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One Of The Best Stories Ever!

Laurie was the kind of teacher who always put her students first. Being a 4th grade teacher, it was kind of important, because they all were starting to nearly become preteens. It’s why I was happy to hire her in the first place, because I knew she could handle the responsibilities. Secretly, I did think she was one of the most beautiful girls in the world.
I had always done a great job to keep my professionalism before my personal business at work. After all, I was the head honcho, the principal of this elementary school! But with her, it was always border-line. One moment I was perfectly fine, could hold a conversation with her with no problems. The next, I could not say a single word to her, and my thoughts…I don’t know if I can say how naughty they are…
Things started getting out of hand at the big school district meeting. She was sitting right in front of me, her back turned to me as we listened to the boring school board tell who god knows what. I caught myself staring at her the first time, and tried to distract myself by listening to what the board had to say. But not a minute later, there I was staring back at her again. She didn’t even know, it was my secret desires that were overtaking my mind, as well as my sex drive. Hunched over in my seat to conceal embarrassment, I kept staring at her, looked down at her ***…picturing it in a diaper. A big, stinky diaper and everyone around her could smell it. Yet, I would be the only one that knows the smell permeated from her, besides herself. This was driving me wild; I could not take my mind off it! I knew something that had to be done to satisfy myself…
But what could be done? I could never convince her to do something like this. After all, how many people willingly **** themselves in a diaper and enjoy it? This thought troubled me for days after that meeting. Others around me were starting to take notice, with the occasional staff member asking me if I was ok. Naturally, I had to play it off, as my mind couldn’t get the ****** diaper thought of Laurie out of my head. It finally consumed me enough where I even forgot to make the morning announcements one day.
My secretary took notice of this, and told me to get out of the office and clear my mind. I agreed this might help take my mind off of my thoughts, at least to just wander around the halls of the school.
Unfortunately, my mind only focused even harder on her. I didn’t even notice as I walked right into her. As I came to, I noticed that papers were all over the ground, must have been hers. Not long after my hearing re-focused into the real world…
“…my fault Principal Duncan…”
I cut her off, “no Laurie that was my fault I was lost in thought. Here, let me help you out.”
As we picked up the papers and got to talking, and after finding out she’s been having troubles with some students of hers, I decided to take a chance…
“Hey Laurie, how about you come over to my house for some coffee tonight, and we can discuss what we could do to help your students and you out?”
“Sure! That would help me so much, thank you! I’ll be over around 6,” she says with that irresistible-yet-innocent smile as she walks off with her stack of papers in hand.
As she had said, she arrived promptly at 6. Looking better than ever, I started making the coffee and we got to casually chatting. Pretty soon coffee was ready, and I went to go prepare it and bring it back to her. She starts drinking it, and we continue chatting like normal.
“…and so as I was saying,” she said, “Mark is just…n-n-not b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b…..” She passes out mid-sentence.
Good, I thought to myself, it worked! Now to get to work…
Laurie woke up the following morning. It seemed like any other morning, except she was feeling…different. She wasn’t sure what it was, but something felt funny. She tried to remember what happened last night, and all she could remember was coming home, getting some work done, eating dinner, and reading a book until she went to bed. But still, that funny feeling was there, and it was bothering her. She was very cautious as she went about her morning routine. She is ready to hop in the shower, and strips off her pajama pants; only to find something she was not expecting…a diaper was taped on her! She screamed, startled at the site that was before her eyes.
Suddenly, the phone rang, making her scream once again. She checks the caller ID, and sees it’s me. She quickly picks it up.
“Well hello there baby Laurie! How are we doing this fine morning?”
“w-w-what did you just call me??” she asked, wondering if she was losing her mind.
“You heard me. Now answer my question!”
She has no response; her mind is completely blank and awestruck at what I told her.
I decide to break the silence. “Well since you just found out about your diaper, I’m guessing you’re in a little bit of shock. Let me try and make it simple for you. You are now my…assistant. You will do what I ask you to do from now on. The first thing you need to do is come to school immediately and come straight to my office. Oh, and if you take that diaper off, I will not only fire you, I will make sure you NEVER work as a teacher, or any other job for that matter, EVER AGAIN!”
