JOHN In Diapers



I lay on my bed, still pretending to read a book. My heart was beating 
hard in my ears as I listened hard for the slam of the front door and 
the noise of the car engine that had confirmed my mother had finally 
left. I threw the book aside, and rushed through the door into my 
bathroom, locking it behind me. Even though it was my bathroom, and my 
mum usually never came in, I had hidden it, just in case. The smallish 
safe was hidden under my towels in the third draw down on the chest 
next to the shower. The key was hidden under the mat on my soap dish in 
the shower. I quickly, and excitedly, opened the safe lock and pulled 
out what I had crammed in there for safe keeping after nearly 10 days 
of secret work. It had been a period of secretly gathering materials; 
garbage bags, old towels, paper towels, duct tape...; from the kitchen, 
the shops or anywhere I could find them. A period of secret assembly. 
All in the short periods of time that Mum was shopping, working or 
occupying herself enough not to be worried about what I was doing. And 
now finally, she was out of the way until this time tomorrow, working 
upstate. I spread it out on the tiled bathroom floor, a culmination of 
effort and the knowledge, or perhaps hope, that it would be everything 
I had been pining after for almost 6 years. A makeshift diaper.

I was 15. At the age of nine, I began to get interested again in what I 
had stopped owning myself by the age of four, and what I had grown out 
of interest in two years later, when I stopped seeing them at my best 
friend Ollie's house. Over the course of a few months, the times we sat 
together and diapered each other, just for fun, had petered out. He 
stopped using them at nighttimes when we were both six, and I hadn't 
seen, in real life, a diaper that would fit me since. When I was nine, 
I suppose when the hormones started racing, I saw a commercial on one 
of the health channels on satellite that no-one really watches. 
"Andrews' adult diapers - Comfort & Security" was the slogan. Boys of 
twelve, fifteen, twenty, thirty, middle-aged boys, elderly men, all 
wearing nothing but a diaper and a smile. Showed those who really 
needed them that they weren't alone and that the product was what they 
needed. Making me think I was a alone, but the product was what I 
wanted. Over the next few months, I wanted it more than anything.

When I was eleven, the Internet was becoming a lot more popular, and my 
Mum's company modernised, she had to get a computer with all the 
networking mod-cons. I got access to the internet, and it showed me I 
wasn't alone. At first, it was learning other wanted and used diapers, 
just for the hell of it. Then it was reading the stories. Then I 
discovered a wealth of pictures. Of other boys, just like me, wearing 
diapers. There were dry ones, wet ones, dirty ones, towel ones, 
disposable ones, Pampers, Huggies, Depends, Attends, Molicare. They 
were all happy. I wanted the happiness.

I tried bedwetting. But I found my bladder was just too strong. I drank 
the Indian Ocean before bed, and all I managed to do was wake up in the 
middle of the night, and run into the bathroom. I could never get the 
courage to deliberately wet, not at night or day.

All I managed to do was the makeshift, and even that was the first 
diaper experience after six years. I spread the diaper out as much as I 
could. I had made it as much like a disposable as possible. I had put 
it one securely like underwear while making it, the cut the sides and 
put pieces of tape on as straps. Now, I was lying down on it, and 
securing it in place. I looked in the mirror, and looked at myself, and 
my emotions. There was something missing. A real diaper. This was made 
from a black garbage bag, and silver tape on the outside. The inside 
felt like what it was, towel, flannels and kitchen paper. Still, it was 
something. I held my breath and savoured the experience of letting pee 
go, while not standing over the toilet. At first, it felt good. Really 
good. I closed my eyes, but seconds later, felt the warm sensation down 
my legs. DAMN! I wasn't sure what I was angry at. The diaper, my damned 
continent genes, my mum. Me? It had leaked though. I was only glad the 
floor was tiled, easy to clean. Despite the failure of the ****, I 
thought that I might as well try the other thing. I squatted just a 
little, and let myself ****. I had been saving up! When I had finished, 
my butt was feeling good, and nothing had fallen out. I savoured it a 
little while, then fell back and sat down. Then the sides of the 
useless thing split, and got my floor even messier. As I got a hold of 
the cleaning stuff, I looked back in the mirror and said to myself 
'This will not do.' Then I made myself a promise.


The rest of the day I spent looking through forums and sites at more 
pictures of people happy in their real diapers. They were the same old, 
same old. Never any new pictures. Except today, they felt like a lot 
more of a kick in the teeth. The only thing which kept me out of 
depression was the promise I had made to myself earlier that day. I 
needed diapers, and I would get them. To hell with the lack of courage 
to **** and mess in my bed. Whenever I could prove to Mum I was a 
betwetter, a bedmesser even, I would. She would just have to be left in 
confusion that the diapers were disappearing faster than they should. I 
would wear them during the day whenever I could.

At eight o'clock, I heard Ollie's Mum's car pull out front, as planned. 
They had spent the day out, but I was to spend the night with Ollie 
until my Mum returned tomorrow. They lived across the street from us, 
in a house with the same architecture. His room would be exactly the 
same as mine if it weren't for the different colours and bed. I had 
never been in his bathroom. Actually, I never thought about that until 
right then. I'd always gone to the toilet across the hall. Out of old 
habit I guess. Why did he never just say to go into his.

That night, we were really engaged in a computer game. He was in his 
Mum's room, I in his. We were on a multiplayer across the network. I 
was so in to it, I suddenly realised that I really had to pee, bad. I 
paused the game and typed in the chat window I was just going into his 
bathroom, just I was closing the door, he ran into his room in a panic, 
and grabbed at my arm, just before I managed to close the door. I 
turned around and looked in just as he was opening it again. What I saw 
surprised me. A lot. As I looked round at Ollie's eyes for explanation, 
he looked as if he was about to break down. "I should have locked the 
door," he sobbed. I looked round again. It really was there. On one 
wall, a huge changing table. Aside it, what looked like a bookcase was 
filled row upon row of bags of all kinds of... disposable diapers. I 
turned round to him again, and took him in my arms. "It's OK," I 
whispered, "It really is."

