn't wet her bed. There was no reason for her
not to have friends sleep over, or her not to sleep over at friend's
houses. The fact that my baby sister got to spend the night, and the
only reason I couldn't was that I still wet the bed, only made me feel
I, naturally, was embarrassed by this, and never wanted anyone to
find out, including Jimmy. I was always reluctant to have any friends
come over, for fear they would sit on my bed and hear that crinkly
sheet. And even though Jimmy was my best friend, I was always more
afraid to have Jimmy find out than anybody else. I was sure if Jimmy
found out I was still a baby I would lose the greatest friend a guy
could ever have. I always wanted to play at Jimmy's house, because he
wouldn't have to know I wet my bed.
One time I had another friend come over, and when he sat on the
bed and heard the crinkle, he jumped up and said, "Ew, what's that?"
"What's what?" I asked, even though I knew exactly what he meant.
"What's that on your bed? It sounds like a diaper."
"It's nothing."
"No it's not, it's a plastic sheet. I know, because my mom uses
one for my baby brother. You wet the bed."
"No I don't."
"Uh huh. If you didn't you wouldn't have that on your bed. Those
are for babies. I don't play with babies." He left, and proceeded to
tell people at school.
I was devastated, and promised never to let that happen again.
From then on, I never let anyone up to my room if I could help it.
Fortunately, most people thought the guy was jerk, and didn't really
tease me about it. In the end, he lost more friends than I did, because
nobody really wanted to be his friend anymore.
There were a few times that Jimmy sat on my bed, and I'm sure he
heard the crinkly sound, but never said anything. I remember one time
when he went to get a toy from my room, and there weren't any sheets on
my bed. The plastic sheet was exposed for everyone to see, and I knew
he was going to see it.
I tried to stop from going, but he said, "I'll go up." He ran up
to my room, while I sat downstairs wondering if I had just lost the
best friend I ever had.
Jimmy came back with the toy, and never said anything. I'm not
even sure if he saw it, but I can't imagine how he could have missed
it. Anyway, Jimmy didn't say anything about it, and I sure wasn't going
to ask him.
And then there was the time that I peed my pants on a school
field trip. We were in third grade, and visiting the zoo. We were
eating lunch, and then started playing in the field. I sort of forgot
about going to the toilet, and accidentally peed my pants. I was sure
everyone was going to find out, and started to cry.
Fortunately, Jimmy was the first one to see me. He came up to me,
and asked, "What's a matter? Why are you crying?"
I was embarrassed, and certainly didn't want my best friend
seeing me in wet pants. Unfortunately I didn't know what to do. As long
as I kept my back turned, nobody would know. But at some time I was
going to have to walk to the car, and everyone would see my wet pants.
I didn't even know how to get the teacher's attention, not that I
wanted her to know what a big baby I was.
I didn't even look up; I just said, "Go away!"
Jimmy didn't let that be a deterrent. He replied, "What
"Nothing happened, just go away."
I'm glad he didn't listen, and stayed there. "Are you mad at me?"
I didn't want Jimmy to think I was mad at him, so I said, "No,
I'm not mad. Something happened, and I don't want anybody to know about
"What?" Which is an instinctive answer.
In part because I was tired, and didn't know what else to do, and
in part because I thought it was better if I told him than finding out
from the peanut gallery, but I decided to tell Jimmy what happened.
"Promise not to tell anybody?"
"Yes. What happened?"
"You're gonna think I'm a baby." I was losing my nerve.
"No I'm not, tell me."
I pointed to my pants, exposing tell tale damp area.
Jimmy immediately knew what happened, and didn't need any father
questions. I was sure he was going to laugh at me, and call me a big
baby, but instead Jimmy said "Oh."
