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EPISODE 1: The Purchase
	Paul's quivering, sweaty hands clasped around the 
package of Goodnites  disposable 'briefs', as they were so-
called. He could feel the eyes of every  other shopper in 
the store questioning him and mocking him at that very  
instant. He could tell that everyone knew the diapers were 
for him, partially  because they were about his size, and 
his face was blushing a deep crimson. He  couldn't help but 
nervously glance around him before lifting the package off  
the shelf and tucking it under his arm.   
	For a reason unknown to Paul, he had always wanted to 
wear diapers ever  since he was a young child of about 5 or 
6. He couldn't remember any times  when he was ever wearing 
a diaper, and from this, he came up with the excuse  that he 
had forgotten what it was like to wear diapers, and his 
curiosity had  overwhelmed him. But deep inside Paul, he 
knew that wasn't the real reason. He  had always fantasized 
about his mother laying him down on a thickly padded,  baby 
blue changing table, and slowly peeling back the tapes on 
his soggy,  disposable diaper, while he was cuddling a plush 
teddy bear that she had  handed him previously. He could 
hear her in his mind, cooing him in a babyish  voice: "Awww, 
is our diaper wet? It certainly is!! Let's get baby Pauly 
all  cweaned up.."   
	Now he found himself in the local supermarket, less 
than half a block from  his house, where everyone knew his 
name. Unfortunately, today was a Saturday,  the usual 
shopping day in this area of Providence, Rhode Island, and 
it seemed  as if everyone from the entire state had come 
just to add to the embarrassment  of one 13-year-old boy. 
Luckily (?) however, Paul wasn't very popular in  school, 
and so he didn't have much of a reputation to keep up, 
except with two  of his close friends, Alex and Sam. The 
trio always hung out together after  school, and it was a 
wonder that Paul hadn't run into either of them today in  
the supermarket.   
	Paul quickly made his way to the checkout counter, and 
was crestfallen  when he saw that all of them were 
ridiculously long. He stepped behind the  lady in the 
"express" line, the line with a 10 item limit, and waited, 
trying  to conceal his all-too-revealing purchase.   
	It seemed like hours before the lady in front of Paul 
made it to the  cashier. At this moment, Paul believed that 
everything would be okay, from  here on out. Naturally, 
something had to go wrong, and did, right as Paul was  close 
to meeting his ultimate goal.   
	The lady in front of him had 11 items. The cashier 
pointed out to the  lady, using the large "EXPRESS LINE - 10 
ITEMS OR LESS" sign above them for  verification, that she 
couldn't go through this line because of the item  limit. 
The lady, in an extremely rude manner, bellowed to the 
cashier that she  was at the front of the line already, had 
been waiting here for 30 minutes,  and that she was only 
*one* item over the limit. Paul just wished that both of  
them would disappear so he could get out of the store.   
	Eventually, the very angry an annoyed lady left the 
line in a fit, leaving  her cart behind. The cashier pushed 
the cart out of the way and eyed Paul  expectantly. Paul, 
still zoned-out from the quarrel between the cashier and  
the lady, suddenly snapped back into reality and handed the 
cashier the  crinkling package. As he handed the female the 
plasticky purchase, he noticed  that she was stunningly 
beautiful, and she couldn't have been much older than  17 or 
18. Although he didn't think it possible, Paul blushed a 
little more.   
	The cashier took the package and turned it over a 
couple of times, and  then looked at Paul quizzically. Paul 
just tried to smile back casually, but  ended up giving a 
nervous chuckle. The cashier noticed his uneasiness.   
	"Are these pampers for you?" she asked him, a little 
louder than he would  have liked her to.   
	"Well, uh.." Paul began, "they're uh... for a cousin 
who's visiting out of  town." He looked at the cashier, 
hoping she'd buy it. It looked like she  didn't, but to 
avoid a conversation with the manager for holding up a 
checkout  line, she continued to ring up the diapers.   
	After flipping around the package a couple of times, 
she couldn't find a  barcode. She picked up a phone to the 
left of the cash register, and started  talking into it. As 
she did, her voice boomed throughout the supermarket.   
	">>I need a price check on some diapers here for this 
boy, line 1!!<<"  Tears started running down Paul's crimson 
face. Light sobs could be heard all  throughout the line of 
customers behind him. She reached for the phone again.   