A few minutes later, he had calmed down, and we were both sitting in 
the bathroom, him explaining to me. "I never really grew out of them. 
When we were little, me finishing bedwetting was just a front. In fact, 
the bedwetting was a front. Look," he said, as he pulled down his 
pants. He was wearing one right then. By the looks of the ***** down 
the front, he was wet. "My Mum just thought it was time to make other 
people think I was like them." There was a moment's silence. I thought 
of saying, You are like other people, but it sounded cheesy. And after 
all, he wasn't. Instead, I asked a more bold question. I knew which 
answer I wanted to hear.

"Do you... like them?" He continued to look down at the floor, but for 
a moment, he stopped breathing. As if he was putting all his energy 
into thinking of the right answer.

"Would you... think I was weird if I did?" The relief and happiness on 
my face was almost visible. Instead of giving him an answer to his 
question, I showed him.

"You look as if you could do with a change," I smiled at him. "Hop on." 
I gestured him to the table. Without much hesitation or fuss, he got 
himself on. A little sheepishly, I reached towards his crotch. 
Something that might have turned me on under different circumstances. 
But this felt more... friendly. I ripped off the tapes holding it in 
place. He was heavy and strong, I was light and weak. I couldn't lift 
him off it. He lifted himself off it. I slipped it out, and found a 
diaper bag. Rolling up the wet diaper, I tied it into the bag, and 
dropped it in a pail. Then I found some talc and lotion, and applied 
them. Walking over to his store, I asked him which he wanted. He said 
Depends. I took one out, and unfolded it. Again, he pushed himself off 
just enough to let me slip the diaper underneath him. I lifted, and 
taped. He looked at me, and smiled. "Thanks," he said.

"You're welcome," was my reply. He hopped off the table, and to his 
surprise, I hopped on. "Have enough spares?" I asked. As we looked at 
each other again, we both established new trust and understanding. When 
I left that room, I was wearing a gorgeous, thick, diaper. It was 
white, and it felt beautiful. It sounds weird, but I felt normal for 
the first time in ages. I looked back at the see-through pail. I hoped 
that the rest of my underwear would be joining the pair that I just 
threw in there.


That night, I woke with a wet diaper wrapped around me. The best 
feeling I'd had ever. Before I left with my Mum that evening, I had 
experienced a soiled diaper, more wet diapers, and three more changes 
by Ollie. I loved the feeling too much to ever let go.

But it came with a price I didn't expect. I proudly wet my bed that 
night, but I found my mother a lot less receptive that I anticipated. 
When she discovered it, she immediately sat down on my desk chair, 
pulled me over her lap with strong arms, and left my *** sore. Very 
sore. It was worse the next morning, when I decided to wake up wet and 
messy. By the time she had finished, I thought I was incontinent 
anyway. I had almost lost feeling. The next morning, she didn't lay a 
finger on me. Months later, I learned it was because she had gained 
understanding from an internet site the previous night. But it didn't 
make her happier. She made me clean the bed up. And that night, she did 
something that in other company would have devastated me. When eating 
with Ollie and Joanna at their house, half way through the meal she 
changed the conversation topic. "Guess what Joanna? Over the past three 
nights, John has turned into a baby!"

Ollie and I shot glances as each other. "What do you mean?" she asked.

"He's woken up three nights in a row, lying in his own filth. Don't you 
think it's disgusting that a 15 year old boy is doing something I 
should put him in diapers for? What do you think Ollie?"

Ollie looked as angry as I was upset. Instead of saying anything, he 
got up, unzipped his jeans and showed her what he was wearing. "I think 
you should put him in diapers. It's a wonderful solution, to a problem 
which I do not find at all disgusting." I very nearly started crying, 
out of mortification with my mother, and happiness from Ollie's 
friendship. He read this, moved his chair next to mine, and put his arm 
around me.

All eyes were on my Mum, as she began to gain perspective. I felt kind 
of guilty that I was taking them all for a ride. But is a need defined 
by physical biology? Does what I feel a mental need for not count for 
as much?

"I'm very sorry, John, Ollie. Joanna," she said. "I suppose that... 
it's not as uncommon as I was under the impression of."

"And?" asked Joanna, in my defence

"And, not disgusting. I'm really, very sorry. Do you think that John 
could borrow some of your diapers, until I can him some of his own?" 
The mood was a very quick change. The bond that had grown between 
everyone on the table allowed very quick forgiveness for Mum's 
attitude. Everyone could read her new understanding with a glance.

"I'll give you five," said Joanna. "And luckily, I can put you on our 
order. The supply company we get Ollie's diapers on lets you change the 
order every 18 months, and the change week ends on Saturday, the order 
will reach them by then if I post tomorrow, and the orders will start 
coming monthly in five days."

"Thanks very much, Joanna," my Mum beamed at her. "Is that OK with you 

I tried to disguise at least some of my pleasure in my eager nods.


I had exhausted the supply that Joanna gave us in the time period with 
very great restraint. One each night. I got one chance for a daytime 
diaper at Ollie's house half way through. A temporary fix! On the 
Thursday, I woke up early, my stomach in knots with excitement and 
worry that the order wouldn't even get here. I heard the van pull up, 
and had to wait a whole other hour before Joanna & Ollie rang our 
doorbell with my diapers. When Mum opened the door, I was right behind 
her. Ollie was wearing a smile, and pushing a cargo cart with the same 
number of crates that he kept on his bookshelf. Joanna looked very 
distraught, and with a profusely apologetic tone on her voice said, 
"Dianna, I am so sorry. I could have sworn I only ordered an extra bag 
of 40 night depends per month, but I must have doubled the order 
instead. You have just what Ollie does, a month's supply for round-the 
clock use. I tried arguing with the company, but they won't budge from 
their 18 month order thing. I can't help you. I'll pay for the 

"No, you don't have to at all," said Mum, "Simple mistake to make. Come 
in, we'll sort out how I'm going to pay you for these."