He took off his sweatshirt, (he must have froze, because it was
about fifty degrees) and helped tie it around my waist. That sweatshirt
hid my damp pants from all of my 'friends'. We then got a drink, and
Jimmy said "Accidentally pour this on your pants." I didn't know why he
told me to do that, but I did it any way. Once I did, I realize why he
told me to do that. It completely soaked the front of my pants, which
hid my accident from everybody. I was no longer a big baby who couldn't
keep his pee. I was a spaz, who didn't know how to drink from a cup.
My mom didn't even know about, which was good. I might have
gotten in trouble had she found out I peed my pants on the field trip.
I finally stopped wetting my bed in the summer between third and
fourth grade. I was so happy, because I was no longer a little baby. I
finally made it big boy status, which included the privilege of having
friends spend the night. I still couldn't spend the night at someone's
house until I went three months without an accident.
I, of course, couldn't wait until I was dry for one month. That
summer I knew I was going to make it, because I kept going longer and
longer between accidents. At first I would go a week, and then have
one. Then I would go ten days, but then have one. In June I only had
two accidents, and by the middle of July I knew I had finally liked
this problem for good.
The day was July 22, and I had it marked on the calendar. I could
finally have some one spend the night, and I immediately asked Jimmy to
spend the night that very first night.
Unfortunately, Jimmy told me he had to get up early the next
morning. I tried again on another day, but he always had some excuse
why he couldn't' spend the night. Sometimes he even got to the point of
asking his mom, but she never said yes.
I didn't think anything of it, other than Jimmy seeming like a
pretty busy guy. I wished that he could spend the night, but we never
seemed to hook up. I eventually got impatient, and had other friends
spend the night. It was fun, but I always wished I could spend the
night with my best friend.
What I really wanted to do was spend the night at Jimmy's house.
His house seemed so much more fun than mine. He had a lot more toys
than I did. There house had a full room dedicated exclusively to toys,
it didn't have any beds in it. We could do what ever we wanted at his
house, while my house seemed so confining.
Another reason I wanted to spend the night with Jimmy was
diapers. Jimmy's little brother Scott wasn't potty trained, even though
Scott was four years old. I loved seeing Scott walk around in his
diapers, and just went bezerk when I was fortunate enough to see him
changed. It didn't' happen often, but every once in awhile their mom
would change Scott with in eyeshot of me. When it happened, I always
seemed to stare. I wondered if she noticed, but she never said anything
about it.
I couldn't spend the night until I was dry for three months,
which didn't happen until that September. Even when it did happen,
Jimmy still didn't invite me. I was much too polite to invite myself,
which meant Jimmy and I never could spend the night at each other's
I did manage to spend the night a few other friends' houses, but
it was never the same as with your best friend. When the ban was first
lifted, I was so eager to do that I would spend the night with anybody
who asked. I would play with a kid, just because I thought he might ask
me to spend the night. By the end of fall, the novelty had worn off,
and the only person I really wanted to spend the night with was Jimmy.
Unfortunately, he still wouldn't ask me. It wasn't until March
that I learned why. Jimmy and I were playing, and Jimmy bent down to
pick something up. When he did, the top of his underwear was exposed,
only it wasn't underwear. It was a Pull Up, but I couldn't tell that at
the time. All I knew was that it wasn't underwear.
"What is that?" I asked, wondering about his unusual underwear.
It looked almost like the top of a diaper.
"What is what?"
"Your underwear, it looks like a diaper."
"It's not a diaper, it's a Pull Up."
"Pull Ups, but those are for babies."
"Don't laugh. I know you wet the bed, and you peed your pants
last year, remember."
"Yeah, but Pull Ups." I admit, I was jealous. I wished I still
wore diapers.
"I have to wear Pull Ups when ever I have an accident."
"What happens if you have an accident in your Pull Ups?"
"Then I have to wear diapers."
"For how long?"
"The whole next day." I couldn't believe my best friend still
wore diapers.
"How long has then been going on." I didn't know how he had been
wearing diapers all these years, and I didn't know about it.