	">>Bring some tissues too, this kid's cryin'.<<"   
	Paul just closed his eyes, letting the tears stream 
down his face.  Customers from other lines were staring at 
him, some with obvious sympathy,  and more with a humored 
look. He knew the situation couldn't get any worse, so  he 
just stood there as a tall, thin man brought a large book to 
the cashier.  After about 15 minutes of searching through 
columns of diaper related  products, she came to the price 
of the package of Goodnights that Paul had  intent of 
purchasing. The cashier calculated Paul's total, and Paul 
was ten  cents short. The cashier, obeying store policy, 
said that he had to return the  diapers and come back with 
more money, when the middle-aged woman behind him  tapped 
him on the shoulder.   
	"Here you go young man," she said, handing Paul a dime. 
"You've been  through enough embarrassment for one day."   
	Paul thanked the woman profusely, tossed the dime to 
the cashier, snatched  up the package of diapers, and dashed 
out of the store toward the place where  his bike was 
locked. On the way home, Paul pedaled as fast as he possibly  
could, eagerly awaiting his arrival at his house, not to try 
on the diapers,  but to escape the torture endured at the 
grocery store. He sobbed some more as  he overlooked his 
previous predicament, and thanked God that it was all over.   
	When Paul arrived home, he clumsily dumped his bike 
alongside the garage,  and ran upstairs to his room. He 
glanced at the clock, and proceeded to close  and lock the 
door on instinct, knowing that his parents would be home any  
	After almost ripping off his jeans and tossing them 
into the hamper, Paul  ******** himself of his underwear, 
and opened the package of Goodnights. He  sat down on his 
bed, and put his legs through the holes. He then pulled up 
the  diaper over his legs, and up to his waist.   
	"Wow, this is just like thick underwear!" Paul 
commented aloud.   
	He went over toward his dresser mirror to look at 
himself. He liked the  way he looked with extra padding on 
his crotch, and butt. Paul suddenly felt  the urge to 
urinate uncontrollably, which was probably held back and 
ignored in  the store while he was being publicly 
humiliated. Even though it felt as if  his bladder was about 
to burst, Paul just couldn't seem to let go. Eventually  he 
slowly caressed himself under the arms, both tickling and 
relaxing him, and  the urine gushed out. Paul immediately 
diverted his attention back to the  mirror.   
	He felt the warm urine flood his diaper, and watched in 
horror and  fascination as a dark, wet, yellow spot formed 
in the crotch of his diaper,  and spread all over the 
diaper's front, and then started coming up the back.   
	"Boy, I must've really had to go..." Paul said aloud 
again. He nervously  glanced out his bedroom window to see 
if his parents had yet arrived home.  They hadn't.   
	The urine was quickly being absorbed by the diaper, and 
Paul could feel it  being pulled away from his skin. 
Suddenly, the diaper felt extremely heavy,  and began to 
droop and sag on Paul's waist. He noticed that the entire 
diaper  (mostly) was a tinted yellow, and that the elastic 
material on the sides was  beginning to rip a little at the 
top. A small trickle of pee began to drip  from the crotch 
of his diaper, and it scurried down his leg, making a puddle  
on the carpet. Paul gasped in surprise, and looked for 
something to clean the  mess up with. He realized that he 
needed to take off the diaper soon, but he  was enjoying the 
feeling and decided to leave it on for the time being. He  
spotted a dirty tee-shirt in the hamper, and mopped off his 
leg with it. He  then dried the spot on the carpet with it.   
	Paul then noted that he had to take a crap. He thought 
to himself "Why let  this diaper go to waist?", then pushed 
on his bowels as hard as he could.  Nothing happened. He 
then squatted on his heels, and pressed hard. Warm, pasty  
poop filled the back of his diaper, and then began to invade 
the crotch and  front as well. Paul looked at himself in the 
mirror, dressed in only a  sweatshirt and a completely 
loaded diaper.   
	The butt was sagging very low, and the front was 
beginning to do the same.  The diaper was extremely heavy 
now, and started to feel cold and mushy. Paul  moved to take 
it off, and the weight of the diaper sloshed between his 
legs.  More urine drizzled down his leg. He began to smell 
the crap he had just  taken, and it had smelt horrid. Paul 
quickly realized that he didn't have any  place to throw the 
diaper away, as the family would smell it for sure in the  
trash can. He nervously looked out his bedroom window, and 
noticed a car  coming down the road about half a block away. 
It was his parent's car.   
	Paul frantically looked around for a place to dispose 
of his diaper, and  found none. His only choice was to leave 
it on... but his parents would SURELY  notice, wouldn't 
they? It was a risk he had to take. He snatched his jeans  
from the floor, and pulled them over the nasty, dripping 
diaper that was  clinging to him. A small, damp spot 
immediately appeared at the crotch of his  jeans. It was the 
best he could do for now.   