"Oh God, Dianna I'm sorry. Look, Ollie, you and John take up these 
crates to his room, we'll sort out the bank order."

Before we went up, I gathered all the courage I could, and said, "Look, 
Mum. I don't want all these to go to waste, and my toilet's been 
playing up anyway. I'll just use them the same as Ollie does. It 
doesn't matter."

Mum looked a little surprised, but sure enough, "Well... OK, if you're 
sure, I suppose it makes sense."

"Great! Thanks!" I said, and ran up the stairs, carrying as many boxes 
as I could, before she changed her mind. Ollie followed me, and in two 
more trips up and down, we had stacked eight crates in my room. I had 
200 diapers, and I couldn't believe it.

"Mum was wrong," he said.


"She did order an extra forty. She asked me to post the envelope, but 
instead of taking it directly to the mailbox, I 'accidentally' opened 
the envelope, crossed out the 'additional' box, and ticked the 'double 
order' box. I hope you're not still expecting a birthday present!"

I almost exploded with happiness, and I hugged him until he needed air 
again. Then he helped me put on the first diaper I could call my own.


The next day, me and Mum went shopping at an address Joanna had given 
us. When we got home, I spent hours arranging all the new stuff. My 
bathroom was now as I had always wanted. I had assembled my new 
changing table over my toilet. I would never be needing that again! The 
top of my changing table was hospital-sterile. The first shelf under 
had lots of disposable, extra large disposable Pampers changing mats. 
Underneath, huge supplies of talc powder, baby lotion, and anti-rash 
cream. One cupboard underneath housed the disused lavatory, and the one 
next to it a huge diaper pail. To the left of the table, was a large 
chest of drawers. I had spent hours unpacking all the diaper crates and 
carefully stacking them in the drawers. I had made large labels on my 
computer and stuck them on the drawers. 'Depends,' 'Attends,' 
'Molicare,' 'Tena,' and more. Then, on all the TB message boards where 
people knew me, I announced I was now no-longer a wannabe who just shat 
onto toilet paper stretched under me on the toilet, for a simulated 
experience. I was no-longer an outsider who peed in the shower, just 
because it was closer to diapers that the toilet. I was fully-fledged, 
and officially, a diaper boy! And I was finally the supplier of a new 
set of photos for the dwindling supplies of photos. Me and Ollie became 
known as 'The Diaper Boys.' Photos of us both together in diapers were 
all over the web within weeks. I was finally who I wanted to be.


I never thought it could get better, but it did. The supply company 
asked Ollie and me to participate in a new test program. A number of 
new diapers were in development, and we were wanted to test them out. 
That meant that we got in a week what we used to get in a month. It was 
always free, and always different. Pampers were releasing new teen 
diapers. So were Huggies. Versions of 'Little Swimmers' called 'Wetter 
Swimmers' arrived, finally allowing me to wear my diapers even when I 
was showering, bathing or even swimming publicly. And Molicare's new 
'Invisible diaps' came just before we started school. What I was 
dreading was about to become another big part of the fun. But was it 
just a false sense of security?


The next few weeks were my first wearing diapers 24-7 since I was two 
years old. They were also the first time I owned them since I was four. 
They were a sensation I hadn't had since I was six. Finally, nine years 
later, I had the promise of many diapers to come. Interestingly, 
perhaps ironically, I had worked one thing out the same day the letter 
came. What I had worked out was that even if Mum used the opportunity 
in 18 months time to change my diaper order to just what I 'needed,' 40 
a month for bedwetting, at my current rate of consumption, I would 
still have enough left over to keep on with daytime use during the next 
two months. I was almost guaranteed total satisfaction for 20 months. 
If I was lucky and played it right, Mum would never change the order.

Then, the letter came. I was with Ollie at the time, at his house. We 
had just changed each other, and now were playing on his PlayStation. 
Joanna, his Mum, came in saying, "Boys, a letter just came, it's 
addressed to you both." She left it on the bed and left. I paused the 
game and reached behind me. On the bottom right corner was the 
company's logo. "Inco-sup - supplying the need for comfort and 
security." Again, I savoured the irony that they meant the slogan for 
the incontinent, but it also held so much meaning for me. The address 
label had our names on it, and Ollie's address, the address to which 
Inco-sup delivered our diapers every month. I opened the envelope and 
we both read it together.

"Dear Ollie & John,"

"Incosup has joined a program that tests out new brands of diaper for 
the companies that make them. We have been asked to select a thousand 
of our customers to test what we are given. As one of the thousand with 
the largest orders, you have been selected to participate. The 
procedure is simple. Every month, you receive your regular order of 
diapers. Every week, we will send, on average, two extra crates of 
diapers. You will be asked to test the diapers from the crates then 
fill in an evaluation form. You will also have the opportunity to 
reorder those you think you get on with. As a reward for helping us in 
our field research, you will only have to pay half price on your 
regular order, and all those you receive to test and those test 
subjects you request repeats of will be totally free of charge. If you 
wish to participate, please call our hotline and your first test crates 
will arrive with your next monthly order, scheduled for six days after 
this letter was sent."

The letter was signed by some manager guy. We were both immediately 
hooked on the idea. I checked the post mark, the diaper order would be 
tomorrow. We both hurried to the dining room downstairs and babbled the 
details to our mothers. We hardly gave them the opportunity to say no 
before we then hurried to hall, where Ollie picked up the phone. Five 
minutes later, we were both members of the test program. And looking 
forward to it.


The next day, I helped Ollie & the driver of Inco-sup's van unload. 
First there was our usual order, sixteen crates. Then, the driver 
brought out another six, three each. He handed us a small package then 
rushed off to his next delivery. We both examined the new crates. They 
were all packaged in a plain cardboard box, with 'PROTOTYPE' printed 
across the top. Someone had scrawled across the bottoms in biro the 
titles of the various diapers. The first two had written on "Pampers 
Teen." The second was "Huggies teen underwear." The third was "Huggies' 
Wetter swimmers." We then opened the package. Inside, a description of 
each of the diapers, and evaluation forms for us to fill in. We read 
the description sheets with interest.