Still dumbstruck, she managed to stammer, “o-ok.”
She got ready quickly, and dashed into my office as fast as possible, avoiding eye contact with everyone she passed by.
“Ah, right on time, good girl!” I said.
As she gathers herself in front of me, she stops, and notices things are…different…with my office. There are a bunch of small TV’s. Each one was turned on to something different than the rest.
“W-w-what are you doing with all those TV’s?!” she asks me.
I stay dead silent, as she takes a closer look, and realizes the images on the TV’s look very familiar. She puts two and two together, and notices they are all the places she is normally in! Her classroom, the school hallways, bathrooms, even her entire house. She realizes there is no way out of this, and loses all hope, as she stares down at the floor, awaiting her fate.
I take a deep breath and start off sternly, “Alright Laurie, here is what you need to do. You will be my baby girl indefinitely, and I am now your daddy when you are not around others besides me. You will call me daddy, and you will make an attempt at talking to me like a baby, or at least a toddler. You will be staying in those diapers 24/7. You may not change them yourself, nor can you have anyone but myself change them. When you shower, you may take off your current diaper, but you must put that one back on immediately after! Also, I also have complete control of any bladder or bowel movements you need to make, so you best let me know when you have to go. If you go before you tell me, or go without my permission, you will be punished, most likely by a spanking, but possibly by more than that as well. Starting tomorrow at lunch, you will be eating lunch with me every day in my office as well. I say tomorrow because I see you already got your own lunch. From now on I’ll have your lunch ready for you every day. Finally, anything else that I need or think of for you to do, I will let you know.”
“…and what happens if I step out of line and refuse to do something?” she asks.
“Like I said on the phone, you will be fired, and you will never work as a teacher or as anything else ever again,” I replied very sternly.
She managed whimper, “o-o-ok.”
“Good! Now, go get to your classroom, I’m pretty sure you got a full day of school planed for your students!” I said as I put a sly smile on my face.
Lucky for Laurie, she had a very uneventful, almost-normal day at school. She did not use her diapers one, she never really felt a need to go to the bathroom at all. As she is about to leave to head home, she starts to feel a slight urge to pee, but she is able to hold it until she gets home, where she is starting to get a bit desperate.
Remembering what I told her that morning, she quickly picks up the phone, and calls me. “D-daddy?” she tries to say it in the cutest-yet-still-guilty voice, “I need to go potty…number 1.”
“Ok. Since my baby girl was well-behaved today, go ahead and go whenever you’re ready to go. I will change you first thing in the morning at school!” I said in a very comforting tone.
“Ok daddy…bye,” she hangs up. She sighs, and releases her now-full bladder. Warm, she thought to herself, yet still very icky feeling…why does the principal want me to do this all?
The rest of the night was pretty uneventful, as her crotch and *** got used to the wet feeling. She wasn’t quite sure, but she could swear she was wet in a completely different way down there…but she could not even imagine feeling turned on by that! Still unsure, she went to sleep for the night, hoping things would be different…
Waking up from a very peaceful night of sleep, Laurie quickly snapped back to reality, where she was in a cold, soggy diaper. Realizing she was getting slightly uncomfortable, she showered, got ready and left to get to school. She quickly darted into my office for a quick change, which I was happy to give to her.
This seems like today is gonna be pretty easy on me too! She thought to herself. All I have to do is eat lunch with my boss, and I’ll be home free for sure!
Lunchtime! She went over to my office, as expected of her. “Good, my baby girl is here!” I said. I picked her up and put her in the oversized high chair I bought for her. You could tell by the look on her face that she was fairly content, if not enjoying this sort of attention I was giving her. “Enjoying this, aren’t we?” I ask her.
“N-no!” she quickly wipes that look off her face, replacing it with a guilty look. How did he know I was beginning to like this? She thought.
