Hey there! I have been a member of EP for quite a while and have picked up some new ideas for entertaining my odd desires. This is a fairly new fetish for me, but I have fallen in love with it. If there's anyone out there who would like to rp, I need a daddy. I also make a nice mommy for anyone who also enjoys the reverse role. So that it is not a surprise to anyone, I am a minor (17), and female, and am not interested in any meetings or video chats. If you contact me through EP we can definately work out a way to keep in touch. Hope i will be hearing from someone soon. :)
Forever young <3
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Hi I would like to. Have a look at my stories first if you like them.

I'm curious about the abdl thing but I'm fairly new.

Ok I'll email you now. :)

like the sound of that ;)

Hello! My name is David. I am 22. I think it's awesome that you're an AB/DL. I usually consider myself a DL only. But I'm kinda in the process of converting to an AB. I love EVERYTHING about the lifestyle. Maybe we can chat? =)

Thats cool. You and I are in the same boat. How long have you liked diapers?

Aww thats cute! Datcare teacher wearing the kids pullups hehe. I kind of always liked them. When i was younger I knew somebody who was a bedwetter and wore pullups and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I used to occasionally secretly wear them but unfortuneitly I got caught a few times. When I was 13 my friends sister was potty training and I started stealing them. At 15 I started using pads in my underwear at night lol. At 16 I got my license and started buying pullups. I've been occasionally wearing ever since. I have gotten caught a few times which has led to awkward conversations with my mom. It just happened again about a week ago. She found my poopy Goodnite in the trah =(

Oh thats cool. Do you wear and use diapers alot? Have you ever been caught or told anybody you know? At least you had access to them in your own house. And it was a very awkward conversation. She found it and brought it to me asking if it was mine. I didnt lie because it couldnt have been anybody elses. She just got angry and said I need to grow up and act my age or I wont find a girlfriend and ever get married. She also said that if she finds anymore she is going to send me to a therapist =(

Yeah. Hopefully you will never get caught! lol. And thats cool that you had a wetting friend. How did she react when you told her you wore pullups?

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