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Just A Short Naughty Diaper Story

"Wake up, Laurie!"
"Mmmmmmfff. Go 'way; I'm not interested." Lauren grumbled, rolling over onto her stomach.
[ 12:08:53 AM] Dada: "C'mon; it's time to get up. And besides, I can smell that diaper from here. You, little girl, need a change NOW."
[ 12:09:52 AM] Dada: "But I don' wanna; I wanna go back to sleep. Besides, messy diapers are fuuuuun..."
[ 12:11:29 AM] Dada: "I can imagine how much fun they were, but you're gonna get a rash. Now get up." Daddy reached around to the top of the bed and pulled the covers all the way down, exposing Laurie's diapered butt in the process.
[ 12:12:38 AM] Dada: He took a second to look down at her, and his eyes widened a bit as he realized just how much her diaper was bulging.
[ 12:15:32 AM] Dada: Reaching down, he put his hand right in the center of the bulge and gave it an experimental squeeze; there was a slight squelching noise and Laurie squirmed a bit. Waiting a second, he put the flat of his hand on the back of her diaper, reached his fingers down, and squeezed.
[ 12:16:56 AM] Dada: Hearing a bit of a moan from Lauren, Daddy gave her a look and said "Alright; let's get you off and then I'll clean you up."
[ 12:17:05 AM] Dada: "Now roll over."
[ 12:18:20 AM] Dada: "Actually, hold on a sec; come over here and climb over my knee." Daddy sat on the edge of the bed and patted his leg decisively.
[ 12:19:45 AM] Dada: Knowing exactly what was coming, Laurie scrambled across the bin and draped herself across Daddy's lap, her bottom pointing straight up in the air.
[ 12:21:13 AM] Dada: Daddy gave Lauren a playful swat on the rump with one hand, mushing the contents of the diaper back up against her bottom; Lauren gave a little yelp before relaxing herself completely.
[ 12:22:07 AM] Dada: Keeping his left hand draped across her back, he reached down with his right hand and spread her legs a little bit, then gently started massaging her dirty diaper.
[ 12:22:35 AM] Helen Broad: ohhh
[ 12:23:09 AM] Dada: He started at the top of her bottom, where the mess was the thickest, and gently applied pressure up and down, back and forth, bit by bit working some of it into her crack.
[ 12:23:33 AM] Dada: "Mmmmmmmm......"
[ 12:24:16 AM] Dada: "Alrighty then."
[ 12:25:57 AM] Dada: Daddy kept on going, slowly pushing the mess farther down the back of her diaper, closer to her *****. As he went he started getting a bit more forceful, pushing inward and squashing it between her cheeks.
[ 12:27:43 AM] Dada: "Ahhhhhhh....." Laurie let out a moan as some of the mess worked its way down the back of her crack. Relaxing her muscles, she stopped resisting and let some of it go right back into her bottom.
[ 12:29:57 AM] Dada: Reveling in the sensations, she started to squirm a bit as Daddy's hand worked its way downwards, pushing the mess ahead of it, As it slid across the tender ***** of skin between her ***** and her bottom, she let out an "Ohhhhh..." and involuntarily bucked upward, only to feel the pressure of Daddy's arm against the hollow of her back.
[ 12:30:16 AM] Dada: "Easy there, girl. We wouldn't want you falling off the bed, now would we?"
[ 12:32:40 AM] Dada: Grinning from ear to ear, Daddy kept on pushing and kneading, until he'd reached all the way around to the top of her *****. Back and forth, up and down, his strong hands spread the mess all around the inside of her diaper until her ***** was enveloped in it.
[ 12:34:11 AM] Dada: By this time, Laurie was enjoying herself quite thoroughly, and was moving up and down against Daddy's arm, keeping in time with his other hand.
[ 12:34:42 AM] Dada: "Yessssssssssssssssss...."
"Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh...."
[ 12:36:29 AM] Dada: As Daddy kept going, paying full attention to all the different parts of his babygirl's *****, Laurie's moans got louder and louder and her bucking got stronger and stronger, until eventually her whole body seized up and her toes curled....