She didn’t put up much of a fight when I started feeding her the bananas and oatmeal. She must have been starving because she was eager for more after every bite. Good, I thought to myself, she doesn’t notice…
Laurie was finished and put down out of the high chair. “You’re free to go my baby girl, have fun teaching your kids!” I said, with a slight smirk on my face.
As Laurie walked back to her classroom, she couldn’t seem to understand why her stomach was feeling a little bit upset. She knew she hadn’t pooped in 2 days, but that was normal for her, considering she never ate an incredible amount of food anyways. Every step she took her stomach felt worse and worse. She couldn’t leave school now; she had too much to deal with today with her kids. She decided she would stick it out; hopefully she could make it to the end of the day at least, and ask me to change her real quickly.
But her bowels had other thoughts. Pretty soon after she got back to her class, her upset stomach slowly turned into a need to poop, and to poop a lot, really badly. She was fidgeting a lot, barely holding on as she went on talking to her students. Luckily for her, most of them were not noticing the slight potty dance she was doing as it became more and more obvious.
Laurie had to do something soon; otherwise it was just going to end up in her diaper anyways. She decided to try and let out a fart, maybe relieve some of the pressure…big mistake. That one fart was incredibly wet and slimy, and was followed by an involuntary wet fart, and another. Pretty soon, she was done farting and **** was just erupting out her ***, filling every single space inside that diaper. It was very warm against her ***, spreading up to her ***** and farther. It continually flowed out of her for about 10 solid minutes before she felt empty. She could already smell it, and it made her eyes water from how horrible the stench was to her. Every step she took, the poop mushed and squished around in her diaper, making the smell much stronger than it was seconds before.
About ten minutes after she finished ******** herself, she did something she immediately regretted…sitting down. That spread the poop around even farther, some even going up into her *****. She shuddered in discomfort, as she could not stand that feeling at the moment.
Not long after, her kids started noticing the smell. At first, a few were just looking around, scrunching their noses, wondering where it came from. But the few turned into the entire class very quickly, with finger pointing and accusations starting.
“Where’s the smell coming from?” “Did somebody fart?” “…no somebody had an accident; it’s much stronger than a fart!” “It’s strongest over here!!” “He did it!” “I did not, it was her!”
Laurie knew that pretty soon they could figure out that no student had **** themselves. She knew she had to act fast if she was to keep herself from being found out.
“Look class,” she said. “Whoever did it, we’re not asking you to come forward and say who you are. But, it is unbearable in here, and I cannot teach with the smell. So, I want you kids to go have recess for the last hour of the day before school ends, so we can air out the room. Hopefully, whoever had the accident also will have a chance at getting themselves cleaned up without anyone knowing it was them!” She pleaded in her head that daddy would take care of her.”
Of course, the students were more than happy to leave for recess. Laurie took advantage of the now-empty classroom to call me. “D-d-daddy? I pooped…”
“You did now, huh? You’re in trouble, you didn’t tell me you had to go! Stay where you are I will be in your classroom in a few minutes to give you your punishment.”
Those five minutes it took for me to get there seemed like hours, maybe even days to Laurie. She was starting to cry quietly, hoping that I would be more loving and caring rather than strict.
I came into the classroom, and said, “Alright, for not telling me you had to go, you get five spankings. So, come over here and lean over my knee, baby, you need to learn your lesson.”
She was hesitant at first, not wanting to go through with a spanking, especially with an incredibly messy diaper on her. “I am going to count to three. If you are not over my knee by three, your spankings will double, and I will be more forceful with them,” I said. “One…”
She waddled over as quickly as she could, and got over my knee before I could get to two. I started swatting her, at first lightly, and then on the third one I started making them count. She was screaming, mostly from the fact that she was getting spanked, not so much from the dull pain. The spankings caused the poop in her diaper to get mushed around some more. She could have sworn some went back up into her ***, and even more in her *****. The diaper was also on the verge of leaking, which I noticed as well.