	Paul then remembered the package of Goodnights laying 
open on the floor.  What could he do with those? He quickly 
opened up the bottom drawer of his  dresser and dumped them 
in the back of the drawer, closing it hastily. He made  a 
mental note to move those later. Paul heard the familiar 
sound of a door  opening, the front door. His parents were 
	In a desperate attempt to look as normal as possible, 
Paul unlocked his  bedroom door, and hung a sign on it that 
read "STUDYING PLEASE DO NOT  DISTURB". He hoped that would 
keep his parents from entering the room.   
	The sound of Paul's parents' voices filled the upstairs 
hallway. Soon  their footsteps on the stairs could be heard. 
They noticed the sign on the  door, and stood for a short 
moment, briefly talking quietly. After a short  pause of 
silence, a few light raps came on Paul's bedroom door. He 
panicked,  and threw open a book, and sat down at his desk, 
not realizing what he had  just done.   
	The door swung open, and Paul's mom popped her head in. 
Her smile quickly  faded into a disgusted look, and she 
sniffed the air apprehensively. It was  quite obvious to 
Paul what she was smelling.   
	"Hello Mom..." said Paul in a nervous tone, trying to 
sound as casual as a  13-year-old could sound who was 
wearing a wet and messy diaper. "Didn't you  see my sign on 
the door?"   
	"Yes I did honey," Paul's mom began, eyeing the room 
for the source of the  odor. "But I decided I should pop my 
head in just to let you know that we were  home. By the way, 
what IS that unearthly smell in here? I could swear it was a  
dirty diaper!!"   
	"What smell, Mom? I don't smell anything." Paul quickly 
	"Hmmm.. maybe I'm just imagining things then. Oh well 
Paul, I'll let you  get back to your studying. Dinner will 
be ready in about an hour or so, and  I'll call you down 
when it's ready."   
	With a short "Okay Mom." from Paul, she had left the 
room. It was then  that Paul actually realized what he had 
done. He looked down at his jeans, and  noticed that the 
diaper area of them was completely damp, and was omitting a  
noticeable odor. He then felt the squishiness around his 
butt, and looked down  behind him. A slightly visible brown 
stain was appearing on the back of his  jeans!!   
	Paul stood up, and tugged his jeans off to observe 
himself in the mirror  again. He was appalled by the sight. 
The elastic bands that held the diaper  too him were half 
torn off, and looked like they could easily break at any  
moment. The surface of the diaper was completely damp with a 
dark yellow  color. Paul then spun around to survey the 
damage of the back of his diaper.  He noticed that some of 
his poop was seeping through, and a slight patch of  brown 
was visible through the diaper, which was probably weakened 
by the flood  of urine that he released earlier. The diaper 
was very cold now and was  getting quite uncomfortable. Paul 
put back on the putrid pair of jeans, and  pulled a 
Goodnights diaper from the bottom drawer of his dresser, and 
hurried  into the bathroom.   
	Paul quickly found a plastic bag in the cabinet beneath 
the bathroom sink,  and set it aside. He ******** himself of 
everything but his diaper, and stood  there for a moment, 
feeling the coldness and dampness that it provided. He  then 
placed the bag, open, on the floor, and stepped into it. He 
pushed the  sides of the diaper down, and is slowly slid 
down his legs into the bag,  leaving a sticky, cold trail 
behind. The smell hit Paul with tremendous force.  Paul 
gagged, wondering how anything could smell so bad, and he 
quickly tied up  the bag, placed it into another plastic 
bag, and tied that one up. He looked  out of the bathroom 
window, and dropped the bag down into a throng of shrubs,  
making a mental note to dispose of it later. He then placed 
the fresh diaper  on the toilet, and began to take a shower.   
	As the water hit his back, Paul began to think about 
how good that diaper  felt on him, and how great of an idea 
it was to make such an investment. As he  looked down, Paul 
noticed the clumps of poop that were being washed out of his  
rear after sitting on the toxic load back in his bedroom. He 
got a washcloth  from the rack inside the shower and 
scrubbed all around his diaper area,  making sure it was 
clean of any waste. He then washed himself off with a  
different washcloth and a bar of soap, and stepped out of 
the shower to dry  himself off.   
	After toweling down, Paul put on the fresh diaper, and 
was amazed of how  good it felt after a shower as opposed to 
clean underwear. He pulled the jeans  back over him, and 
rushed back into his room to change.   
