Rick had always loved diapers secretly.but could never buy some. he found out that his buddy Alex and his sister Fay wore diapers so he went to his house and found they wore only diapers all day because there mom didn't potytrain them."lucky , I love diapers" he told them. "We secretly love them to" said Fay. Him and Fay had been secretly dating for the past 3 years. Later when she needed a diaper change he stared the hole time . her mom must have noticed because when she was done she pointed at him and said "your turn""But I don't wear diapers you do now, Fay take his clothes off(Fay was enjoying this)When he was all powdered and diapered. she told him to go play why she'd call his mom to tell him he was a baby.she told her to tell his school he had become incontinet so he could ware his dipys all the time. Soon he had to poo so he just let it out."ew you pooped your dipy" shouted Fay. So her mom changed him, he loved it . In the morning he woke up while being changed"you wet your diaper pretty good it's a good thing you had a diaper on or you would have wet the bed, looks like you'll be in diapers a long time". That made him smile.he peed again

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Good story they are very entertaining

This sounds like a fantasy of yours.