These are the first prototypes of using the best of pampers techniques 
for teenagers with incontinence problems. If the pilot scheme is a 
success, they will be sold in as many varieties and in as much 
quantity, on the shelves of supermarkets and shops everywhere, just as 
our baby-aimed variety. For the time being, methods of production and 
the machines used for them are exactly the same as in pampers babies. 
Consequently, the teen diapers currently hold the teddy-bear and other 
baby pictures motif on their front *****. When the Pampers Teens start 
getting produced properly, these strips will be rethought. Our aim is 
to create a brand everyone is comfortable with, and that can be used 
both for urine and feces waste. The same ratio of absorbency is kept as 
with baby diapers. They should not require changing until three uses of 
both urine and feces, although long periods of time without changing 
are not recommended.


Huggies Teen Underwear incorporate a pull-up design similar to that 
used in Goodnites. They retain the look of underwear, but they feel 
like diapers. As where Goodnites leaked easily for anything above 
moderate wetting, and hardly tolerated solid waste, these will do the 
job of Depends, with the knowledge that anyone who will see you won't 
suspect a thing. Huggies have even made a deal with popular underwear 
makers to develop diaper outers that carry brand names, Y fronts, 
colours, patterns, some even look like briefs. Now, any teen can change 
for PE knowing that no-one will find out his little secret.

The last sentence was crass, but the idea was very intriguing. I hoped 
that they really worked. I was considering that when I went back to 
school I would have to give up diapers on PE days.


Huggies' Little Swimmers were an immediate success in their first 
months of retail. Parents of toddlers and babies were becoming tired of 
aqua-diapers, or the frequent accidents that occurred when their sons 
or daughters simply wore regular diapers under swimwear in the water. 
Little swimmers incorporated swimwear-like designs, along with very 
tight and secure leg bands, and very quick to absorb pads in the 
crotch. The design has now been updated, improved and blown up to the 
size of teens who need protection in the water. Be it a swim at the 
pool, or protection in the shower or bath, Wetter Swimmers will not 
raise suspicions, and they will retain anything you can give them. As 
with any swim-diaper, a change or clean is recommended after every 45 
minutes or so.

By the time we had read the various sheets to each other while the 
other walked upstairs with crates, we were finished un-packing and were 
ready and willing to start testing diapers! We went into my bathroom, 
and decided first to open the Pampers. We got them out, and actually 
found the baby-looking diapers quite satisfying. I got on the table 
first. I pulled my pants down, and then Ollie changed me. He lifted my 
pink T-shirt out of the way, and unhooked the Purple Molicare. With 
skilled hands and strong arms, he lifted up my legs and pulled out the 
diaper, taking care to make sure he took away most of the ****. He 
dumped it in my pail, turned me over and wiped me thoroughly with 
diaper wipes. After lotion and talc, he turned me back over and lifted 
my legs one more time. He unfolded the Pampers and slid one underneath 
me. He folded it over and taped it. Jokingly, he slapped my butt as I 
got off and he got on. I returned his favours, and then we both began 
'evaluating.' The big-baby diaper felt really good. Secure, soft. I let 
go some ****. There was actually a lot of it. I could name one brand I 
had been using that would have leaked if I had let that much into it 
that fast. Second test, I began to let my bowels go. I had been saving 
that too. Even though I had let a lot go, I could easily tell that the 
diaper hadn't nearly been fully used. I could tell by the look on 
Ollie's face he was in the same place as me. We spent the rest of the 
day together. My diaper, or his, didn't need to be changed for six 
hours. That was three uses, just what the evaluation said. We changed 
each other out of diapers but didn't put new ones on for about ten 
minutes, while we decided what to do for the rest of the day. The final 
idea was to put on these new simulated underwear things, then go 
swimming to test out the swim-diapers. We both felt weird putting on 
these things like underwear. I knew what I was doing though, It had 
only been about six weeks since I wore them. But Ollie hadn't the 
foggiest. He had never worn them. I laughed a bit while helping him put 
the right leg in to the right hole, the left in the left, pulling them 
up. I even had to help him get his wiener in the right place! 
Eventually, we went downstairs with three swimmers each, a couple 
diapers for afterwards, some towels and goggles. We went down and told 
our Mums where we were going.

"Ollie, have you shown John how to hide the diaper, and where to 

We smiled. "No need, Mum," he showed her his underwear diapers and 
swimmers, then we went through the front door.

Ten minutes later, we arrived in the pool changing rooms. Ollie seemed 
excited that it was his first time changing on the benches, instead of 
hiding him and his diaper in a cubicle. We both laughed as we took off 
our 'underwear' and slipped on our 'trunks.' The guys next to us must 
have thought we were a little crazy. We both walked into the pool, and 
had a great time swimming with our pee and **** between our legs.


Swimming was great. When changing back into daywear, we changed in a 
cubicle, so we could wear proper diapers again without being seen. The 
underwear were OK, but they looked too much like... underwear. We only 
wanted to use them when we were definitely going to be seen. We went 
into one of the big family ones. On one wall was a baby changing table 
attached to the wall and ground on struts. There was a baby diaper 
dispenser. We had great fun lying on the changing table, trying to 
force ourselves into the tiny diapers, and peeing into them to see how 
much they could take. A little guiltily, we left the cubicle happy with 
Depends on our behinds.

We were both laughing at one of Ollie's jokes when we came through my 
front door. Joanna was already standing there, and said, "Can you come 
in here, boys? There's something we'd like to talk to you about."