"Since forever. I've never been potty trained."
"Don't you have any underwear?"
"Yeah, but I never get to wear it, unless I go three days without
peeing in my pants. That almost never happens, so I always wear Pull
Ups and diapers."
I finally realized why Jimmy never wanted to spend the night. "Is
that why you can never spend the night?"
"Yeah, I was afraid to tell you."
"Why?" I asked.
"Same reason you never told me. I knew all the time; I just never
said anything. I thought you knew about me."
"Well now that I know, can I spend the night?" I asked.
Jimmy was shy in responding, and I could tell he had something
else to say. I figured what could he say that could shock me now. "What
is it?"
Jimmy started slowly. "You know how you never come in my room. I
don't really have a bedroom. Scott and I still sleep in cribs."
"You sleep in a crib." I was really jealous now. God how I wished
I could be like Jimmy.
"Didn't you wonder how come Scott and I never played in our
Their playroom was so cool; I figured they had no reason to go
anywhere else. Of course, their little sister Laura Jean, who was six
years old, had her own room. I just thought there wasn't anything in
Scott and Jimmy's room, so I didn't ask to see it.
"What about Laura Jean? I know she has a bed." I asked.
"She doesn't wet the bed, so she can sleep in a bed. Mom won't
get either Scott or I beds until we stop."
Now I wanted to sleep there more than anything. Just the
potential of seeing my best friend in diapers made it even more
appealing. Not only would I get to see Scott diapered, but Jimmy would
be in diapers as well.
"I don't care about that. I just want to spend the night." I
didn't want Jimmy to know that I wanted to see the diapers, but that
was the real reason I wanted to spend the night.
Jimmy went to ask her mom, and at first she was apprehensive. She
responded "What about?"
Jimmy said, "Oh, he knows about that."
"Ok then, as long as you understand nothing's different, just
because Mark is here. As long as it's all right with Mark's mom, he can
spend the night."
I think I rode faster than I ever have before, because it only
took me a few minutes to get to my house. I think I was packed even
before mom said yes, and out the door before she could say "have a good
This was a dream come true, and something that I had waited for
since I was six! I was finally going to spend the night at Jimmy's
house, and I would get to see my best friend get diapers. I couldn't
I got to his house, and took my bag up to the forbidden nursery.
For the first time in my life I got to see the room that Jimmy slept
in. It looked just like a real babies room, with two cribs and a
changing table. The wallpaper had Disney characters, and there was a
hanging mobile on each crib. It looked just like two babies slept
there, not a nine-year-old boy.
"We'll set you up a sleeping bag, and you can sleep on the floor
between Scott and Jimmy. I know you don't wet the bed anymore, so I
won't have to put you in diapers." I almost peed my pants right there
when Jimmy's mom said that.
After she showed me the nursery, Jimmy's mom looked at Jimmy and
said, "Did you wet your Pull Up?"
I could tell by Jimmy's face that he was hiding something, and
knew he was lying when he said "No."
His mom didn't believe him either, and called him over. "Come
over here, I'm going to check." She stuck her hand down Jimmy's lap,
and said, "You're wet. You know what that means." She pointed to the
changing table, and told him to get up there.
Jimmy did as he was told, and his mom proceeded to undo Jimmy's
pants. She pulled down his shorts, and then tore the Pull Up away like
it was a diaper. She wiped Jimmy's bottom with a baby wipe, and then
spread baby powder all over his bottom. I stared the whole time, unable
to take my eyes off the spectacle that was happening right in front of
She grabbed the Pamper diaper from the stack, and placed it right
underneath Jimmy's bottom. "Jimmy has to wear diaper when ever he has
an accident in his Pull Up. He's going to be in diapers all day
tomorrow, which also means he'll get a nap. All babies in diapers need
Jimmy looked embarrassed while this was happening, but I could
tell he was enjoying it as well. For me, I could hardly wait until he
was changed again.
