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DADDY'S Baby Boys

From: (BabyDad 1)
Subject: Story - Daddy's Baby Boys
Date: 20 Feb 1996 00:46:08 -0500




Dan is the younger of the two brothers. Just the cutest 
little boy you could ever know. His light blonde hair seemed 
to reflect sunlight and glow. His green eyes shown like 
emeralds and seem to twinkle. Four foot eleven and 87 pounds 
of energy that seems to be unstoppable most of the time. He 
was 7 years old but if you asked him he would insist that he 
was almost 8 and you better not call him a 7 year old! Eric 
on the other hand was generally a bit more reserved than his 
brother. Eleven years old, he was beginning to grow into a 
fine young man. He stood a head taller than his little 
brother at 5 foot 3. Soaking wet right out of the tub he 
weighed about 125 pounds. Almost getting to heavy to pick up 
and hold! He had blonde hair too but it was darker and more 
like his dads. Everyone says that Paul Newman's blue eyes 
were special, but Mark's blue eyes, even at 11, could melt 
the heart of any girl he looked at.  
A while back, both of the boys were horsing around and 
fighting and generally just being boys and rough housing. 
They both knew better than to get too rough but one thing 
led to another and Danny fell down a flight of stairs. He 
didn't break any bones or anything, but after being in the 
hospital for a week for tests, we did find out that inside 
he had been hurt. Due to a tear inside because of the fall 
Dan would never have control of his bladder ever again. We 
had a choice really of putting a tube in him and hooking him 
up to a bag, or, he could spend the rest of his life in 
diapers. After talking about it for a while, we decided to 
put Danny in diapers. It was easier than having him hooked 
to a bag and would let him still run around and play.  
Both Dan and Eric were very well behaved and quiet the 
week after Dan came home from the hospital. They knew that 
they were going to both be punished for being so careless 
and rough. Their mom told them that they would be but that 
she was going to put it off for a week before she did it.  
After a long talk with the boys, their mother gave them 
the promised punishment. Danny tried to get out of it saying 
that he was punished enough because he was hurt, but their 
mom explained to him again that they were not being punished 
for him getting hurt, but for fighting in the first place 
and being so careless. Mom had sentenced them both to a long 
hard spanking from her to be topped of by a spanking from 
me, their dad.  
Saturday afternoon after the ball game on TV got over 
she called the boys to the living room. Danny was first. His 
pants came down and his diaper came off. Mom pulled him over 
her knee and began spanking him with her hand. Not very hard 
but for a long time. Danny began crying even before his 
spanking began. When mom let him up his bottom had been well 
warmed and reddened. He was sent to a corner to stand while 
she spanked Eric. Eric usually didn't cry before he was 
spanked but this time he was. He had been feeling real 
guilty about Danny getting hurt. Mom quickly pulled his 
shorts and underpants down and pulled him over her knee as 
well. She spent the next fifteen minutes spanking him like 
Dan. Not very hard but long! His backside as well was well 
reddened by the time he was sent to stand in the corner.  
With Eric standing there crying now too, mom called 
Danny back over. He had expected to have his diaper put back 
on and was a little surprised when she put him back over her 
knee and began spanking him again. This time a lot faster 
and harder. Dan was sent back to the corner and Eric then 
got the same treatment that his brother had gotten before 
being sent back to the corner as well.  
45 minutes later the crying had ended and the boys were 
standing there quietly showing off the spanked behinds. I 
spanked Danny and sent him to his mother to get diapered. 
When I called Eric over for the last of his punishment he 
began crying again and saying he was sorry. I think it would 
be safe to say that I gave Eric a spanking that he won't 
soon forget. When I stopped spanking him, he laid there over 
my knee crying for a while before I stood him up  and pulled 
his pants back up. Both boys were sent to their rooms for 
the afternoon.  
Things went pretty good for a while. Danny didn't like 
having to wear diapers. He complained that he wasn't a baby 
and that he had been teased at school because some kids 
found out he wore diapers. We tried some smaller diapers 
that wouldn't be so big, but he would just have to be 
changed more often. That seemed to work. But at home he was 
kept in cloth diapers most of the time just because they 
were less expensive. He couldn't change himself cause he 
couldn't pin the diapers so they wouldn't fall off. So Eric 
or Mom would take care of that. Least, that's the way it was 
until Mom and I got into an argument about me doing more to 
help out. She was right though. I did need to spend more 
time with the boys doing things. Even if that meant changing 
diapers a lot more often.  
Trouble is, I didn't realize that I might have been 
being too one sided on my attention to the boys, or how 
little that attention really was! Things had settled down 
and had started to become habit. Danny got used to wearing 
diapers all the time. He still didn't like getting teased, 
but then no one likes that. It all became almost second 
nature. I would change Danny's diaper, barely paying any 
attention to him at all as he laid on the floor in the 
living room before bed while I watched the news or something 
on TV. That was about to change.  