	After what was probably the fastest time Paul had taken 
to get dressed, he  went downstairs into the kitchen, where 
his mom was preparing Paul's favorite  meal, home-made 
vegetable soup. As Paul entered the kitchen, his nose 
caressed  the air, gasping for any sent of the soup that it 
could. Paul then greeted his  mother in the usual fashion, 
with a big, loving hug.   
	Paul's mom stopped what she was doing, and looked at 
Paul with a look that  he had never seen before. It didn't 
necessarily scare Paul, but it made him  nervous and very 
uncomfortable. She began talking to him in a quizzical tone.   
	"Sweetie? What was that odor that I smelled in your 
bedroom when I came  home from work? I'm sure you had to 
have smelled it also, if you were in there  studying, as it 
was a very strong smell."   
	Paul had to think up an excuse quickly to make his 
mother believe him, and  he did it to an extent of success:   
	" an accident, Mom." Paul gave his 
mother an expression  that made him look like a small puppy, 
which she always bought into.   
	"Oh, I'm sorry, it's okay if you had an accident, but 
you shouldn't hide  it from myself and your father, you need 
to tell us, okay?" Paul nodded in  obvious agreement, trying 
to avoid all possible conversation. Paul's mother  noticed 
that Paul seemed to toddle out of the kitchen instead of 
walking in  his usual way, but she didn't make anything of 
it at the time.   
	Dinner and the rest of the evening passed in the usual 
manner, of eating  dinner, watching one hour of television, 
and then getting ready for bed. Paul  hadn't used his diaper 
to this point and all through dinner, which surprised  him. 
He came to the conclusion that he had completely emptied 
himself out  after that hideous thing he peeled off of 
himself earlier today. Paul decided  that he would leave the 
diaper on during the night to sleep in, hoping that  his 
parents wouldn't notice.   
	Paul went into his bedroom, clad in blue pajamas, and 
got into his bed.  Continuing a habit that he had recently 
started, he collected his teddy bear,  appropriately named 
Teddy, and stuffed him underneath his chin, grasping it  
lovingly to his chest. Moments later, Paul's mom appeared in 
the door, ready  to tuck him in. She came to his bed, and 
pulled the covers up to his chin,  lightly kissed him on the 
forehead, and left the room, closing the door  silently 
behind her.   
	Tomorrow would be Monday, which would also mean that it 
would be time to  go back to school for Paul after a weekend 
break. While laying in bed,  cuddling his teddy bear 
affectionately, Paul came to the conclusion that he  would 
wear a diaper to school tomorrow, as he enjoyed wearing them 
as  frequently as he could. He knew that they had to be 
rationed however, he only  had 7 remaining in his dresser, 
and he didn't want to endure the embarrassment  at the store 
	Paul drifted off to sleep, anticipating and fearing the 
events that would  come the next day..........     

EPISODE 2: Back to School

	Paul awoke groggily Monday morning to the sound of his 
alarm clock buzzing  loudly. After sending the clock flying 
with a heavy thrust, Paul clumsily  climbed out of bed. He 
then felt the thick weight between his legs, and  remembered 
his adventures of purchasing and wearing diapers the 
previous day,  and he also remembered his commitment to wear 
a diaper to school today. He  looked down at his diaper, and 
noticed that it was *wet*. How could that have  happened? 
Paul hadn't used the diaper before he went to bed last 
night, and he  had never been a bedwetter before... he 
quickly came to the conclusion that he  was probably just 
sick or something.   
	The whole house was dark at this time of the morning, 
as Paul's parents  had already left for work, and don't 
leave any lights on to save the  electricity. The sun 
usually hasn't risen at this point either, making chances  
of illumination from the outside hopeless.   
	Paul pressed on the front of the diaper lightly, 
feeling the wetness  inside. For a strange reason that he 
couldn't understand, he really enjoyed  that feeling. Paul 
then remembered what happened when he wet the diaper  
yesterday, and looked at the bed for any signs of evidence 
against the guilty  party. Surprisingly, there were no tell-
tale puddles, spots, or stains on the  sheets. After heaving 
a sigh of relief, Paul prepared his clothes for the day,  a 
long, big, blue sweatshirt (as concealing as possible), and 
a loose pair of  jeans. Next to this, he places another 
Goodnites diaper, a pair of socks, and  a tee-shirt. He then 
grabbed two towels from the hallway linen closet, and  
hopped into the shower.   