Very quickly I grabbed out some plastic pants that I had in the bag I brought. “Alright baby Laurie. Since you also were not able to hold it until school ended, you are getting an additional punishment. You must stay in this diaper for 2 whole days. Just for added protection, I am giving you a break and putting some plastic pants on you, so you hopefully don’t leak.” With that I put the plastic pants on her, bounced her on my leg a bit to add to the squishiness of her poop, to let it start leaking as well into the plastic pants.
She waited out the rest of the day, sobbing quietly, alone in her classroom, until it was time for her to go home. She absolutely hated the feeling of **** crammed up into her *****; she wondered how anyone could ever get used to it. But again, like the night before with her wet diaper, she could have sworn she was wet down there from her *****. Possibly even dripping wet, she thought to herself. The thought of being dripping wet was actually turning her on a bit, she rubbed herself a bit while she drove home, admitted guiltily that it felt a little good, even though it was incredibly gross and inhumane.
She ended up pooping twice more that night, each time was more than the last. Apparently her big **** she had at school earlier loosened up her bowels, and she continued to fill her already-full diaper with soft, mushy, warm poop. By the time she went to bed, her diaper could not hold anymore, and her plastic pants were completely filled with ****, almost leaking out them. She cried herself to sleep, hoping that she would get some pity from her daddy real soon, so she could get out of this diaper sooner than 2 days!
She gets to school the next day, still wet and incredibly messy. The problem is her plastic pants are basically about to explode from all the poop in there. It also didn’t help that she moved around a ton in her sleep, moving her poop this way and that way, stretching the plastic pants at the seams. She knew she had to be extra careful today with her movements, otherwise she would have a very big problem on her hands.
And for the first part of the day, she was perfectly fine. The plastic pants contained the smell, and nothing leaked out of the plastic pants. She walked around the room very slowly and cautiously, pretending she was focusing on checking her student’s things they were working on. In reality, she was just looking for an excuse to not sit down in the mess and make it go everywhere again.
Suddenly, she stumbled a bit, but was able to catch herself before she fell to the ground. But, the sudden movement caused the plastic pants to rip under her skirt. All the contents oozed out and plopped onto the floor, the smell rising and filling the room again like it did yesterday. All the students just stared for a second, before they just started pointing and laughing at Laurie. You could hear some of them shouting at how big of a baby Laurie was for messing herself, teasing her for what she did. Laurie didn’t know what else to do, besides run out of the room crying like a little school girl.
She had no idea where she should go at first. She just walked out of her class, poop streaking down her legs; it was kind of hard for her to think! Luckily she saw me, and knew I would be willing to do something about her situation. She grabs me and pulls me back into my office, sobbing uncontrollably.
“Daddy please!!! I can’t be like this!” she begged me for a change.
Now I was becoming incredibly horny over the site that was in front of me. The smell of **** was stronger than ever, as I could see it streaking down her legs, with the consistency of almost pudding. Lust took over me, as I instructed her to take off her clothing, down to her diaper/plastic pants. Thinking she was going to get what she wanted, she did as she was told with no hesitation. I then told her to lie down, and she obeyed. To her dismay, I unzipped my pants, pulled out my semi-hard ****. I had to **** pretty badly, and decided she would be perfect to relieve myself. I started peeing all over her, making sure she was covered in my pee. She was bawling, screaming at me to stop it. Each time she opened her mouth, I just aimed my pee into her mouth, causing her to muffle her cries, and drink some of my ****. My **** was also hitting all the **** that was on her, effectively diluting the **** on her legs to a liquid brown instead of the chunks.
Finally after what seemed like an eternity, my stream of **** died down, and I was finished. Laurie was drenched head to toe in ****, she smelled of it too. She just laid there, helpless as a baby, covered in my pee as well as her own **** and pee. She didn’t stop crying, until I finally felt sorry enough for her that I actually cleaned her up very carefully. I made sure I was doing the part of the good daddy by making sure my baby girl was clean. I even sent her home for the rest of the day with some spare diapers, telling her that she could change herself when she wants for the rest of the night.