Danny had been in diapers now for a few months and we 
were no longer having  any problems with him about it. We'd 
talk once in a while and reassure him  that he was growing 
up and that he wasn't a baby. Lately though it was Eric  
that seemed to be getting into all the trouble. He was moody 
and irritable but  when he was asked, he always said nothing 
was wrong. He had been grounded  somewhat. No sleepovers at 
any friends houses and he couldn't have any friends  over 
either until his attitude improved.    
I sent the boys to bed early, well, early for a Friday 
night. They had both  been pushing the limit and I warned 
them that they were both looking to be  spanked. After 
another half hour of noise and playing around coming from 
their  bedroom, I called up again and asked them if they 
wanted me to come up. I told  them if I had to that I would 
use the strap on them both!    
About an hour later with some noise every now and then 
still coming from  their bedroom, I quietly made my way up 
the stairs and listened outside their  door.   
"Shhhh! I think I heard dad coming up the stairs!" 
Danny told Eric.   
"Naw! He's to busy watching TV!" Eric replied.   
The boys listened quietly for a moment just to be sure.   
"Come on Eric! Either put a diaper on or let me put one 
on you. It's not that bad. Sometimes it even feels kinda 
Why was Danny trying to get Eric to put a diaper on? I 
"No way Danny! If mom sees it she'll yell at me for 
taking your diapers and  think I'm weird!"   
"So you'd rather pee the bed and wake up soaked every 
night and not get any  sleep? I'm getting mad at you're 
being such a brat all the time lately!"   
"Sorry, I don't mean to be. But if Dad finds out, he'll 
think I'm doing it  on purpose to try to get attention and 
I'm not! If I could help it I wouldn't  wet the bed!"   
"I know. But you wet the bed twice last week and three 
times already this  week! At this rate in a couple weeks 
you're going to wake up swimming!" Both  boys laughed at 
"It's not funny Danny! I don't like wetting the bed."   
"Yeah, well mom and dad are going to find out sooner or 
"Well, I'll deal with that when I have to."   
I decided that no was a good time to end this 
conversation. I slapped the  bedroom door loudly with my 
hand and pushed it open. In the dim light form the  night 
light that was on between the two beds, I saw both boys jump 
and try to  hide under their covers. I flipped on the light.   
"What the hell is going on in here!?" I asked loudly. 
"I sent you two to  bed over an hour ago and you're still up 
playing around?"   
I left Danny covered up in bed and hiding. I took Eric 
by the wrist and  pulled him up out of bed. Taking him by 
the arm I began to lead him out of his  bedroom and to mine. 
On the way out, I grabbed the belt that hung on a hook by  
their door as a reminder to them to behave. Eric saw it and 
as all kids didn't  like it a bit. He tried to pull away but 
I held him firmly.   
"Daddy! PLEASE! Not the belt! I'll go to sleep! I'm 
SORRYYY!" Tears began  rolling down his face.   
He had felt the belt only once before when he had been 
caught playing with  matches. Both him and Danny. That had 
been the only time I had ever spanked  them with the belt.   
I sat down on my bed and stood Eric in front of me. I 
pulled his pajama  bottoms down and let them fall to the 
floor. I just looked at him for a moment  standing there 
sobbing and put him over my knee.   
"Give me one good reason Eric why I should not use this 
belt on you."   
"I'll go to sleep Daddy! I'm sorry! I'll be good from 
now on! I promise I  will be!"   
I let him lay there a few minutes until he relaxed. 
When he was sure if he  was going to get it or not I gave 
him two moderately hard spanks with the belt  and stood him 
back up in front of me.   
"Don't you ever try to hide when something is wrong 
with you. You should  have told me last week that you wet 
the bed. If you ever try to hide anything  like this again, 
I'll spank you so hard you won't sit down for a year! Is 
that  clear?" I scolded him.   
He stood there holding back the tears and sobs as best 
he could. "Yes Sir!"  he rubbed his behind. "Perfectly!"   
I smiled at him. "Now, go get one of the disposable 
Eric took off running leaving his pajama bottoms on the 
floor in front of  me. He quickly returned not only with a 
diaper but the baby powder as well. I  laid him down on my 
bed. Just like when he was a little baby, I lifted his  legs 
and slid the diaper under him. After a spray of baby powder 
that left a  powder cloud, I let his legs down and spread 
them. With a tug I pulled the  diaper up between his legs 
and fastened the tapes to hold it in place.   
Standing Eric up in front of me I helped him back into 
his pajama bottoms.   
"From now on until I say differently Eric, you WILL 
wear a diaper to bed."   
"Thanks Daddy!" he kissed me on the cheek.   
I took Eric back to his room and tucked him into bed. 
Before hanging the  strap back on it's hook, I turned Danny 
on his stomach, covered him up and  gave his well padded 
behind a good hard smack with the belt.   
"Now go to sleep both of you! If I have to come in here 
again tonight there  are going to be a couple of bare 
bottoms burned!"   
I turned out the light and left them to fall slowly 


The next morning being Saturday the boys slept late. 