	After getting dressed, Paul ate a tremendously big 
breakfast, as he had  gotten up half an hour earlier than 
usual today, consisting of three eggs, two  bowls of cereal, 
four pieces of toast, and three tall glasses of orange 
juice.  He felt very full, and the meal was enjoyable. After 
some television, Paul had  snatched up his backpack and 
headed out to the bus-stop.   
	As usual, it was dark when he got there, and no-one 
else was there,  because he was the only one at the bus-
stop. He placed his backpack against a  tree, and leaned 
against it, eagerly awaiting the bus's arrival. A familiar  
yellow object with flashing, red lights approached, and he 
hopped inside.   
	The bus was bursting with activity. Paper wads flew 
left and right, daily  gossip echoed through the bus, and 
the overall talking and noise was enough to  convince anyone 
that there had to be at least 1000 middle-schoolers on the  
bus. However, there were only about 30 or so.   
	Paul quickly found an empty seat in the back, and sat 
down in time to feel  the bus start moving. He glazed over 
and stared out the window, wondering what  would happen in 
school that day...   
	They arrived at the school with a powerful jolt which 
knocked Paul to his  senses. All the kids filed out of the 
bus, and dashed to their lockers to  begin a new day. Paul 
followed in their attitude enthusiastically. The first  
class arrived much faster than Paul had expected.   
	Upon entering Algebra I (his first class), all of 
Paul's classmates looked  at him quizzically for a brief 
moment, then returned to their work. Paul was  startled. 
Could they know already?? Just by looking at me? He took his 
usual  place by Sam, towards the back of the room. He 
greeted Sam, and Sam returned  the gesture. He then began to 
	"Paul, what exactly are you wearing under those jeans? 
It looks like a  diaper or something, cuz it's like really 
puffy around there, y'know.."   
	Paul shifted uncomfortably in his seat, making a very 
audible crinkling  sound. Many of the students stopped their 
work and were obviously trying to  focus their ears into Sam 
and Paul's conversation. Paul, trying to defend  himself, 
and remain undiscovered, acted as casual as possible and 
said "I  don't know what you're talking about, Sam. I'm 
wearing underwear under these  jeans like everyone else, not 
a damn diaper."   
	Sam looked at Paul, puzzled. "Paul, they don't make 
plastic underwear that  crinkles whenever you move. If 
you're wearing a diaper, tell me. I'm one of  your best 
friends, and you know I wouldn't tell anyone else."   
	Paul pondered his offer momentarily, then violently 
shook it out of his  mind. "Sam, I told you, I don't know 
what you're talking about, okay? Now  c'mon, let's do our 
work, or else we'll get in big trouble."   
	The rest of the class passed in the usual fashion, 
except towards the end.  That breakfast Paul had earlier was 
taking it's toll now. A sharp, painful  cramp appeared in 
Paul's stomach, and he let out a soft moan. All he had to do  
was hold it for 15 minutes until class had ended, and then 
he could go to the  bathroom when switching classes. He 
didn't want to use the diaper NOW, because  he'd be walking 
around in a messy diaper for the rest of the day, because he  
hadn't brought a change. He mentally whacked himself for 
this, and continued  to hold back. 14 minutes. Paul knew he 
would never make it, but he continued  to hold back. After 
hours passed, there were 13 minutes left. Paul's stomach  
was really beginning to hurt.   
	Paul raised his hand quickly, waving it in the air, 
biting his lower lip  nervously. Finally the teacher saw 
him, and asked Paul what was so urgent to  be flailing his 
arms around like that.   
	"I need to use the bathroom QUICK... It's an 
EMERGENCY!" Paul blurted out.  Many of the other students 
chuckled. Mrs. Stone, the Algebra teacher, could  see the 
obvious discomfort and strain in Paul's face, and permitted 
him to go.  As soon as Paul stood up, it happened.   
	It wasn't gooey this time, it was more of a solid log 
as Paul pushed out  the poop into his diaper in front of the 
whole class. His face was beet red  with embarrassment and 
strain, as a new bulge formed and 'inflated' in the back  of 
his pants. Of course, not many students noticed, as they 
were too  pre-occupied with their work, so Paul left the 
classroom in a hurry, although  he took his time in getting 
to the bathroom.   
	Luckily, the bathroom was empty when he arrived. Paul 
went into the  nearest stall, pulled down his jeans, and 
pulled back the back part of his  diaper. He saw the 
molding, sickening log of waste there, and knew it would  
smell horribly within a few moments. He couldn't go back to 
class, everyone  would smell it, and he'd have to sit down 
in it, and he'd NEVER get cleaned  up...   