Instantly, I thought it must be something about me faking the 
bedwetting, and not needing the diapers. A hundred other possibilities 
sprung up. Did they know I was gay? Did they think Ollie was? Did she 
lose her job? Were we in trouble at school? That kind of thing was just 
something you responded to with negative possibilities. Mum was sitting 
at our round table, and we all joined her. "Do you remember," she 
started, "a few weeks ago, when you stayed over at Ollie', because I 
was working for the day upstate?"

"Yeah," I replied. I didn't know where this was going now.

"Well, I wasn't working upstate. I had to drive a few states over for 
an interview. I got the job, and we have to move." Instantly, my eyes 
shot to Ollie's. His Mum responded to this quickly. "Diana was going to 
tell you earlier, but I told her to wait. I had to find out whether I 
could get a transfer to the company's branch in the new town. They've 
accepted it. We're all moving." Our worried looks instantly changed to 
relief and excitement.

"The house I looked at up there was massive, we can easily fit all of 
us in. There's a bedroom for me, one for Joanna, and a huge en suite 
for you two to share. If you don't mind putting up with each other that 
is," she joked. I couldn't believe it! Instantly, all I wanted was to 
leave our houses and move into this new one.

"You two better start packing! We're moving in three days. You'll find 
boxes and cases in your rooms already. Movers will arrive in two days." 
We both instantly got up from our seats and ran to the door. "Oh, and 
one more thing." We stopped and looked at her. "We thought we might 
stop off at Disneyland for a night on the way." I beamed like a lamp. 
Life was good.


We had gone by for three days on getting anything we needed out of 
boxes. No computers or PlayStations at all, and only one old black and 
white TV in Ollie's front room. We were moving on a hot day. We each 
had two overnight bags, of clothes and stuff, and huge one of diapers 
to share between us. We sat next to each other in the back of my Mum's 
big huge car that the new company had given us. She had dropped down a 
soundproof Perspex thing like they have in taxis between us and them. 
We didn't have to hear what they said, they couldn't hear what we said.

"Remember our pact?" Ollie asked me.

"How could I forget?" was my reply. We had decided that the likelihood 
of meeting anyone we knew at Disney land was tiny, and consequently, we 
were not going to be ashamed of our diapers. When it was as hot as it 
was today, did you expect to see babies wearing pants to hide their 
diapers? We weren't going to let too-hot legs spoil any fun. Did you 
ever see a baby ashamed to have his diaper changed in public, or at 
worst, at a changing station? We weren't going to spend forever finding 
a private place to change our diapers. The pact had officially started 
the moment the car left our old street behind. I was wearing a yellow 
T-Shirt and purple molicare. He, a white T-shirt, Pampers diaper. When 
we had got onto the interstate, I needed a change. A little kid of 
about five watched from a car next to ours with amazement, as I swung 
my feet onto Ollie's lap, he slid a Pampers changing mat under me and 
took off a wet diaper. He waved at the kid with the hand holding the 
diaper, and he looked forward again, embarrassed. Ollie put me in a 
depends and I sat back down.


Here is part 3 of John in diapers. It starts just after John, Ollies 
and their Mums reach Disneyland. I've never been, so don't expect 
astonishing amounts of accuracy. Remember: It's all about the diapers!

As the car pulled up in the car lot, I felt a little scared, after all 
my mental preparation, about wearing my diapers in full view. It was 
more than likely someone would react badly. Tease us, even attack us. 
The only thing that made me feel better was that I never knew of anyone 
who had been able to win a fight of any kind with Ollie. Looking down 
at my pants, crumpled in a heap on the floor, and wondered if I was 
making a mistake. Finally, I resolved that I would be a lot happier 
once I got started.

As expected, when we started queuing, there were what must have been 
almost a thousand people queuing with us. We joined the back of one of 
them, and began to practice putting up with the stares we were getting. 
Anyone who could see us elbowed the person next to them and pointed at 
us. At first it was embarrassing. After getting us a little angry, we 
began to find it funny. By the time we were paying, we'd learned to 
ignore it. There was one thing that was hard to ignore. A man with a 
ten year old son grabbed him by his pants, and exposed a size six 
Pampers, which he was barely fitting into. In a loud voice, the dad 
exclaimed, "There, you see that? If you don't start behaving yourself, 
you'll end up like those two over there. You still want to be in 
diapers when you're sixteen?" Red with embarrassment, the boy pulled 
his pants back up, and held back tears. We both had a hard time 
restraining ourselves from doing something to punish that guy for 
embarrassing all three of us.

By the time we got inside and had been on three rides, we both wanted 
changing. We went inside a baby changing room. Inside were a whole lot 
of mothers changing diapers, and only one changing table available. 
Ollie got on first and everyone watched as I put a new one on him, and 
again as he changed me. Just as we turned around to leave, we saw a 
mother changing a diaper. The only thing different about her from the 
other mums was that her 'baby' looked about our age. He looked at us, a 
little embarrassed. "Oh damn," his mum said, "I left your diapers with 
Joey. I'll be back in a sec." She left him on the table, a dirty diaper 
untaped but still sitting behind him. We both walked over to him, and 
introduced ourselves. "Hi," he replied, "I'm David. You guys... 

"He is," I said, "I'm a bedwetter, which means that..." I grappled for 
an explanation. It was already a lie after all, "If I get scared on the 
rides I might wet."

David was a little more honest. "I just like the diapers. My mum thinks 
I'm incontinent." We both smiled and admitted, "Yeah, same here! Well, 
he really is incontinent, but he likes them, too."

We exchanged smiles, when his mum walked back in. "Found them. Oh 
hello," she said to us when she saw we were all talking. "Excuse me," 
she said, trying to get past us to sort out his diaper. "Actually Mum," 
he said to her, "These guys were about to lend me one of theirs. We 
were gonna go off together for a couple hours." His Mum seemed pretty 
OK with it. "OK Dave. I'll leave you with this," she dropped the diaper 
bag, "Meet us back at the hotel at... five?" He nodded agreement, still 
lying down with the ****** diaper. His mum walked out of the door. He 
looked at Ollie and asked, "Would you mind?" Ollie stepped forward and 
scooped up the diaper, sealing it up in a bag and dropping it in the 
diaper pail under the table. It looked very out of place among the 
little pampers and Huggies. I found my self wishing that all those 
babies knew how lucky they were, and that they would never have their 
diapers taken away by the evils of potty training. Ollie gestured to me 
to pass him some lotion and a diaper from David's bag. I picked it up 
and looked inside. "Uh, I have lotion, but all I can find here are two 

"A Goodnite will be fine," said David.