Late for them at least. They came bounding down that stairs 
about 8 am in a race to see who could get breakfast first. 
They slid to a stop on the kitchen floor when they saw that 
I was already up and waiting for them. They had already 
gotten dressed but hadn't put their shoes on in hopes of 
being quiet enough to eat and slip out before that got roped 
into doing Saturday house work. As Danny slid on his 
stocking feet he lost his balance and slid into Eric 
knocking his feet out from under him. Both boys ended up 
sitting down hard on the floor. I gave them my angry father 
look and then broke out laughing at them.  
They got up laughing off the floor and fixed their 
breakfast. We talked a little about what they had planned on 
doing all day. Their plans didn't exactly match mine for 
them but there was some room for compromise. After we were 
all done eating we still sat there talking for a while.  
  "Well Eric?" I asked him.  
  "Well what, Dad?"  
  "Did you wet your diaper last night?"  
Eric's face turned bright red from embarrassment. I 
knew it would but I wasn't going to let him hide it anymore 
  "Don't Daddy me. Just answer my question."  
  "Yeah." Eric answered and kind of hung his head in 
  "Yeah nothing!" Danny piped in. "I helped him get the 
diaper off and I told him that he would be swimming soon!"  
  "Shut up Danny!" Eric gave him a dirty look.  
  "Enough!" I told both of them. "You'll probably 
outgrow it Eric so don't worry. I was talking with mom last 
night and she reminded me that you are scheduled for a 
physical in two weeks anyway. We'll get your plumbing 
checked out then."  
  Eric turned red again and Danny giggled at this as 
well. Eric's and Danny's pediatrician was a female doctor 
and Eric was beginning to be embarrassed by being naked in 
front of her. He'd still have to be checked out though. He'd 
  I told the boys that they could go out and play for 
an hour before they started their work. I reminded them not 
to be late getting started or I would give them enough to 
keep them working hard all day long. I went to work out in 
the garage for a while.  
  The boys showed up to get to work right on time. 
Danny was sent inside to help mom do some house cleaning. 
Eric's first job was to get the lawn mowed. With our huge 
back yard where the neighborhood usually played ball that 
was no light task. I helped Eric push the lawn tractor out 
in the open. I watched as he checked to oil, gas and belts. 
Everything okay, he started it up and drove off to get 
cutting. If he didn't play around too much he could get it 
all done in a couple hours. Once in a while one of the 
neighborhood boys who were a little older would stop by and 
watch. Their dads thought that they were too young to be 
using a riding lawn mower.  
I went inside for a break and immediately got roped 
into changing a diaper. Danny was soaked and was beginning 
to show wet spots on his shorts. I took Danny to his room. 
He went right over and got all the diaper changing stuff and 
laid down on his bed. He lifted his legs as I pulled his 
shorts off of him. Unpinning his diaper I pulled it out from 
under him. I let him lay there bare while I folded the cloth 
diapers to put back on him. Taking the baby wipes I cleaned 
him up all over and lifted his legs pushing his bottom into 
the air and washed it off as well. While I had his behind in 
such a vulnerable position, I gave it a good smack with my 
hand and told him next time to make such he put some plastic 
pants on so his pants wouldn't get wet. I powdered him and 
pinned the cloth diapers snugly into place. Dan stood up and 
stepped into the plastic pants I held open for him. He put 
on some clean shorts as I tossed his wet diaper into the 
pail and put away the powder.  
Danny went back to helping mom. He still had to dust in 
the living room and clean the bathroom. Eric was pulling the 
mower into the garage as I went back out. I never could 
figure out how he did it, but he looked like he had just 
spent the last day and a half on the dustiest road ever. 
Rivers of sweat running down his face and cutting their way 
through the mud. It's hard work sitting down for two hours 
riding around!  
I tossed him a Pepsi and he took a short break before 
cleaning up the tractor and putting it away. Since it was 
nice and hot out, he was looking forward to his next job. He 
kicked off his shoes and socks and pulled off his T-shirt. 
Eric pulled out the hose and set about washing the car and 
the truck, not being too careful about not getting wet 
himself. In fact, with the cool water from the hose he 
rinsed all the dirt off of himself and did his best to stay 
wet as he worked out in the sun.  
A couple of his friends came by and helped him out a 
little. Very little. They talked mostly. I looked up from 
what I was doing and to yell at him to stop playing around. 
A couple of the girls were out there at the street on their 
bikes watching and talking about what they might do this 
afternoon and what movie they might be able to go see. Eric 
was standing in the back of the truck with the hose pouring 
water all over himself. He was being a bit of a show off. 
Eric tossed the hose down and jumped over the side of the 
truck to the ground. His feet hit the ground and he stood up 
spreading his arms like he just did a triple somersault on a 
trapeze. Surprise to him, his soaking wet shorts continued 
down to his ankles. He scrambled to pull them back up as the 
group of kids laughed at what happened.  
Red faced Eric came into the garage.  
"I'm sure glad I didn't have a diaper on then!"  