That night, she didn’t know what to think of what her daddy did to her. She wanted to feel upset, violated, and much more than that. But, she was feeling slightly turned on at the thought of me peeing all over her and herself covered in her **** and pee as well. The warm, mushy feeling of poop in her mind was making her ***** tingle a bit. She needed to ****** before she fell asleep, otherwise she would be up all night
She decided to wet her diaper, and rub herself through the diaper, starting out slowly, working her way towards faster and faster rubbing. The wetness in her diaper was actually rubbing against her just right. Pretty soon she couldn’t control her moans, and ended up ******* so hard she squirted for a good 20 seconds into her diaper. However, upon recovering from her ******, she immediately felt guilty for enjoying that, and felt incredibly icky from the wet, cummy diaper. She immediately changed herself into a fresh one, and went to sleep, trying to forget what just happened
For about the next month or so, Laurie had stepped into a sort of daily routine with me and her diaper-wearing habits. I’d feed her lunch laced with a laxative every other day, she’s of course mess not long after lunch. Unfortunately for her, she still was finding it very difficult to enjoy anything to do with **** on her *****, and was in fact very uncomfortable with it. By the end of the month, she was fed up with it, and wanted something to be done about it. She was getting sick of pooping herself in front of all her students, she hated the smell, and she had started to catch onto the fact that I was giving her a laxative every other day.
She stormed into my office one morning, with the angriest look on her face that I have ever seen. “PRINCIPAL DUNCAN! I AM SICK OF YOU GIVING ME THESE LAXATIVES. THIS IS NOT ENJOYABLE FOR ME ONE BIT, AND I AM ABSOLUTELY TIRED OF BEING YOUR BABY!!!! I DON’T GIVE A FLYING **** IF YOU FIRE ME FOR IT, BUT I WANT OUT OF THESE DIAPERS NOW!!!!” she shrieked at me.
As she is yelling at me, I just sit there, contemplating how I can handle the situation without hurting both our careers. Then it came to me… “Alright Laurie. I am sorry for what I have put you through, it’s not fair to you to have to control you like this. All I wanted was for you to enjoy something with me. I’ll tell you what…if you keep your diaper on for the day, and have a ***** stuck in you at the same time, and you STILL are not enjoying the diapers 100%, I will take you out of them, not fire you, and I will leave you alone from now on. I also will not give you a laxative today like I normally would, and you can choose to use your diaper naturally if you want to. You won’t have to eat lunch with me today either if you don’t want to. Deal?”
Laurie thought about it for a moment. “Ok dada,” she said with a slight smile. She had to admit, there were aspects of the diapers and the way I was treating her that she would probably miss, but overall she was happy she could put all this behind her.
And with that, I changed her out of her wet overnight diaper, stuck a thick ***** in her, and diapered her back up. As I put the ***** in her, she let out a very quiet moan; I believe that she was trying to keep quiet about. Good, I thought to myself. She is going to be having some trouble not enjoying her diapers today!
After thanking me, she left my office to make her way to her classroom. Every step of the way she felt the ***** sliding in and out, giving her some slight pressure on her ****…pressure that she was actually enjoying a bit. “I wonder…” She thought to herself. All of a sudden she released what was in her bladder, christening the new diaper with her first wetting of the day. “Oh my god…that’s a LOT better!” she got into her classroom. She had a good 30 minutes before students would be coming in, and she was starting to feel incredibly horny all of a sudden. But, she was in a public place, so she knew she had to be discrete about it. She sat down at her desk, and started to slowly hump the ***** that was jammed in her *****. Rocking back and forth, enjoying the wetness from her morning pee, and from her sopping wet ***** as well.
She started moaning a lot more too, getting louder and louder, and more actively dry humping her seat, as she pushed down hard into the chair, and the best ****** she’s ever had started. Pleasure shot up her entire body, and she could not calm herself down from that ****** for about 5 minutes after it started.
