Nathan and Daniel's 8 Day Regression

Nathan was 15 years old at the time and he had the ideal life, or so he thought. He was a handsome guy, brown hair, blue eyes, very fit, who was successful with his grades and he was very active in football at his high school, which of course made him popular.  It was the day before his school started. He was really enthused to start football again and had high hopes that his team would do well this season. He finally got calmed down enough and managed to go to sleep.

Day 1. Just like always his loving mother woke him up at 6 o'clock, told him to get in the shower, was cooking breakfast, and then jerked back his covers to ensure that he would wake up. Something went wrong though because she had always left the room after pulling off the covers. Then Nathan realized what he had done. He felt damp in the middle of his queen sized bed. He looked down to discover he had wet the bed. This led to a series of questions asked by his mom just because she cared, and she wanted to know if anything was bothering him. He replied by saying nothing. She was glad nothing was wrong but told him to not let it happen again or something would happen. Puzzled by his mom's sudden forcefulness he quickly told her that it wouldn't and then she exited his room. Nathan finally sat up and proceeded to ***** his bed so he could wash it. Afterwards he took his shower, ate breakfast, and drove to school to start his school year off. Just like every great football playeryer Nathan received a warm welcome as he arrived. He was greeted by his fellow football players, but he noticed his best friend, Daniel, was off by himself. He wondered why but right as he was about to go see the first bell rang to go to class. His first day was great, but still wondered why he didn't see Daniel all day but didn't think much about it. It was time for bed by the time Nathan completed all of his homework. He was looking forward to this weekend because the first weekend back to school his mom always hosted a cookout that was fun. He finally dozed off though.

Day 2. The same routine happened that very next day with pretty much everything, except Nathan was excited that he didn't wet the bed. At school he finally caught up with Daniel at football practice and asked him what was wrong. Daniel shoved off the question, and moved the subject to football. During this whole time Nathan had heard a strange rustling, but just thought it was the new practice uniform. After practice Nathan again stayed up until it was bed time finishing homework.

Day 3. The next morning arrived and Nathan woke up to realizing he had wet the bed again. His mother said I never hoped I would resort to doing this but you forced me too. She then said we are going to the doctor. After the doctor visit, the doctor said they couldn't do nothing for him. She then dropped him off at the house then Nathan went to practice. After practice his mom sat him down and they talked for an hour. She told him that being a nurse she understood the problems he was having and that he shouldn't worry about it, but then she said I can't have you ruining the furniture though, then she told him follow me to your room. She opened the door and on his bed were two cloth diapers, pins, powder, and oil. She said I'm sorry, but this has to be done. She told him to lie down and that she would change him. He pulled off his shirt and pants and then laid on the bed. She pulled of his boxers and then started the change. During this whole time Nathan was so embarrassed. He was thinking, "I can make A's in phsics and I can take down people twice my size, but why am I being forced into a diaper because I pee in the bed just like a little baby." He hoped no one would find out. She then placed the bottom have of both of the diapers on him, rubbed oil on his privates, powdered him, then pinned the diapers up. To make matters worse no pants or shorts that he had would fit over the diapers. So he had to eat and sleep in a t-shirt and his diapers. He went to bed very confused, but as always managed to go to sleep even though uncomfortable from the new padding he had underneath him.

Day 4. The next morning arrived and yes he had wet his diapers, well actually according to his mother soaked them. She said there was no reason to send him off to school in diapers because he was not having daytime accidents. So she took his diapers off and told him to go get a shower. School went better that Thursday because he knew nothing was going to be different. Unfortunately it did. By the time football practice came around he had noticed that Daniel wasn't there. He called him after practice and Daniel just told him he was sick and that he would be there tommorrow. Daniel had the spiciest meal he had ever had that night, completed his homework, was changed into the diapers by his mom, and then put to bed. He then thought maybe I can get to talk to Daniel tommorrow and maybe nothing will go differently. Unfortunately something did go different that morning, and it worried Nathan.