"Maybe that should be a lesson to you about showing 
off. Next time you might have a diaper on. Then what will 
you do?"  
"I'd probably die!"  
Eric cleaned up and went inside to get changed. Danny 
had finished helping mom inside and was ready to be turned 
loose to go play as well. Not bad! Everything all done 
before 2 for a change. The boys got cleaned up and dressed. 
After several phone calls we piled into the truck with 
several neighborhood kids and headed off to the mall. The 
kids were dropped off at the theater while mom and I did 
some shopping. Without the boys being around we bought some 
special surprises for both of them that they would learn 
about tonight.  


We got home late that afternoon or maybe you could call 
it early that evening. We had rented a couple movies to 
watch this week- end. It seemed too hot to cook dinner so we 
threw in a tape to watch and ordered out for pizza. It was a 
good movie for kids and they had fun as they ate and watched 
At 7:30 mom announced that it was bath time. Both boys 
moaned and complained that it was too early! In the first of 
several surprises for the boys that night, I got up and got 
Danny going. He headed for the bathroom while I got some 
clean diapers and PJ's for him. When I entered the bathroom 
he had started the shower and was getting undressed. I 
turned off the shower and filled the tub to give him a bath. 
I helped him finish getting undressed and picked him up and 
set him down in the tub.  
Danny didn't put up too much of a fuss. He did complain 
that he was a big boy and could take his own bath. I told 
him that I knew that but that I was his father and I could 
GIVE him a bath if I wanted to. I scrubbed him from head to 
toe making sure I got his neck clean and having fun as he 
slid and squirmed around as I held his ankle firmly and 
scrubbed the bottom of his very ticklish feet. Eric and mom 
must have thought I was drowning him the way that he was 
screaming with laughter!  
After I finished washing and playing with Danny, I 
started the water draining. Standing up, I picked him up and 
holding him at arms length over the draining tub I shook him 
in my outstretched hands to shake off the excess water. 
Standing him on the top of a step stool I threw a towel over 
him and began drying. I wasn't too careful not to tickle him 
either. After a few minutes of hiding his head in a towel to 
dry his hair, I draped another dry towel over his shoulders.  
I picked Danny up to carry him. Holding him on my left 
arm and making sure his bare bottom was not covered with the 
towel, instead of taking him to his room to get him diapered 
and dressed, I took him to my bedroom where his mother was 
waiting for him. Dropping the towel on the bed, I flipped 
him over and bounced him on the bed as well. Before he could 
get away though I grabbed him again and holding him by his 
ankles, I picked him up and held him upside down over the 
floor near mom. I spread his legs apart.  
  "Look at this!" I told my wife. "He's starting to get 
a diaper rash. I think before it gets any worse, he needs to 
have some of that creme stuff put on. For that matter he can 
stay naked for a while to and let the air dry him up too."  
I swung Danny and dropped him face down back on the 
bed. He scrambled to crawl away from me and his mother. He 
screamed with laughter as his mother caught him and pulled 
him by the leg close to her. I left them there and went to 
take care of Eric.  
I got his bath ready and called him. He was a bit 
embarrassed as I sat him down and took off his shoes and 
socks and undressed him. It had been such a long time since 
the last time I had given him a bath. As he began to step 
into the tub, I lifted him up and set him down into the warm 
water. Like Danny, I scrubbed Eric from head to toe as well. 
Taking time on the dirtiest part and the most ticklish as 
I lifted Eric out of the tub and dried him off while 
the water drained. He seemed to get a little dizzy as I 
dried his hair hidden in the towel and almost fell off the 
step stool where I had stood him just like Danny. He 
complained that he wasn't a little boy a little but not as 
much as Dan had. When I turned my back for a second he took 
one of the towels and began to fasten it around his waist to 
go to his room.  
He was a little surprised when I pulled his towel away 
and tossed him naked over my shoulder. He was laughing and 
fought to get down until I slapped my hand down on the naked 
bottom bent over my shoulder. I carried him to join Danny 
and mom. He was embarrassed from being naked so much. Even 
more so when I stood near his mom, grabbed his knees, and 
spread his legs too. I asked if it looked like he was 
getting a rash too. His mom examined him slowly and informed 
me no, but it wouldn't hurt for him to get the same 
treatment as Danny to prevent a rash. I dropped Eric face up 
over his mother's lap for her to take care of him.  
While I went to clean up the bathroom, she took care of 
the boys and let them wrestle around naked on our bed. When 
I returned I began wrestling and tickling both boys and told 
them that I was going to take them out front to get a lot of 
fresh air. Mom went to get a couple things ready for what we 
had planned for the boys next. Plus I think she wanted to 
make sure I cleaned up the boys bathroom.  
When she returned about 30 minutes later, I had Danny 
tangled up in my legs and Eric was sitting on top of me and 
had me pinned to the bed.  Eric was struggling to keep me 
  "Anyone ready to get diapered?" mom asked the two 
boys as she stood there holding up two disposable diapers.  