The ******* didn’t stop there that day. Even while she was teaching, she would have on average 4 ******* per hour. And she was starting to really get turned on by her wet diaper…it was all that she could think about that day, even forgetting about the ***** that was causing her lust for ****. At lunchtime, she had to poop, despite not getting a laxative from me the past 2 days. She was very very hesitant to poop herself, because she remembered how awful of an experience it was. But, her body had other thoughts as she involuntarily defecated herself. This poop was firmer than normal, but it was still mushy, and sitting down on it squished it into all the crevices on her body down there in the diaper.
“This actually feels really good!” she thought to herself. Again, she couldn’t help herself as she slowly started humping her ***** again. This time, the ***** was getting caked in her steamy, stinky ****…and she liked it this time. She was ******* her own ****, and the sensation was driving her wild, oozing ***** juices out of her from the thought of it, and the smell of it. What she thought was her best ****** that morning, was nothing compared to this one. Her legs flailed uncontrollably in the air, as she screamed louder than she ever has before, and squirted in her ****** diaper for a good 3 minutes. It took another 10 minutes before she could even calm down from this one! As she came to her senses, she realized what had just happened. “**** it…” she thought, “this feels absolutely amazing, I don’t care what anyone says! I am gonna want to do this for the rest of my life!”
At the end of the day, she arrived at my office as expected. She entered, and had a horribly guilty-yet-satisfied look on her face. I felt that she was done with diapers for good from that look. I sighed, and told her to lay down, so I could clean her up and send her home with panties. I unfasten the diaper. As I am moving my hand to take the ***** out, she stops me. Her facial expression changes from the look she had to a begging look. “P-P-please daddy,” she said. “This felt amazing today. Please don’t make me wear big girl panties again!!”
I couldn’t believe my ears, my plan actually worked! I still needed to take the ***** out of her, and as I did, I could tell she really enjoyed herself today. Every little move I made with the ***** made her flail her legs, wriggle and moan uncontrollably. It was then that I noticed how much *** was in her diaper, and how badly she wanted this to not end. I decided she could be rewarded for doing a good job, and started playing with her a little bit. She was really enjoying this as she was bucking a bit as I kept ******* her with the ****-covered *****. It didn’t take long for her to ***, even letting out a small log as well to add to her mess. Perfect release for her, I thought to myself.
I took the ***** out, and started to re-diaper her back up, when she again, stopped me. “D-daddy?” she said. “…I want more mess…will you put more in my diaper?” she gave this big boo-boo lip as she begged for me to **** and **** in her diaper.
I was more than happy to oblige, and I took off my pants and underwear, squatted over her *****, and began to **** a thick log into her diaper. I then surprised her even more as I stuck my hard penis deep inside her filthy wet *****. She yelped out of surprise and sheer pleasure, as she started ******* me with no control of her actions whatsoever. While my goal was not to ***, I was enjoying it, as I let out every single bit of pee I had in me, deep into her *****. The feeling of that alone made her start ******* again, and she didn’t stop until I pulled out after I finished peeing. Satisfied that I doubled the mess in her diaper, I diapered her back up, and sent her home for the night.
At home that night, Laurie couldn’t stop playing with herself. “Oh god I love his ****…” she said to herself. She couldn’t help it, her **** and my **** made her ***** tingle and let out little squirts of *** here and there non-stop that night. It’s almost as if she was thinking she wanted me…”NO!” she said to herself, and immediately put me out of her mind. She knew fully well how ridiculous it was to think about me that way. This could flat-out never happen again…
A few days later, Laurie felt that she just needed more. Now a pissy ****-filled diaper of her own doing was not enough…she needed something else. But what? Then it occurred to her, I kept all her old used diapers in a diaper pail in my office! She knew her daddy would not like seeing her in this state of lust, so she had to sneak into my office without me noticing. She decided to go in earlier than me. She quickly found all her old diapers. She undid her current diaper, and dumped stale load after stale load of **** into her already messy diaper. When she felt she could add no more, she topped it off with one last old load of poop, and fastened her diaper again. All this poop in her diaper was much cooler than normal, and slightly crusty. She didn’t care; it was driving her ***** crazy, which was begging for sexual release. She knew she had a good 20 minutes before I would be in my office, so she sat down and continuously ****** that ****** old diaper for that entire time, not caring of her surroundings. She didn’t even notice when the door opened and I walked in staring at her. After she had *** for the umpteenth time in that short amount of time, she finally noticed I was in the office too.