[ 12:38:16 AM] Helen Broad: ooohhh
[ 12:38:17 AM] Dada: As her muscles relaxed from the climax, Daddy heard a hissing noise coming from Laurie's diaper and, true to form, the yellow stain down the center was growing..
[ 12:38:45 AM] Dada: Eventually, Laurie relaxed completely, sagging across Daddy's lap.
[ 12:39:22 AM] Dada: "OK, that was fun, now wasn't it?"
"Yes, Daddy!"
[ 12:40:46 AM] Dada: Laurie crawled around back off of Daddy's lap and lay on the bed.
"Alright now, before Daddy changes you there's one last thing he needs to do; no point in letting a perfectly good diaper go to waste."
[ 12:44:21 AM] Dada: Laurie propped herself up on her elbows, while Daddy unzipped his fly and pulled out his ****. He climbed on top of her, kneeling so that his **** hung down over her belly button.
[ 12:45:27 AM] Dada: Taking two fingers, he pulled the front of her diaper away from her about an inch or two, wincing a bit at the smell while Laurie giggled.
[ 12:46:20 AM] Dada: Daddy let out a sigh of relief as a jet of pee shot out of his **** and hit Laurie right above her ****, soaking into her diaper.
[ 12:47:31 AM] Dada: Laurie reached one hand around her Daddy's leg and started massaging the front of her diaper, mixing Daddy's pee with the mess she'd made the night before.
[ 12:48:13 AM] Dada: "Easy there, little one," Daddy grinned, "It's gonna take me long enough to clean you up after this as it is."
[ 12:48:57 AM] Dada: Eventually the jet of pee slowed to a trickle, and Daddy let go of Laurie's diaper and put his **** back in his pants.
[ 12:51:00 AM] Dada: By this time, Laurie's diaper was swollen beyond all proportion and smelled absolutely rank, and Daddy had done all he needed to do for the morning. He reached down, put one arm under Laurie's back, slid the other under her knees, and picked her up off the bed.
[ 12:51:50 AM] Dada: He carried her across the room, setting her down on the changing table on top of a fresh mat.
[ 12:54:34 AM] Dada: Reaching down, Daddy opened two of the drawers on the changing table, pulling out a pack of baby wipes, a bottle of baby powder, a jar of diaper cream, and a fresh diaper.
[ 12:55:02 AM] Helen Broad: oooooooooohhh
[ 12:55:41 AM] Dada: Setting the changing supplies down at the foot of the table, Daddy reached over and undid the tabs on Laurie's ruined diaper.
[ 12:57:56 AM] Dada: He pulled the front of the diaper off of Laurie's ***** and let it flop open in front of him, releasing an eye-watering reek of poop and pee into the room.
[ 12:59:13 AM] Dada: Grabbing her ankles, Daddy hauled Lauren's feet into the air until her bottom came up off the changing table, then whisked the dirty diaper out from under her. Setting Laurie's ankles back down momentarily, he balled up the diaper, taped it closed, and tossed it in the garbage.
[ 1:01:20 AM] Dada: "Hold on one sec..." Daddy grasped Laurie's ankles and feet, pushing them back and out so that her legs folded up out of his way and her ***** was clearly exposed.
[ 1:04:03 AM] Dada: He took one sec to take in the sight; most of her ***** was coated from **** to bottom in a layer of poop, and what little skin was exposed was glistening with pee.
[ 1:05:48 AM] Dada: Reaching up, he took the changing mat and brought the front over Laurie's *****, pushing down firmly enough to take a fair bit of the poop off (and accidentally grinding some of it into her **** and between her lips).
[ 1:08:18 AM] Dada: "This is gonna take a while..." Daddy told no one in particular, grabbing the front of the changing mat and pulling it out from under Laurie, then rolling it up and tossing it in the trash.
[ 1:11:48 AM] Dada: Daddy pulled out another changing mat, but instead of trying to put it under Laurie he just folded it up like a wipe and started wiping her ***** from front to back until it looked passable.
[ 1:14:41 AM] Dada: After a lot of vigorous stroking (and a fair amount of giggling and squirming on Laurie's part), Laurie's **** and outer lips were mostly free of poop, and the second changing mat had gone in the trash. Daddy took out a baby wipe, spread it, and draped it gently over her *****.