  "I AM!" Danny called out from where he was trapped.  
  "Not till I get Dad!" Eric continued his struggle.  
Eric was holding me by my wrists and I moved quickly 
spreading my arms and making him fall face first into my 
chest. I wrapped my arms around him and held him on top of 
  "Okay! Get him now!" I told his mother.  
She came over and began slapping his still bare bottom 
with her hand. He jumped around trying to get away but there 
was no way that was possible.  
  "OKAY!! OKAY!! I give!" Eric laughed.  
The play spanking stopped and his diaper was dropped on 
top of us. I released Danny and his mother pulled him over 
to diaper him. Eric rolled over off of me and I got up and 
pulled him over and diapered him. By the time I got him 
done, mom and Danny were already walking out of the room.  
I stood Eric up on my bed. Turning around, he wrapped 
his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist and I 
carried him on my back down to the living room. I held his 
feet firmly as I headed for the front door. Eric panicked 
cause he only had on a diaper.  
  "Daddy! NO!!"  
  "We just have to go across the street so I can borrow 
something." I teased him.  
  "Let me down Daddy! NO! Please don't take me out 
there like this!"  
I opened the front door, checked the porch light and 
made sure it was off, then closed and locked the door. Eric 
relaxed. Mom and Danny were already out on the back porch. 
They were sitting there in the porch swing and mom was 
holding Danny and swinging. I slid Eric around in front of 
me and sat down in the rocker on the other side of the 
porch. I pushed Eric's head down on my shoulder and sat 
there with him holding him and looking at the stars and 
talking very quietly.  
I could feel Eric relaxing as I held him and we talked. 
I gently rubbed his back. It must have been 7 or 8 years 
since the last time we sat like this out on the porch. We 
both had missed doing this.  
We had heard Danny tell mom that he was thirsty and 
wanted a drink. Eric couldn't see what they were doing, but 
I could. I watched as their mom leaned Danny back on her lap 
and stuck a bottle in his mouth. Danny was shocked and put 
up a bit of a struggle but quickly settled down and began 
drinking the bottle as his mom held it for him.  
I turned Eric around and laid him back to hold him so 
he could look up at the stars as we rocked. I softly rubbed 
his legs and chest and rocked some more.  
  "Can I get a drink too Daddy?" He asked me.  
I smile down at him. "Sure Son."  
His right arm was kind of trapped under my left arm as 
I cradled his head and back. I reached down and picked up 
the baby bottle of hot chocolate that mom had placed there 
earlier. Before Eric knew what was happening, I stuck it in 
his mouth and held his hands away from the bottle. Eric 
sucked on the bottle until it was empty and just smiled up 
at me.  
We watched a meteor shower go by through the night sky 
and as we slowly rocked, Eric fell asleep there in my arms.  


Eric's bed-wetting had turned into a nightly 
occurrence. We had been assured by his pediatrician that 
there was nothing physically wrong with him. Eventually he 
would grow out of it, but in the meantime it was a good idea 
to keep using the diapers at night. She told us that there 
were a lot more 11 year olds who wet the bed than we were 
aware of. From talking more with her she led me to believe 
that it was a pretty normal thing to happen and I gathered 
from what she was saying that most if not all of Eric's 
friends were going through the same thing. Maybe that would 
explain why the boys were not having any camp-outs together 
or spending nights at other friends houses. They were too 
embarrassed about it.  
"Daddy!! Wake up!"  
Eric was standing beside my bed and shaking me.  
"Daddy!! Wake up!"  
I slowly focused my eyes and looked around. A glance at 
the clock told me that it was 4:30 in the morning.  
"What's wrong Eric?"  
He was standing there with his legs crossed and 
shifting his weight from foot to foot and holding the front 
of his diaper with his hand. He was still half asleep and 
rubbed his eyes with a free hand that had been shaking me a 
moment ago.  
"I gotta pee real bad and I can't get this thing off!" 
he was almost crying.  
I sat up in bed and reached out for him. I pulled Eric 
to the bed and laid him down on his back. In the dim light 
from the hall I worked to unpin his diapers. I pushed his 
hand out of the way and pulled the front of the diaper down. 
I was about to pull it out from under him and help him up 
when a stream of pee shot up into the air at me!  
The little stinker was doing it to me again just like 
when he was 2 months old! He quickly grabbed for his 
spraying nozzle to stop the flow. Just as quickly I pulled 
the front of his diaper back up over him and pushed his hand 
out of the way. I could see him relax as relief set in and 
he laid there wetting the diaper.  
 "Are you done?" I asked him a few moments later when 
it looked like he was done peeing.  
 "I'm sorry dad!"  
 "It wasn't your fault. Heck, you can only hold it so 
Tears were flowing from Eric's eyes. He was so 
embarrassed by what had happened. I pulled the soaked diaper 
out from under him and using the baby wipes that are kept by 
the bedside I cleaned up the mess and slowly and thoroughly 
washed off Eric as well. For some reason there were no 
diapers on the night stand were there should have been. So I 
decided Eric was going to just have to go back to sleep in 
just his T-shirt.  