	Paul slowly pulled the Goodnights diaper down his legs, 
making sure that  the poop would stay inside it. He then 
overturned it over the toilet, and let  the poop drop in, 
which sprayed a small amount of water everywhere. There was  
a small, brown stain on the diaper, but Paul figured that 
wouldn't smell too  much. He thoroughly cleaned himself with 
some toilet paper, and then pulled the  diaper back up to 
his waist, followed by his jeans. Paul made a silent vow  
that he would NEVER do that again. Or would he...?   
	The next class that followed was History. Paul took his 
seat, also towards  the back of the room, and started 
working. The History class was uneventful.  So was the 
following English class. But Science was much different.   
	Paul, along with all of the other classmates in 
Science, had to make a  presentation in front of the whole 
class about their research topic. Before  Paul would have 
liked, it was his turn. He slowly walked up to the head of 
the  classroom, wincing at each deafening crinkle that his 
stained diaper was  emitting. He'd remember to wear a pair 
of regular underwear over his diaper  from now on, to 
prevent all the noise.   
	"My study was on the crayfish." Paul began. "The 
crayfish originated  in..." He stopped. The class looked at 
him, and then looked at his jeans, and  started laughing 
hysterically. Paul couldn't figure out what they were  
laughing about, so he looked down too, and was mortified at 
the sight.   
	A dark, yellow spot was forming in his crotch, and 
slowly spreading over  his diaper area. Paul then 
immediately noticed the wetness in his diaper, and  the 
soggy feeling that it had whenever it was full. But he 
hadn't wet himself  purposely... how had it happened? Did he 
really have an accident...? While  pondering his 
predicament, the Science teacher tapped Paul on the 
shoulder,  and quietly asked him if he was okay, and if he'd 
like to go to the clinic.  Paul dashed down to the clinic as 
fast as he possibly could.   
	When he arrived there, he thankfully noted that the 
clinic was empty.  Apparently the nurse was informed of 
Paul's predicament, because she had a  pair of Pull-Ups 
training pants laying on the counter. She led Paul to a back  
room, and told him that boys his age shouldn't be having 
accidents, etc.,  while removing his pants. Paul felt really 
embarrassed, having an adult pull  down his pants and 
telling him that accidents were bad, and he started  
sobbing. The nurse handed him a tissue, and rudely commented 
"It's a good  thing you had on that thick diaper, otherwise, 
you'd be totally soaked!!".   
	She then took Paul's jeans, and handed him the Pull-Ups 
diaper, and told  him to put it on, and that there were baby 
wipes located on the shelf. Paul  cleaned himself up, and 
put on the new diaper, opened the door, and peeked  around. 
The nurse was there, holding a plastic bag, tied up nicely, 
and was  talking on the phone, obviously to Paul's mother.   
	"Yes, young Paul today had an accident, and if he 
wasn't wearing that  diaper, I don't know what would have 
come of him. I put another Pull-Ups on  him, and have his 
pants in a plastic bag here... what? You mean YOU didn't put  
him in diapers? Well, that's something you can discuss with 
Paul then, I  suppose... but please come pick him up from 
school, he's not in a condition to  be here right now."   
	The nurse hung up the phone, and escorted Paul to a 
bed, where she told  him to lay down and wait for his mother 
to arrive. Paul then realized how  stupid he must look... a 
13-year-old boy, laying in a clinic, wearing nothing  but a 
sweatshirt and a diaper. Funny, Paul thought to himself, how 
just  yesterday I thought about how great I looked like 
this... now I'm thinking  about how stupid I look... what'll 
Mom think?? He shivered at the thought, and  realized that 
he would soon know, as his Mom just popped through the 
clinic  doorway.     

EPISODE 3: Paul's Punishment

	As Paul's mom entered the school clinic, she briefly 
greeted the nurse  with a soft smile, and thanked her for 
all her trouble. She then redirected  her attention to Paul, 
laying on the clinic bed, wearing a sweatshirt and a  
diaper, and her smile quickly faded into a look of rage and 
	"Come here, young man." Paul's mom said, a stern look 
on her face. Paul  approached her apprehensively. She took 
him firmly by the hand, and took his  jeans in her other 
free hand, and led him out of the clinic, into the busy  
halls, wearing only his diaper! Many of the other students 
stopped and laughed  at the 7th grader in Pull-Ups 
disposable "training pants" with toy cars and  planes on 
them. Paul's mother was walking slow enough so that everyone 
in the  school got a chance to see his predicament. Tears 
streamed down Paul's face,  which was almost brick red, as 
his mother lead him out to the car.   
