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Adbl Gets Spanked By Mommy For Not Wearing Diaper Last Night And For Being A Bad Baby This Morning...

I am sorry, Mommy, that I didn't wear my diaper last night..please don't spank me too hard..Mommy told me last night that I was bad for leaking so many of my diapers yesterday...I cried and cried and told her I was sorry but she still spanked me hard...Mommy diapered me last night and siad that if I took off my diaper there would be consequences...I am known to take off my diaper as I want to be a 'big girl'. Mommy just won't have it. Mommy said that I don't act big girl enough to be diaper-free. I cried and cried..Mommy said that if I kept crying that I would get an even harder spanking...Mommy said that because I took off my diaper last night that I couldn't play with my friends today...she said I have been all fussy and that I need more naps today..I fussed and fussed all morning long and through a tantrum...Mommy said that that is not how a big girl acts...Mommy told me to remember how my baby bottom felt after my last spanking...Mommy said that she would put me over her knee and spank me for 10 minutes and said that if I didn't feel it the last time that I would feel it this time...I fussed some more and cried...Mommy said that I was asking for it..I got quiet..Mommy said that if I had more crying in the next 5minutes that I wasn't allowed to play all week long with my friends...She put me in my crib. I reached out to her to tell her that I was sorry...Mommy said that maybe next time I wouldn't cry like a baby so much..Mommy said that if I wanted to be a big girl that I needed to act like a big girl..I cried out and yelled that I was a big girl...Mommy put my pacifier in my mouth and said that she had enough...Mommy picked me and told me that I was getting that spanking .Mommy said that if I cried while I was being spanked that she would spank me even harder and that it would hurt so much that my baby bottom will be hurting all day long. Mommy said that she was about to teach me a lesson that big girls do not cry and that when Mommy tells baby to stop crying that baby must listen...Mommy started spanking...I started crying..Mommy asked me if I wanted it more and harder...I cried and cried..Mommy said that perhaps she needed to get her belt and I started crying some more...Mommy started whipping me...I kept quiet until it started hurting so badly...Mommy looked at me in the eyes and said she was sorry for having to spank me so hard but that I need to listen as her baby girl...I was in tears, my bottom was aching was so tender that when Mommy put me back in my crib, I couldn't sit down..Mommy told me to lay on my stomach and mommy started rubbing my bottom..Mommy said that she was sorry again but babies need to listen to her Mommies...Mommy said that if I didn't fuss for the next hour that I could go play with my friends..Mommy said that she didn't want to spank me again and that she hopes that I would be a good baby the rest of the day..I closed my eyes and took my nap...
PinkPrincessMunchkin PinkPrincessMunchkin 26-30, F 3 Responses Jun 24, 2012

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ill twye

I cant help it...

Quit being a bad baby and this wouldn't happen.