The fact that I would get to watch him be changed all weekend
made this even better. I kept asking, "Are you wet?"
Jimmy picked up on my eagerness, and said, "You should ask my mom
to put you in diapers." The thought of wearing diapers was more than I
was ready for, but it was an intriguing thought.
Laura Jean heard this, and decided to put her two cents in.
"Yeah, all boys should wear diapers. They're just babies anyway. Scott
and Jimmy are wearing diapers, so should you."
Everything went normal until dinnertime. We had pizza for dinner,
which wasn't unusual, except that both Scott and Jimmy had to drink
from baby bottles. I stared at the two baby bottles, and wondered what
they were for. Laura Jean replied, "Babies who need diapers aren't big
enough for real cups. They need bottles. You're a big boy in
underpants, so you get to use a real cup. They're the babies," she
said, pointing to her brothers. I ate my pizza like a good boy, and
even got complemented on my big appetite (I ate three pieces, and a big
Coke). After dinner, it was time for Scott's bath. I watched as his mom
undid the soggy Pamper diaper, and took him the bath. A few minutes
later Scott was wrapped in a towel, and mom proceeded to change him in
front of us. I watched the whole time, as she carefully dried her four-
year-old son with the towel. She followed the exact same pattern as
before, only placing a thick cloth diaper in place of the disposable
Pampers. The cloth diaper was much thicker than the disposable diaper,
and there was a much bigger bulge in Scott's pajamas. Scott was all
decked out in his footed pjs, the kind that only toddlers wear. Mom
then turned to us, and called Jimmy over. She pulled down Jimmy's
pants, and undid his Pamper diaper. "What a wet diaper you have?" She
commented. After pulling his soggy diaper away, she helped him up, and
said, "You two get ready for bed." "Awe mom, do we have to?" "You don't
have to go to bed, but I want you bathed and in your pjs." Jimmy and I
delayed some more, but she began to count. "If I get to ten, I'm
dragging both of you to the tub. I'll give you a bath, just like you
were a baby." I watched as Jimmy shuffled quickly off to the bathroom,
apparently this wasn't an idle threat. His mom really did mean to bathe
us like babies. Jimmy and I took our baths together, which felt kind of
weird. I mean, we were old enough to know that two boys shouldn't bathe
together, but didn't know why. Anyway, we didn't play around much, and
just barely got ourselves wet. I dressed in some boxers, with no top.
That's what I usually wore to bed, and didn't see anything wrong with
it. Jimmy came out with just a towel, like Scott did earlier. We walked
out to the living room, and mom (Jimmy's) was waiting with Jimmy's
pajamas and diapers on the floor. He had exactly the same type of
pajamas as Scott did. The kind with enclosed feet that went all the way
up to his shoulders. It was almost like an infant jumper, certainly
more babyish than I ever wore. Their mom looked at my night attire, and
was not amused. "Don't you have any pajamas?" She said. "No, I just
sleep in these." "Not in my house you won't. You'll catch your death of
cold. Scottie, go up and get some of Jimmy's pajamas. Mark can wear
those tonight." I too would be in one of those footed pajamas, just
like Scott and Jimmy. While Scott was away, their mom put Jimmy on the
floor, and began to change him, just like Scott. I watched everything
like it was house burning. My eyes couldn't turn away, no matter how
hard I tried. It just seemed so peaceful, and I kept wondering what it
would be like. Scott came back with my pajamas about the same time as
his mom had finished diapering Jimmy. I looked at Jimmy's thick
diapers, and gave him an envious grin. "You lucky bastard!" I thought.
All of the sudden, Jimmy's mom turned to me and said, "Your turn." I
about stopped in my tracks. I couldn't believe what I had just heard.
She was telling me to lie down, and was gonna put a diaper on me! I
didn't need diapers, and certainly didn't want someone's mom to change
me. "I don't need diapers. I don't wet my bed." "I know you don't, but
I've seen how you watch when I change diapers. You want to try them.