Ollie and me both screwed up our faces. I handed the Goodnites to a 
twelve year old behind me changing his little sister's diaper. "Go 
nuts," I said. "Friends don't let friends use training pants," I said 
to David, as Ollie was rubbing lotion. "They totally suck. Here." I 
passed him a Depends from our diaper bag, and then stuck a few others 
in his bag. David thanked me, then the twelve year old behind me pulled 
my sleeve, gesturing with the Goodnites. "What the hell are these?"

"They're Goodnites. You put them on so you have somewhere to pee. Duh!"

"Hey, you may need this ****, but I have toilets. Me normal, you freak. 
Got it?" He stormed out, carrying his sister, leaving the two Goodnites 
on the bench. That was the first time I had had a direct confrontation 
with someone who was happy with the toilet, and angry with me for being 
a 'freak.' At that moment, there were five people in that room. Four 
were in diapers, and he was the only one not. Wasn't he the freak? As I 
left the changing room, I saw what seemed to me like the whole world 
queuing up for the toilets. I felt like all their eyes were on me. Was 
I the freak?


That night, me and Ollie shared a hotel room. We weren't having any 
more time in Disneyland, we were just staying there for the night. It 
would take us the whole day driving to reach our new home if we left at 
8 and arrived at 6. Despite the need for rest before a long day's 
traveling, I couldn't sleep. Ollie was fast asleep. I guess being in 
diapers all his life, he had grown used to being different and 
tolerating it. After having my confidence boosted by meeting John, I 
had felt on top of the world. What that kid had said, all those people 
queuing for the toilets, it really reminded me what my new diaper life 
meant. How come how people chose to manage their excreta was such a big 
deal? I got up, and looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing 
pyjamas. I looked normal. I thought normal things. I did normal things. 
I liked normal things. As I pulled down my pants, what I saw reminded 
me that I was normal but for this one thing. Was it such a big deal? 
No-one usually saw it or knew about it. Was it a mistake to do this 
'Look-at-my-diapers' thing at Disneyland? If people didn't see it, 
would they consider me normal? I guess most people have something which 
sets them aside which no-one usually knows about. An unsightly pimple. 
An operation scar. A criminal record. But did it make it OK, just 
because no-one knew about it? For the first time in a long while, I 
felt my **** between my legs, and it came with a measure of disgust.


Before anyone else had woken up, I had snuck out to the hotel corridor, 
and found a washing bin. Looking around to make sure no-one saw me, I 
sneaked open the lid and grabbed some undies. Running back into my 
hotel room, I rushed into the bathroom and locked the door. I had 
already stacked up my clothes for the day. A T-shirt, a denim shirt, 
some jeans. Sitting to the side, a diaper sat. Folded up, gleaming in 
the light from the lamp. I placed the underwear next to it, and sat on 
a stool, staring. On one hand, lay a pair of underwear, the toilet 
looming under it, looking about as tempting as garbage dump. On the 
other, a diaper sat on the shelf above a changing table, looking so 
tempting it was like before I managed to get diapers in the first 
place. But it came at a price. I spent the next ten minutes, sitting 
naked, deciding whether or not I could handle that price. My 
deliberations were interrupted when Ollie banged on the door. "Johnny, 
get a move on. Your Mum just called, we're leaving in fifteen."

"OK," I called back timidly. I made my decision, and got dressed. I 
opened the door, and Ollie asked, "Is that diaper for me?" pointing at 
the one on the shelf above the changing table.
Hesitating a second, I replied. "Yeah. You keep it."

Half an hour later, we were already on the interstate. I had forgotten 
how hard it was to hold back pee for long periods of time. We were 
supposed to be stopping in half an hour for breakfast. It felt so much 
longer. By the time we had got there, I went straight for the toilets. 
Everyone assumed I was going there to change myself. I wasn't. I ran 
into the first cubicle, cursing it for not having a lock. Without time 
to stop myself, I pulled my pants and underwear down, sat on the seat 
and let go. It felt horrible. At first I thought that I must not be 
going properly, because as soon as I had let go, it had gone. The 
experience of the toilet slowly came flooding back to me. In a glum 
mood, I hardly realised the door open, and my cubicle door swing, Ollie 
standing in the doorway, looking down at me with a look of confusion. 
It only took him a second to understand exactly what I was feeling, and 
why. He shut the door, and propped it shut with the diaper bag he was 
carrying. He sat down in front of me. "Once, when I was about nine or 
ten, I went to a youth centre. It was great for the first few days. 
Loads of new friends and things to do. Then one time, a kid walked in 
on me while I was having a diaper change from the youth worker. He 
immediately ran out and told everyone I was just a little baby, and 
waved the wet diaper he had found. Everyone spent the rest of the day 
laughing at me. When I got home, I cried myself to sleep. The next 
morning, my Mum dropped me off, and before I let anyone see me, I ran 
into the toilets and ripped off my diaper. I walked into the main room, 
and pulled down my pants. Everyone saw I wasn't wearing a diaper, but 
they still laughed at me. I was the boy who got naked. By the end of 
the day, I was the boy who walked out of there with wet pants because 
he couldn't control his bladder and he wouldn't let the youth workers 
diaper him. Wet pants boy was worse than diaper boy. It's even better 
when no-one knows you're a diaper boy. But if they do, it's better to 
be diaper boy that wet pants boy."

"I don't have to be either though. I don't wet my pants. I have 
lousy... continence."