[ 1:15:45 AM] Dada: "That's cold!" Laurie let out a squeal and flinched away for a moment.
[ 1:18:26 AM] Dada: "Sorry, honey, but I gotta get you clean." After running the wipe across the inside of Laurie's thighs and across her outer lips, Daddy threw it out and grabbed a second one. "Hold still now..."
[ 1:20:07 AM] Dada: Daddy picked up Laurie's feet and folded her legs out of the way again, then put two fingers on her outer lips and gently spread them apart.
[ 1:24:26 AM] Dada: Wrapping part of the wipe around his index finger, Daddy ran his finger between Laurie's inner and outer lips several times, using a different part of the wipe each time.
[ 1:26:31 AM] Dada: Laurie was already enjoying herself a great deal, but then Daddy noticed a few specks of poop inside her *****. Taking one more baby wipe, he wrapped it around two of his fingers, inserted it a little way into Laurie's *****, and gently went in and out a little bit until he was certain she was squeaky clean.
[ 1:28:08 AM] Dada: Turning his attention to her bottom, Daddy took yet another changing mat and, working from the outside in, slowly scraped the poop off of her bottom cheeks. Most of it went on the mat, which was promptly discarded, but there was still plenty of it in her crack.
[ 1:30:12 AM] Dada: Taking yet another baby wipe, Daddy started gently stroking her crack away from front to back, wiping the mess away from her ***** and slowly but surely cleaning her off. Throwing away the soiled wipe, he turned specifically to her bottom hole, which still had a bit of poop wedged in it from the morning's massage.
[ 1:31:07 AM] Dada: He took a fresh wipe and very gently worked his way around the ring of her anus...
[ 1:31:17 AM] Dada: "Alright, relax your bottom for me..."
[ 1:32:05 AM] Dada: As Laurie relaxed, Daddy gently worked his fingertip barely into her bottom, teasing out the bits of poop and leaving her fresh and clean.
[ 1:34:21 AM] Dada: Stepping back from the changing table for a sec, Daddy relaxed and surveyed his work. Laying in front of him, with her knees held up to her chest and her legs spread wide open, was a giggling baby girl whose entire diaper area, once coated from stem to stern in mess, was now pristine.
[ 1:35:26 AM] Dada: Grinning to himself, Daddy unscrewed the jar of diaper cream, took a big dollop on two fingers, and set to work.
[ 1:37:16 AM] Dada: Spreading Laurie's legs ever so slightly more, Daddy painted the cracks of her thighs with cream, then worked his way inward toward her lips and ****.
[ 1:39:32 AM] Dada: Laurie bucked a bit as Daddy's fingers moved up and down her kitty with smooth, firm strokes as a faraway smile spread across his face. In time, he moved down, putting a liberal coating of cream all across Laurie's bottom cheeks and taking an extra special dollop of cream on his middle finger to go all the way up her crack from the bottom of her ***** to the tops of her cheeks.
[ 1:43:26 AM] Dada: Wiping his hands on his jeans, Daddy opened up the fresh diaper and laid it out on the changing table. Reaching forward with one hand, he grabbed both of Laurie's ankles and hoisted her legs high into the air until her entire bottom was off the table, then used his other hand to slide the diaper underneath her bottom.
[ 1:44:31 AM] Dada: After pulling the diaper up and adjusting it a bit for fit, Daddy opened up the bottle of baby powder and sprinked it liberally all over the inside, with a couple of extra puffs onto Lauries *****.
[ 1:46:55 AM] Dada: Daddy reached around to Laurie's hips and quickly taped the diaper shut, and with a quick kiss on the forehead the morning diaper change was complete.
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Nice diaper change

I loved it. So descriptive. Now I'm really horney lol.

Hot story.

I always get hard reading your stories, thx love <3