	For the entire ride home, neither Paul or his mom 
spoke. The silence was  deafening and ominous, as Paul 
dreaded what his punishment would be when he  got home. Paul 
watched the rolling trees pass by the passenger side's 
window  as he sobbed out what tears he had left. As he did 
this, he suddenly began to  wet his diaper again. He was 
having another accident!! The warm, sticky urine  puddled 
around his crotch, and because the Pull-Ups were made for 
someone 5 or  6, a yellow spot immediately formed in the 
crotch, and quickly spread over the  surface of the diaper, 
becoming soggy and damp. He hoped he hadn't leaked on  the 
seat cushions of the car. Paul believed now that he was 
physically ill,  and he didn't point out to his mother what 
he was doing, as she didn't seem to  notice. She kept a 
stern view on the road ahead, and Paul could see his house  
	As Paul's mom got out of the car, Paul attempted to 
open his door. His mom  quickly rushed over, and helped him 
out of the car, took his hand, and led him  into the house, 
and upstairs to his room. Paul gasped when he saw what was  
	"Your father and I were putting away some clothes last 
night, and found  these diapers in your bottom drawer." She 
picked up a Goodnights diaper off of  the dresser and waved 
it in front of Paul's face. "Wherever you got these, you  
got them yourself, so you *must* have wanted to wear them 
yourself. You must  have also wanted to use them yourself." 
His mom produced the plastic bag Paul  had dumped out of the 
bathroom window earlier yesterday. I came across this  while 
gardening the flowers, after finding your diapers. I was 
going to save  this until you got home, but instead thought 
now would be the appropriate  time."   
	Paul's room had been COMPLETELY done over. It didn't 
even closely resemble  his room anymore! In it was an 
oversized white crib, that had a locking top,  along with 
arm and leg restraints. His dresser had been replaced by one 
with  the animals from Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. Paul 
wasn't too sure he wanted  to know what was inside there. 
Perpendicular to his crib was a very large  changing table, 
except much lower to the ground. Paul noticed that the 
shelves  were stacked high with disposable Pampers-brand 
diapers, or so they looked,  but much bigger. And much 
	As Paul was very dazed and confused at this point, he 
didn't put up any  resistance when his mom grabbed his hand 
and lead him over to the changing  table. She instructed him 
to get on top of it, which Paul did, still  completely 
bewildered that his mom would go through with this. He laid 
on his  back as she removed his sweatshirt, exposing his wet 
diaper. His mom grabbed  both his ankles with one hand, and 
lifted up his legs. Stealthily, she next  pulled the Pull-
Ups diaper off of his butt, and put his legs back down on 
the  changing table. She then grabbed a baby wipe from the 
container on the shelf  with the diapers, and thoroughly 
wiped Paul's crotch and butt. She then very  generously 
applied baby powder, until his crotch was covered in a white  
substance, and she then lightly rubbed it in, making sure 
Paul received no  pleasure from the gesture. She then 
grabbed one of the diapers from the shelf,  and in the same 
way she lifted his legs to remove the Pull-Ups diaper, she  
lifted them again, and laid the diaper beneath his butt. 
Paul thought it had  to be at least an inch thick. His mom 
then replaced his legs, and spread them,  to bring up the 
front of the diaper. She pulled it tightly over his crotch 
and  tightly fastened the tapes. Paul began to sit up, but 
she pushed him back down  with her hand. Paul's mom next 
grabbed a pair of plastic pants, with elastic  leg holes and 
an elastic waist band, and put them on him. She instructed 
him  to get off the table, and stand there, which Paul did 
hastily. Neither of them  had spoken yet.   
	Paul's mom went behind Paul, and Paul could feel the 
pressure on his waist  tighten. He then heard a click, and 
reached back to the back of the plastic  pants, and felt a 
padlock in it's place. He tried to get the plastic pants  
off, but couldn't do it.   
	With tremendous strength (and the fact that Paul didn't 
weigh much for his  age), his mom hoisted him up into her 
arms, cradled like a baby. She then  presented a pacifier, 
with two strings hanging from either side, and stuck it  in 
his mouth. She next pulled the strings behind his head, and 
tied them  tightly. She then carried her, Paul, 
over to his crib, and dumped him  inside. Paul grabbed the 
bars of the crib as his mom closed and locked the top  
firmly. It was then that Paul realized that all of the crib 
was in full view  of the window, and all the 13year-old was 
wearing was a diaper and a pacifier,  neither of which he 
could get off.   