I pulled Eric around and up into the bed between his 
mom and me. Laying down beside him I pulled the blankets up 
and cover him and me up. I held my son close as he calmed 
down and stopped crying. He soon fell fast asleep.  
Later that morning at breakfast, Danny and mom thought 
it was funny what happened with Eric. He blushed bright red 
as I told the story. I tousled his hair and we finished 
eating. Both boys ended up blushing though as I talked with 
their mother. In spite of all the precautions we had taken, 
both boys were getting a pretty bad diaper rash.  
Since it had been so hot out lately we had set up the 
pool in the back yard. Both boys looked at each other with 
delight as I suggested to their mom that they spend plenty 
of time out back today getting some fresh air. Mom smiled 
and agreed. She knew what I was talking about. The boys 
would find out.  
I kissed the boys, warning them to behave, and their 
mom and headed off to work. For most dads that meant a long 
drive to the office fighting traffic. For me it meant a 
quick walk to the other side of the house. It was nice to be 
able to work out of the house. Only once in a while did I 
have to go to the office downtown. When I was working 
though, my family knew better than to constantly come 
running in to interrupt what I was doing. Every now and then 
it did happen though.  
My wife told me what happened later. After the boys 
cleaned up their room they came running down in their swim 
trunks to head out to the pool. She had stopped them at the 
back door and asked them where they thought they were going. 
When they answered she asked if they had their room clean. 
They told her yes. She told them to get those swim trunk off 
right now. Both boys saddened and hung their heads. They 
must have thought they had more work to do before they went 
out to play. Hanging their heads they started going back to 
their room to change. Mom asked them where they were going 
and told them to get their trunks off right now! Both boys 
got really nervous. That could only mean that mom was going 
to spank both of them for something. They hesitantly pulled 
their trunks down and stepped out of them. Standing their 
naked looking at mom.  
Mom opened the back door and told them, now they could 
go as she gently herded them out the door. There was a brief 
exchange of words about "I'm not going out like this" and 
"you can go out and play like this, or I can spank you first 
and you'll still go out like this and play." The boys 
quickly grabbed their pool toys and jumped into the water 
hoping that none of the other kids would come over. Their 
mom had told me she watched them for a while and then when 
they got comfortable with the idea of being in the back yard 
naked and playing, she went back about her other work.  
It turned out the I did have to go to the office 
downtown for a while. It was lunchtime by the time I got 
back. Actually, it was after lunch. The boys had already 
eaten and were laying on their backs on the lawn chairs in 
the sun waiting for mom to tell them they could go back in 
swimming. Like little babies they laid there eyes closed and 
with their legs spread apart. They didn't hear me when I 
came out. Standing there I smiled and decided to tease them 
a bit.  
  "April! Did you come over to go swimming with the 
boys?" I said out loud.  
Both boys must have jumped about 2 feet into the air 
straight up! They quickly covered their front with their 
hands and sat up trying to hide that they were naked. Both 
of them looking around for April. April was one of the 
neighborhood girls about Eric's age that came over to play 
once in a while.  
  "Relax!" I told the boys. "No one is here."  
  "Don't do that Dad!" Eric told me. "A guy could get 
hurt moving so quickly!"  
  "I just wanted to see if you were sleeping. I don't 
want you to get sunburned down there." I smiled at them.  
  "We're not sleeping!" Danny told me. "Can we go back 
in the pool?"  
  "That's what I came out to tell you. Mom says that 
you can. You guys getting enough fresh air?"  
  "PLENTY!" they both told me.  
I picked each of them up and tossed them up into the 
air and into the pool. They asked me to come play with them 
but I had to get back to get some more work done. Playing 
with then in the pool would have to wait for another time. 
About an hour later I heard their mom tell them to get out 
of the pool and get dried off. Once they were dry they could 
come in and get dressed after she put some medicine on their 
rashes. Since mom had taken their towels, they had to lay 
out in the sun until they were dry.  


While the boys played quietly in the house and I 
worked, I also made  several phone calls to parents in the 
neighborhood to talk to them about what  appeared to me to 
sound like the wide spread problem of bed-wetting among out  
kids. As it turned out, it was even more wide spread than I 
think anyone could  believe. With the exception of only a 
couple children, every boy and girl was  wetting the bed at 
night. Their ages ranged from 3 to 18 and the problem also  
varied among them from only once in a while to every night. 
I told parents  that I would be calling them again if they 
did not mind. None of them did.   
I decided though to try an experiment to see if it 
would work to get the  kids over their embarrassment about 
it and to start having fun like kids  should. I made two 
more phone calls and invited Danny's and Eric's best  
friends parents to come over for a cook out that evening. It 
would keep  exposure to a minimum in case I was wrong cause 
both these parents only had  the one child.   
I decided that I better sit down with my wife and tell 
her that we were  going to have a bit of a back yard party 
tonight and explain to her what I had  found out and what I 
was planning. The boys were out and about playing. There  
were four boys that were going to be in for a bit of a 
surprise tonight.   