Day 5. He had messed and peed in his diaper. He didn't know what to do. His mother, astonished to figured out what he had done, said your going to have a surprise when you come home this afternoon. She then cleaned him up and sent him off to school. He then went to school very worried about what was going to happen that afternoon, and was also worried that Daniel wasn't there again. Even during practice he had to run extra laps for not doing what he was supposed to. He got home, where he was stopped by his mother in the kitchen. She said follow me. She took him to his room. He knew something bad for his future was about to happen. As she opened the door Nathan's mouth dropped. His wallpaper was cartoons, his bed had been replaced with an over-sized crib. He now had a stack of cloth diapers laying out, his drawers had onsies in them, there was a changing table, bottles, binkys, and toys. His room was now the identical of what a nursery would be. Everything was like he was just a baby again. Tears began to roll down his face because he knew what tommorrow was. She said, "You will now be treated as a baby, except for going to school." His mom then stated, "I will feed you in a high chair, you will now drink out of a bottle, and most important you will not be able to use the toilet until you can tell me and honestly try to stop this." She then told him, "Even at school the staff has been told of your current situation and they agreed, since you are such a good student, to change you if necessary, except your coach. He said he could not have a baby on his team. I'll leave that decision up to you. Either you can find someone to change you or you will have to quit the team." He never figured out how she did the next thing that happened. She picked him up, ******** him of his clothes, put a binky in his mouth to keep his crying down, pinned two thick diapers on him, put him in his crib, laid a bottle beside him, and left him there in just his diapers. He still knew he had to finish his homework, so he did so then went to bed in his new crib.

Day 6. It was the day of the big cookout. Nathan was so nervous that someone was going to figure out what was happening. His mother came in his room and said, "And how did my baby sleep last night?" He was wet so she changed him, took him to the kitchen, and then fed him breakfast. Nathan was beginning to like all of the attention now, but still wanted to be able to use the bathroom in a toilet. She then gave her 15 year old son a bath, pinned new diapers on him and dressed him for the cookout. Afternoon had arrived, and Nathan had held back everything he had eaten and drunk all day. He then realized that was a mistake. The place was packed, and just like always they were playing football right before they ate and Daniel was there. Nathan was happy, but not for long. They were put on the same team. Daniel was the center and Nathan was the quarterback.  Nathan accidentally ran into Daniel on a running play and everything had been released that he was holding back all day. As he was rushing toward the house, Daniel was following behind. One could obviously tell that he had messed in his pants. One would think that the two cloth diapers could contain it, but ended up steadily oozing down his leg, which was visible because he was wearing gym shorts. Nathan grabbed his mother and went into the house. She opened his room did the very messy diaper change, and looked behind her to see that Daniel and his mother were standing there. Daniel's mother said we were going to say goodbye, but then we saw what you were doing. She then said you and I have the same problem. She pulled down Daniel's pants to reveal a messy wet diaper. May I change him? She said go ahead, and she did so. Afterwards they all went out and everybody had left the cookout. So they enjoyed each others company until darkness came.

Day 7. It was now Sunday and the mother's were going out and the boys didn't know why, but they had the house to themselves, so they didn't complain. The same rules applied for both boys they could not use the toilet and they for this once was to change each other. They both started the day out by explaining why they were in diapers. Then Daniel and Nathan enjoyed a day just in their diapers and played video games, ate junk food, and just had fun. Then if at an instant both went both wet and messed in their diapers. Daniel said I'm not going first. So Nathan decided to. After the changing they were of course both weirded out by just not only seeing their best friend naked but by having to touch his stuff too. The day ended and Daniel went back to his house.

Day 8. They both got ready for school, but they saw that their cars were gone. They immediately told their mom's about what they had just saw. Both mothers laughed and said we know and let me take you somewhere. The families met at this building and went in to discover a nursery. The mothers explained to their sons that they had sold their vehicles to pay for this. They were both confused at this point. The mothers then said, "You are now out of high school, and at a school for boy teenager's who wear diapers. That is what we were doing yesterday. We have a 20 member enrollment that has already been filled." Both boys were excited because no one that they didn't know were in the same situation that they were in. That would of course be in diapers. 

Rest of their lives. The school went great. Everybody had the rule of only wearing a t-shirt and diapers the whole school day. They were made to drink bottles then take a nap. They only had a toilet for the teacher and nurse there. It wasn't long until all of the boys were totally incontinent and became each others best friends. They even made a group called the Diaper Guys. None of them ever grew out of diapers. They graduated the school, and lived in the same neighborhood with their wife's who loved them all. After Daniel and Nathan's mothers could not run the school anymore they took over. The Diaper Guys decided to take over the school, and to extend the number of students that could be accepted into the school to any boy who wanted to join. They got 150 boys  their first year, and they lived the rest of their lives running the school.

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Feb 21, 2009