"I wouldn't be so sure. Well, yeah, you're not going to be wet pants 
boy. But you know who you will be? Unhappy boy. Since you've been in 
diapers, you've been much happier. Much happier. No-one will want to 
know unhappy boy. Some people might not want to know diaper boy. But 
most people will never find out you're him. And a lot of those who do 
will grow to be OK with it." He grabbed into the diaper bag and handed 
me a Pampers. "This is who you are. Who you need to be."

Overcome with too many emotions to list, I nodded. Ollie smiled, and 
pulled me too my feet. He ripped off the lousy underwear along its 
seams and threw them into the toilet bowl. "Let the toilet people have 
them," he said. He unfolded the diaper, and strapped it on.


The car parked itself in front of the garage door, and everyone eagerly 
got out. Mum pulled the keys we'd just picked up out of her pocket, and 
turned one in the lock. I will leave describing it to you until we got 
it furnished. At the moment, the house was fairly bare, and none of us 
much liked the decor of choice of the previous owners. But what we 
could see was vast space and a lot of potential. Ollie and me ran up 
the stairs and across the balcony to what was to be our en suite 
bedroom. Massive, huge room! The bathroom occupied a corner of it, and 
the opposite wall was covered in windows. Next to the bathroom door, 
the movers had already stacked all the boxes labeled 'Ollie,' 'John,' 
and 'diapers.' The first boxes we had to open were 'Diaper changing 
stuff,' and 'Pampers,' as our two-day diaper bag was severely low on 
supplies. After a refreshing change, we got down to deciding how we 
wanted our room. Mum had told us that both my and him Mums' jobs came 
with big pay rises, and as long as we didn't get too far over $1500, we 
could do what we wanted with our rooms. We dug my laptop out of a box, 
and began deciding how things were going to go.

The decorators and carpenters that we got in were fantastic. The house 
was finished in a week. Let me take you on a little tour: The kitchen 
and dining room was one of those really modern ones that are designed 
to fit in any kitchen space, and come in lots of boxes with really 
complicated instructions. It looked like the set of a cable cookery 
show, but less tacky. Our living room had a couple of big sofas, a huge 
hi-fi, and one of those plasma screen TVs. Ollie's Mum was a bit of a 
technology fanatic. There was a study for my Mum, and one for Ollie's. 
The last room downstairs was a small toilet, which I couldn't tell you 
about, because I've never been in there. The stairs were on the left 
hand side of the main hall, and led across a balcony, with three doors, 
one dominating the left half, and two equidistant on the right half. 
The two on the right were our mums' rooms, and the one on the left was 
ours. Inside, a sofa facing our television and the old hi-fi from our 
old living room was in the half of the room that also had the bathroom. 
In the other half, two double beds, facing each other, and two desks. 
It wasn't unusual for us both to sleep in one of the beds. Not that we 
were 'sleeping together' in the conventional sense. It was hard to 
explain why, but that's just the way we felt comfortable sometimes. 
Most nights, we were in our own beds though. My favourite bit: the 
bathroom. First, there was a cubicle containing two showers. The house 
only had one bath, in my Mum's room. We had had the decorators rip out 
the toilet, and we'd had great fun helping them smash it up with 
sledgehammers so it would fit in the skip. Apart from the showers, and 
the wash basin, there was nothing else you would expect to find in a 
conventional teen's bathroom. A huge changing table, much more adequate 
than the baby-aimed ones we both had in our old houses. The carpenter 
had made it specially for us, and it was fantastic. On the wall above, 
dispensers of baby lotion and talcum powder, that were designed so that 
if you had no-one else to change you, they dropped in the right places 
for where you were lying, and easy to operate with push buttons on the 
sides of the table. Underneath was a big box of wipes and one of 
tissues. On its left, a big garbage bin, just as tall as the table 
itself. It was adapted for diapers. The inside was cased with Micro-Ban 
plastics and things, which trapped the smells and kept it sanitary. 
Above it was a dispenser of diaper bags, and concealed behind the bin, 
a garbage shoot. Across the opposite wall, the best sight you've ever 
seen. The whole wall was covered in shelving, widely spaced apart, with 
hinged doors that opened upwards. On each door, a window that ran the 
length of it, a handle, and special label holders, each neatly typed. 
'Depends' 'Depends overnight' 'Attends' 'Molicare' 'Pampers' 'Huggies 
Pull-ups' 'Swimmers' and more. We'd left a few empty for the next 
prototypes that would come. The cabinet was well lit, and brought the 
pleasure of diapers with elegance of design.

As for the prototypes, out next delivery was due a day after the 
decorating was finished. As usual, both Ollie and me were waiting 
outside for the van, which was much more on time (very early: six 
thirty in the morning), and driven by a much nicer man than the old 
one. He greeted us both with a smile and a friendly nod. He brought us 
round to the back of the van, and opened the door. The van was really 
full. "Whoa," Ollie said, "That's a lot of diapers."

"Well, you guys are the first on my delivery round."


"Yep. Inco-sup headquarters are only a few blocks down."

Both our eyes widened. Looking down at the delivery form he'd given me 
to sign, I looked at the address. It was real similar to ours. Fantasy 
images of the headquarters began to form themselves in my mind. A huge 
tower office block with a big graphic of a diaper on the front. Going 
inside, and finding everyone wearing nothing but a diaper, running 
tests on diapers with tiny hoses and test tubes of blue chemicals.

I continued to fantasize about the Inco-sup headquarters, and talking 
about it with Ollie, while we carried the crates off the truck and 
stacked them in our bathroom. While we were unpacking the diapers and 
stacking them in the diaper cabinet, we decided to visit the HQ as soon 
as we finished unpacking. We also talked about the new prototypes 
they'd sent us, and the developments in the ones we'd re-ordered. The 
teen pampers now had updated graphics. Now, they just had 'Teen 
Pampers' written on them, a green wetness indicator on the front, and a 
yellow **** indicator on the back. The Huggies underwear things were 
just the same, and the swimmers were too. They'd also sent us some 
plastic pants with disposable inserts made by a company I hadn't heard 
of before, some Teen Huggies that were diaper-style not underwear-
style, very thick and comfortable, and some new brand called Teenneeds.