After work around 5 the other parents and boys came 
over. There was some  small talk for a while as the boys 
made their way out back to play. They had  started for the 
Nintendo but I kicked them out of the house instead. The 
wives  sat talking with the husbands out on the back porch 
till they decided to head  for the kitchen to get some food 
ready and exchange some recipes. The boys had  asked the 
dads to come play some ball with them.   
Around 7 with the sun starting to go down I told Eric 
to get out the grill  and get it fired up. He was the proud 
big boy to do as he was asked. Ever  since I had caught him 
playing with matches, after punishing him, I knew that  he 
didn't do it any more. However, under a watchful eye from a 
distance I did  let him behave grown up and light the grill 
and at times the fireplace as  well.   
With the moms bringing out the food to cook, the dads 
gathered again to  cook and talk. The boys were sent to get 
changed to go swimming. They could go  in the pool until it 
was time to eat and would be allowed to go back in later  as 
well. As they splashed around in the pool I decided that it 
was time to  break the ice on my plan.   
I asked the other two fathers why didn't they just let 
their boys spend the  night. Now, you have to picture this. 
These boys had never spent the night at  a friends house. 
None of them. All because they were too embarrassed about  
wetting the bed and wearing diapers. I had asked this loud 
enough for the boys  to hear. All four of them got very 
quiet very quickly. They relaxed some when  the other two 
fathers told me that they probably couldn't stay.   
As we all sat around eating hamburgers and hot-dogs, 
the mothers brought up  the subject of the boys staying over 
again. The boys who had been sitting  together on the grass 
talking became silent and almost turned white with fear  
that their problem would become known to their friends.   
Danny's friend Michael went over to sit by his mother 
and told her that he  didn't think it would be a good idea. 
He didn't want to stay. Eric's friend  Mark was getting very 
nervous again too. I could tell from the look on Eric  and 
Danny's face that they were not too keen on the idea either. 
As far as the  boys were concerned they were not spending 
the night. They didn't know that it  was already decided 
that they would be staying.   
Mark thought he was going to die when his mother spoke 
"Well, if Mark is going to be spending the night. I'm 
going to have to go  home and bring over some of his diapers 
for bedtime."   
"MOM!! HOW COULD YOU!??" Mark got up to run away but 
his dad caught him and  pulled him onto his lap. Mark began 
almost crying.   
Eric was the next one to start getting over his shame 
and embarrassment  real quickly.   
"There's no need for that!" my wife told Mark's mom. 
"I'm sure that Eric's  diapers will fit Mark."   
Eric had moved beside me sitting on the grass and hid 
his face in my leg.  "MOMMY!!"   
"Do you think his diapers will fit Michael, too?" his 
mother asked as she  held him so he couldn't run off either.   
"Probably not," I told her. "I'm sure that one of 
Danny's will though."   
"That's good! Some mornings Michael wakes up so wet I'd 
swear he was a  fish!"   
Michael turned so red and buried his face in his 
mothers shoulder.   
I explained that Danny had to wear diapers all the time 
and I also  explained why. Danny took it all okay. He was 
pretty much okay with having to  wear diapers all the time 
anyway. He just hated it if someone found out and  teased 
him though.   
The parents continued talking and generally ignoring 
the boys as if they  were not there, but not letting them 
run off and hide either.   
"I have been thinking about putting Mark into diapers 
all the time." his  mom explained. "I think he likes it and 
he is so much better behaved when we  have him in diapers."   
Mark turned a bright red. The other boys were still red 
too but their color  was returning to normal. It was decided 
that the boys would be spending the  night and that there 
would be no problem with having them all in diapers. The  
boys were allowed to go back in the pool so they went off to 
play quietly and  talk.   
It seemed that the plan was working well. The parents 
sat around talking  some more. I had explained to them what 
I had found out from all my phone  calls and what I had 
heard from the doctor. We talked about what we were going  
to do with the hiding of this diaper wearing.   
Long about 10 I sent Eric and Mark to go get some 
diapers and other  changing stuff to bring out. When he 
returned, the mothers took charge. The  boys were ******** 
out of their swim trunks and laid down on the grass to get  
powdered and diapered. After goodnight kisses and hugs they 
were all sent in  to go to bed. After two hours of more 
talking all four of the diapered boys  fell asleep no longer 
being embarrassed about being diapered in front of their  
friends. They still didn't know about the rest of the 
neighborhood, but they  would find out in a week or two.   


It took a couple weeks to figure out just what we were 
going to do. Most of the parents were surprised to learn 
that bed-wetting and diaper wear was so wide spread. As 
parents, we had let our children down by allowing them to 
hide it and be ashamed of it. We needed to make a drastic 
change rather quickly to make up for that mistake. At the 
same time we wanted to teach the kids a lesson about hiding 
things and not cause too much embarrassment.  
We at long last came up with a reasonable solution. 