“Daddy! You’re not supposed to be here yet!” she said.
“And neither is my baby girl!” I said. “This requires a spanking, because you are doing a very naughty thing.”
She willingly let me give her a spanking, and while she was quietly crying to herself afterwards, I said, “And since you seem to like poop so much, I think you should be carrying other people’s loads too!” And with that I pulled out a bag of **** I had collected from the staff bathrooms without them knowing. I un-diapered Laurie, and dumped the entire bag into her diaper, adding to its contents. Laurie of course had a big grin on her face as I diapered her back up, and even gave her some plastic pants to keep any **** from escaping. “You can wear that for the next 3 days, baby girl. It will be part of your punishment.”
That night, Laurie was in complete ecstasy. Her entire ***** and *** were covered in other people’s ****, as well as her **** from who knows how long ago. Her diaper was filled with *** from throughout the day as well, and she still wanted something more.
Her mind wandered, trying to figure out what that something was. She just couldn’t put her finger on it for the longest time…then it dawned on her. She missed her daddy again! She wanted him so badly; she didn’t know what to do. But again, her senses came back to her and made her realize how wrong it was to want her boss like that. This time, emotions overtook her senses; she became very upset and saddened by the fact that she isn’t supposed to want me. “Dammit…” she thought, “…I know what I need to do now…”
Her hand was inched away from picking up the phone when she heard a knock on the door. She opened the door to find me standing there. More than happy, but still upset with her feelings, she let me in.
“Is something bothering you, my baby girl?” I asked her. I could tell the look in her eyes was of sadness and a little bit of guilt.
“I-I-I needed more, daddy…” she stammered, trying to fight back tears. “…I need…you…”
I couldn’t believe what she had just said. I sat there silently, trying to take in what she just said to me. I couldn’t…I just couldn’t…I had no response to it. Unsure if it was the right thing to do, Laurie took a risk; she leaned in and started kissing me passionately. I couldn’t say no to that, and joined in, as we both knew that it was what we wanted…to be together like this.
I carried Laurie into the bedroom, laid her down ever so gently. I ******** mine and her clothes off, and got on top of her. We continued kissing for what seemed like hours, taking in each other’s warmth from our mouths, letting the smell of **** permeating from Laurie’s diaper fill both our nostrils. Very slowly, I pulled one of her diaper’s leggings to the side, revealing her perfect *****, caked in ****. I almost cried in happiness at the sight of it, as I slowly inserted myself into her. Immediately she accepted me, as I started by humping her very slowly…making her moan already, she couldn’t believe this was actually happening to her. She didn’t want it to stop. All she heard was the sound of our heartbeats…everything else was silent to her, as she focused on the amount of pleasure she felt…emotional, physical, it didn’t matter. She was too happy to be brought down from this. I started pushing myself harder into her, as she started moaning louder and bucking more as my **** continued to get bigger, covering it in **** as well. She felt every single pulse in my ****, every single bump I made along her ***** walls, stretching her out farther, forcing more **** into her ***** with every thrust. We weren’t even going fast yet, and she was screaming and chills were going up her spine as she knew she was close. One last hard thrust and she knew it was happening. She stopped breathing, forcing out a huge squirt of ***** ***, as well as some more ****, for what seemed like hours. I knew this was the perfect time for me as well to get going, because I could feel her ***** pulsing and contracting a ton from her ongoing ******. I started going in her a lot faster, and faster, feeling her squirting every which way, poop going every which way as well. About five minutes after she started, I exploded deep in her, shooting load after load deep into her already-loaded *****. What started out as just her climaxing, ended with both of us finishing our *******…together. We kissed once again, better than before after both of us felt very happy, and I collapsed next to her, both of us mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. We fell asleep in each other’s arms that night, daddy and baby girl, with big smiles on our faces, as we hoped the next day would bring something more for both of us…together.
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