Baby Me

 I may be grown up accoding to my age,but i am only 2 .i wake up and wait for mommy to come and take my footed james off and change my soaked barney diaper off.then she cleans me up with baby wipes,puts some rash cream around my privates;we don`t want baby to get a rash! then a good bit of powder(i love that part because i smell like a baby)then a fresh diaper.up goes my legs were she can get it undef me,then i spread my legs as she pulls the diaper over my infant like privates,and then she tapes it up.good baby she says now were ready for the day.she gives me my bottle then its off to watch cartoons in just my diaper.i take my blankie,and my teddy to.and curl up next to my mom .thats how my day begins.






mamaslittlebaby mamaslittlebaby
18-21, M
Mar 6, 2009