Again, after dozen of face to face discussions with parents 
and dozens of phone calls, we put the plan into action. 
Everyone was going to get together for one big backyard 
All week long as time permitted, fathers stopped by and 
brought over tents and set them up in our back yard. A few 
extra barbecue grills were brought over and put into place. 
Mothers stopped by comparing menu needs and making trips to 
the store. We even had a second pool brought over and set up 
so the littler kids could be separated from the bigger and 
rougher older kids.  
Everyone gathered on Saturday morning around 10. Danny 
and Eric were so excited some of the other kids were ready 
to get going too. I grabbed my loud speaker and got on with 
it quickly so no one could back out.  
"OKAY! Here we go! Before we start, let's go over the 
rules quickly. Today's party is a kids secret costume party. 
The winner is going to get a thousand dollar shopping spree 
at a toy store. For you older kids, you'll get to choose the 
store if you win. The winner will be judged on the most 
original costume and the most secret. If anyone knows about 
your costume other than one of your parents, you are 
There must have been forty kids wrapped in blankets to 
hide their costumes standing in front of their smiling 
"The other rule was that you had to make your own 
costume out of things that are around your home. You 
couldn't go out and buy anything for the costume that you 
didn't already have."  
Kids and parents all nodded. I made a big deal out of 
it and went to each child one by one. Into the microphone 
they had to say their name and confirm that only one parent 
knew what their costume was and that they didn't buy 
anything that they didn't already have at home.  
The smallest entrants right up to the older teenagers 
told everyone that they had followed the rules. The older 
ones were a bit nervous. They didn't quite put their finger 
on it, but I was getting them to admit that the diapers were 
something that was not a new idea and had been in their 
With a drum roll and a clash of cymbals, parents pulled 
the blankets from their children and tossed them away. There 
was dead silence for a moment or two as everyone looked 
around in total surprise. 40 kids of all ages dressed in 
nothing but T-shirts and diapers.  
Before things got out of hand, 17 year old John's 
mother, grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him out in front 
of the group. She came over and took the microphone from me.  
"Yes," She said and got their attention. " Yes we did 
trick you. Every one of you by your own admission has said 
that the diaper you are wearing was something that did not 
need to be bought. From looking around to see how well they 
fit, it seems that everyone has been wearing diapers for 
some time. Even my little Johnny here!" She held him around 
his waist pulling him close and slapping the side of his 
diapered bottom. Little Johnny stood a foot taller than his 
mother and his face turned bright red.  
I took the microphone back.  
"Every one of you has been so ashamed of wetting the 
bed and wearing diapers that you never even told your best 
friends. Never went over to stay at a friends house 
overnight, and never had any friends over either. Parents 
too are guilty of hiding this also. We only found out about 
this quiet by accident. I think you all need to be punished 
for such behavior!"  
Parents heads nodded and children looked around and got 
nervous again.  
"Kids, this is your punishment." A few heads hung. 
Faces turned red. A couple protests and appeals to parents. 
"None of you will be allowed to leave this yard. You are all 
sentenced to a camp out and sleep over for the next three 
A chorus of cheers and "All Right!"s went out.  
"Parents.... You are all sentenced to make sure that 
the kids are all fed and have fun."  
Even more and louder cheers went up. Kids jumping up 
and down everywhere.  
I smiled and looked around and then made a few more 
faces turn a bright shade of red.  
"That includes changing wet diapers!"  
I started picking up a couple boys and tossing them 
into the pool. The party had begun. All the kids swimming 
and playing and having fun. It no longer mattered that they 
were in diapers or who saw. They were all kept in diapers 
the rest of the day and that night. Sometimes some of them 
would gather in a group and could be overheard talking about 
how long they had been wearing diapers or how long they wet 
the bed.  
Later that day we announced the winner of the costume 
contest. It appeared that there was a 40 way tie for first 
place. Which was kind of what we had planned on anyway. That 
way each parent gave each of their children a 25 dollar 
prize. They were each also given a certificate announcing 
that they were a first place winner. Complete with a blue 
ribbon and gold seal.  
The next couple days, the kids were allowed to not wear 
diapers during the day. A few of them did though just to 
show off and be different. Danny had to wear diapers. 
Eventually everyone found out why and no one ever teased him 
about it either. Mark chose to wear his diapers. I think he 
liked to and the way they felt. He had almost won the 
contest because he had a pacifier hung on a ribbon around 
his neck and was also carrying and almost empty baby bottle 
of juice. I saw him later and he looked so cute laying there 
on the grass with a couple other boys drinking his bottle.  
After that party, it wasn't unusual to see kids in 
diapers. At night, every now and then you'd see a boy or 
girl in diapers walking to a friends house carrying a 
blanket or toys. Quite often you could see Tommy on his bike 
wearing nothing but a diaper as he delivered the morning 
papers. Just another typical day in the diapered 
Danny and Eric did have other adventures in their 
diapers. Danny didn't have much of a choice, but Eric did. 
But then, that's another story.  

The End
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