	Then, Paul's mom left the room, closing the door behind 
her. Paul tried  furiously to get the plastic pants off, but 
couldn't. He then tried to remove  the pacifier, but 
couldn't do that either. Next, he looked to the top of the  
crib, and tried to open it, but it was locked very securely, 
as if it were  specially made to imprison Paul himself. Paul 
buried his face in his hands,  hoping that people would not 
recognize Paul in a diaper. He then cried  furiously, but 
couldn't make much noise, because of the pacifier in his 
mouth.  Moments later, Paul's mom returned.   
	"Pauly," she began, looking at Paul with a stern look. 
Paul immediately  stopped crying and looked up at his mom 
with longing eyes. She ignored the  look, and continued: "I 
have taken you out of school for the rest of the year.  You 
will doubtfully be attending school the next year, either. 
Or the year  after that. Instead of being a student, you 
will become the baby you wanted to  be, which you have 
showed your father and I that you want to be by purchasing  
and wearing and using those diapers (she pointed to the 
Goodnights on the  dresser). You may also have friends over, 
if you don't mind them seeing you in  your diaper, and if 
you don't mind them changing you and feeding you and  
watching over you."   
	Paul knew he wouldn't be having any friends over.   
	"Also, this isn't just a punishment, Pauly, it's now 
your life. You are a  two-year-old toddler. You will always 
remain a two-year-old toddler. Your kind  of behavior 
deserves no warnings, especially since you had TWO accidents  
today, and you have seem to lost partial control of your 
bladder. Soon, you'll  probably lose all of it, but that 
doesn't matter, as there aren't many  two-year-old boys your 
age that can control your bladder, are there?"   
	She continued: "I will change you once a day, and you 
may be changed by  anyone except for yourself. If I catch 
you once trying to remove that diaper,  I have many methods 
of punishment that you WON'T find enjoyable. I advise not  
trying to go to the bathroom much, because that diaper gets 
pretty full,  pretty quickly. Also, we will be going to the 
store this evening, and you will  be coming with me." Paul's 
mom smiled at him, seeing his obvious fear of the  
	"Now, I want you to take a nap, and get rested up. If 
you have to go to  the bathroom, don't tell me, just use 
your diaper. If you've just used your  diaper, don't tell 
me, because I'll change your diaper when I want to, not  
when you need it. By the way, I am going to give all your 
old clothes to your  cousins when they come to visit this 
weekend, and you have an entire new  wardrobe, which you'll 
get to see as I put it on you. I'm sure you'll want to  have 
a little fun later, so I am going to have your friends Sam 
and Alex over  to see the new Paul." She was really enjoying 
	"Here you go, wittle one..." Paul's mom handed him 
Teddy, which Paul  accepted into his arms lovingly, 
realizing that it was one of the only friends  he had left. 
His mom then left the room.   
	Paul laid down, and felt the thickness of the diaper 
between his legs and  beneath his bottom. His legs were 
spread out from the width of the diaper in  his crotch, and 
he realized that he'd be a real mess if he had to use it.  
Thank goodness for the plastic pants, Paul thought to 
himself, but the damn  things are also getting in the way of 
getting my diaper off. Realizing that  his mom would be 
pretty steamed otherwise, Paul laid down, facing the long  
window, clutched his Teddy beneath his chin, and actually 
drifted off to sleep.     
	When Paul awoke, he was startled for a moment to find 
himself in a diaper  and a crib, when he then remembered his 
predicament. He tried to sigh, but the  pacifier in his 
mouth made it next to impossible. His mom entered the room,  
and looked down at Paul, who had started crying again. 
Paul's mom ignored it  as she unlocked the crib, and pulled 
her diapered, pre-teen son from the crib.  She then laid him 
down on the changing table, and removed his plastic pants,  
but not his diaper. She left him there, and went to his 
dresser, and removed a  green, long sleeved shirt from it. 
She then put this on Paul, stopping his  movement all the 
way. She next removed from the dresser a pair of Osh-Kosh  
B'Gosh brand overalls, which looked just like the kind they 
made for toddlers,  and put them on Paul. They fit nicely, 
which made the bulge in Paul's crotch  and butt very obvious 
that he was wearing a diaper. Paul's mom next applied  
Paul's socks and Velcro shoes, featuring Simba from the Lion 
King on the side.  Leaving the pacifier in his mouth, and 
grabbing a diaper bag from next to the  changing table, she 
lead Paul by the hand out to the car. It was time to go to  
the store, and Paul's punishment was really about to begin.
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