Lie down, and I'll put a diaper on you." Jimmy watched, and tried to
convince me further. "Come on Mark, no one will know about it. Just try
it." "Yeah, all boys should wear diapers." Laura Jean, who didn't have
her bath yet, replied. "It's your choice, but I think you want to try
them. I've seen you watch us before, and I think you want to see what
it's like. What's more, I'll feel more comfortable if you do. I know
you don't wet the bed anymore, but once a bed wetter, always a bed
wetter. There is always the chance you might wet the sleeping back. If
you do that, you'll wear diapers for sure next time." I couldn't
believe that I allowed myself to lie down, but I did. Jimmy's mom
pulled down my boxer shorts, and lifted my legs. She took some baby
wipes, and wiped my bottom will good. "Why don't boys learn to wipe the
bottoms better? Look at this mess," as she showed Laura Jean the brown
wipe. "Every boy I know is lax in his wiping, and needs a mommy to wipe
for them. I'm going to have to tell your mommy that you aren't wiping
properly. I might have to ask her to potty train you all over again,
because I don't' think you got it right the first time." She finally
got my bottom clean to her liking, and proceeding with the cool baby
oil. The baby oil felt so nice against my body, and made me smell just
like a real baby. Next came the baby powder, boy how I missed the baby
powder. Finally, my legs were lifted, and butt placed back on the thick
cloth diaper. There was enough padding between my legs that I couldn't'
quite walk right. I had to waddle, because my legs were spread so far
apart. She helped me into my pjs, which looked really cool. I couldn't
believe it, but I was really enjoying this, and wanted to wet again as
soon as possible. I wet my diaper on purpose an hour later, which meant
I needed a diaper change. Jimmy's mom changed my diaper, just like she
did before. Once again, I loved it, and was so glad I chose the
diapers. After my diaper change, Jimmy's mom announced it was all
babies' bedtimes. Laura Jean came in with three baby bottles, and gave
us each one. We all sat on the floor, and proceeded to drink from our
bottles. I looked at Scott and Jimmy, but both of them didn't seem too
fazed. It was just a normal night for them. Jimmy's mom said, "Scotty,
you can sleep in my room tonight, and Mark and Jimmy can sleep in the
cribs." I was going to get to sleep in a crib. I had long since stopped
fussing about anything, and went along with what ever she told me.
Jimmy and I walked to our nursery, and Mrs. Jeffers (Jimmy's mom)
lifted each of us to our cribs. She pulled the blankets over each boy,
and then kissed us on the forehead. I didn't get those tuck-ins at
home, because my mom wasn't the touchy-feely type. She just sent me off
to bed with a pat on my butt. Mrs. Jeffers shut out the lights, and
told us to get to sleep. It was only eight-thirty, thirty minutes
before my usual bedtime on a school night. We talked about diapers for
a while, but Jimmy didn't seem to think they were a big deal. He said,
"I've worn them all my life, and don't see anything special about
Of course, he has worn them his whole life, and that was special.
I thought it was so cool to be in diapers, and didn't understand why
Jimmy didn't concur.
I wanted to wet them, but wasn't sure if I would. I hadn't wet my
bed in nine months (since June), and didn't think I could wet if I
tried. I had just peed, so I didn't have to go for a while.
I know I was still dry when I fell asleep, because I didn't
remember wetting on purpose. How ever, I was wet when I woke up, and
Mrs. Jeffers noticed it as well.
"Boy, you really wet this diaper. I'm glad I put you in a diaper,
you would have ruined our sleeping bag."
She undid the soggy diaper, and tossed it in the diaper pail.
Next she wiped down my bottom again with wipes, and then placed Pampers
diaper underneath. I snapped when I saw that, realizing she was putting
another diaper on me. Not only was I going to wear a diaper at night, I
was in diapers during the day.

 The end

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