How I Found My Mommy

Just under two months ago, I confessed to my girlfriend that I have been wearing diapers pretty much my whole life. That night, she & I went to the grocery store and we bought baby bottles, baby food, baby spoons and then went and bought two packs of adult diapers.

That night, she did what I have been waiting most of my life for, she talked to me like a baby, powdered me and put me in a diaper, held me close and fed me a bottle until I fell asleep. I had never felt so complete in my life.

Recently, she has actually had fun and unsuspectingly put me in a diaper, when I thought I was going to have some adult fun. I didnt like it at the time, but I got over it. She says that I laid there and pouted for about 10 minutes and refused to eat the baby food she had bought me.

Just last night, we had a crisis in our lives. When I came to the bedroom, her first thought was to lay me down and diaper me, hold me in her arms like a baby and fed me a bottle until I fell asleep. When I woke not too long afterwards, she popped her nipple in my mouth, which both of us enjoy intensley and suckled me until I fell back asleep.

This morning she began calling me her 'son' and has decided that I can be a baby every night if I want and that when the economy gets better, I will have more baby things. She told me about two weeks ago that she wants to buy me a little sailor suit.

The fact is, mommy told me that she cant have any babies and that for her, this was her way of nurturing someone and that she was happy to be my mommy.

Twice this week she has kept me in diapers all day long!


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I'm 17 nd looking for someone like this so if ur out there let me kno plz

man im only 13 and i wish i had somone to take care of me i cant tell my parents cause im to chicken and besides, my mom says that she never wants to change diapers again. U R LUCKY so dont blow it

it is a point to find a girl like that for me. someday

You are so so so lucky good for you :)

This is just SO lovely. Welcome to the baby and little boy (which is what i am) club.<br />

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I wish I could find a mommy like that, as for your story, it's just adorable :D I can't believe how fortunate you are to find some one that is that open minded and caring like that. I would love to find my own BF that I can nurture that way ^^<br />
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SO CUTE... :)

thats fantastic, im happy for you. My Wife and Mistress (same person lol) will put me into diapers, but as of yet she wont let me actually use them. Of course i haven't really told her about a desire to do so. However that is only one small part of Her an my dynamic. But there really is nothing quite like the quiet abandon of letting go completely and letting someone take all of the responsibility. <br />
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Again, im happy for you

That is awesome!! My wife does the same thing for me. She totally understands that I feel safe as a baby when I regress and she keeps me diapered all weekend. She treats me as her little boy and checks my diaper throughout the day, changing me when I need it. We will watch TV with me laying my head in her lap and drinking from my bottle. At night, she puts me to bed in the "Toddler" room in a night diaper and gives me my teddy bear and my pacifier. During the week, when I am not the little boy, I reciprocate by keeping her satisfied so that when the weekend comes around, she can make me feel good. Doing this gives me a safe secure feeling with no responsibilities. It's great to be a child again!!

I think this guy is very luck I would love to be on breast milk again She is very understand about his baby live too She would be great to have for me too. Good luck and Happy baby live Your Friend BabyJerry

Some day I'll find one like her

It sounds fun. I am totally in love with my future wife but she has problems understanding the appeal of diapers for me. She has to understand everything. I don't think she can just allow me to enjoy the feeling I get. She plays along, but it's really not that convincing or satisfying... like you want chocolate ice cream, but have to settle for vanilla cause they're out of chocolate.... I feel like such an ungrateful ****, but I had a girl kinda like yours once and I got sick... and then I found out she has this need to dominate, and she made me wear diapers all the time and it was mostly great. I don't know. You're a lucky man to have found someone who can understand you like she can.

um you should lay down the law don't suck her boobs

I know your mommy loves you, but you should let someone know where you are in case she goes too far and holds you captive.