We both diapered each other in a new Depends Overnight, which was the 
most absorbent, and we didn't have a diaper bag yet to carry stuff to 
change ourselves while we were out of house. We told our Mums where we 
were going, they told us they would leave the keys under the mat, 
because they would leave for work while we were out.

Our house was on the fringes of the town centre, but not so close it 
was disturbed by the town's noise and lights. It was a short, five 
minute walk to the first few shops and restaurants, and took us a 
further five minutes to track down the street that Inco-sup were on. I 
was only a little disappointed to find that the buildings weren't how 
they were in my mad fantasies. The office block was about 45 yards 
wide, and ten stories high. There was a wide alley for the lorries at 
the side, which joined up to the main loading bay of a large warehouse 
behind it. The office blocks were unmarked, but the street level floor 
was converted into a shop. It was quite discreet, only a few windows 
that you would have to look very hard through to see that they sold 
diapers for big people. The sign above the door said 'Inco-sup' in 
baige letters, and the small sign next to it carried the company's 
slogan. We hurried in before anyone on the street had time to recognise 
us or commit our faces to memory. Inside, had I come in before I had my 
diapers, I would probably be more than tempted to shoplift. The centre 
isles were covered in diapers. Not crates of the proportions we got 
through deliveries, but lots of different bags. The first isle that met 
my eye was selling Depends in anything from big bags of 40, to little 
trial packs of 2. The next isle sold Attends, the next was split 
between Molicare and Poise. The one behind that was carrying teen 
diapers, from the less than adequate Goodnites, to Depends Overnights, 
and a few bags of the Huggies and Pampers prototypes. The isle behind 
that was selling talcum powder, anti-rash creams, lotion, disposable 
changing mats and wipes. Another was marked 'Travel supplies,' and 
contained small travel versions of powder lotion and wipes, along with 
a variety of diaper bags. This was Our first stop. Picking up a basket, 
we bought a big diaper bag, that wasn't very obvious to anyone who just 
looked at the outside. Inside was enough space for a whole day's worth 
of diapers for both of us, pockets for lotion and things, and a large, 
foldaway changing mat. We also picked up some of the travel packs of 
condiments. Next, we moved over to a small magazine rack, where there 
wasn't anything very exciting. Mostly very non-exciting incontinence 
literature for old people, and patronising teen bedwetting magazines. 
But we picked up a few leaflets about the making of diapers, one about 
why people wear them or might need them, and a list of websites. We 
paid for our purchases, and made our way back home.

The first thing we did was to take the new diaper travel bag out of its 
packaging, and packed it with the condiments we had bought, and as many 
diapers of as many different kinds as we could, so we could just pick 
it up and go. Next, we looked through the leaflets. The making of 
diapers was fairly un-interesting, and it was clear why it was free. 
The leaflet about why people wear them was really interesting. It had 
the obvious like incontinence, bedwetting. It also had my reason, just 
loving them. It also had some interesting articles about high schools 
that use them because they didn't have toilets, high schools that use 
them as punishment, parents who use them as punishment, and space 
missions where it's too difficult to pee in a toilet without gravity. 
After finding out that the list of websites were all either boring or 
out of service, we decided to try the new prototypes we had been sent.

Ollie was the first to get up on the table. He wanted to try the 
Teenneeds. They were easy to put on, but fairly scrawny. They didn't 
absorb well and seemed to be designed for people who couldn't control 
their ****. After hating them for a few minutes, he ripped it off while 
he was changing me into one of the plastic pants things with the 
inserts. He took one of the yellowish rubber pants, and one of the 
inserts. The insert was held into place by two brackets that wove in 
and out of holes on either end of the crotch. He stretched them open, 
and tugged them up to my crotch. They were really tight, and the insert 
held hardly anything. They were so tight that they spread the **** all 
round my ***, and it ended up getting my pubic hair real messy. After 
bad experience with bad diapers, we both got in the shower and helped 
each other clean off. Once our crotches were clean, we slipped on 
swimmers and cleaned the rest of ourselves. After finishing with that, 
we decided that the Huggies would have to wait, because we couldn't 
cope with more awful diapers today! We got into some Molicare, and 
spent the rest of the hot day watching television in our diapers.
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Mine is a bit diferent my baby siter daiperd me and locked all the bath rooms

i liked the story alot too. it would be totally cool to have a diaper "brother" to live with again like that. it would to totally awesome to get diapers for free! i dont think id ever be able to wear diapers out in public without pants on too. i sorta get off knowing pps see im wearing diapers when my shirt doesnt quite cover it all up or they see how its like bulging in my pants so much, but i think "in-ur-face" is sorta like impolite or something. its like going around with poopy diapers and like stinking everybody else out. diapers r totally cute when theyre dry, but when theyre wet or dirty only pps that luv u will be okay seeing u then. i hope the story will go on and the boys will get to work at the place where they make the diapers so they can teach them what teens really like diapers to be like.

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I am sorakhfan....I am not lying, I forgot my password. but...I feel so stupid... no judgeing. I had memory loss

you are so lucky and i am too scared to buy diapers or tell my mom about how much i love them! oopsi i just peed myself but this was a diaper that i made out of towels and other stuff.. so can one of you people buy me diapers!? but it has to be the comfyest and the softest and don't you just love the felling of a wet diaper?

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Wow that is some story. You are so lucky to have an understanding mother and a great friend.<br />
I remember when I was 6 and went through the bed wetting stage, I would get the wooden spoon, I would not dare **** myself. Now as an adult and on my own I can do what ever I like when ever I like except at work. In a way I have become an experienced pants pooper and I know how to make a cloth diaper, would like to know where to get the adult one from as I would like to try them.

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