Still Hurting

I was thrown away by my mother at the age of 13, because I witnessed the TRUTH about my step dads death. When she found out that she was getting off with no jail time and the case was set as self defense. Right afterwards, She came for me.  She took out 2 life insurance policies on me and kicked me out of the house at 13.

My life has been a living hell. I’m 43 years old, with no children, I'm very lonely, and I still have many issues.  I don’t trust anyone. I also feel no one likes me and I hide myself from the world as much as posible. 

My mother slandered my name and reputation with the family and no one would let me in or help me.  I lived on the streets for years. I lost my virginity to a man I did not know just so I could have a place to stay from time to time. He was a petifile, I know that now.

My mother got off , but I’m going to let God handle her.

However, I live today at the age of 43 with NO family. I belong to no one.  I”m very sad I must say. But I have to be thruthful with myself. I was not just thrown away by my mother. But, am also thrown away by my family.  

After some years have passed. My mothers sister apologized to me for the way she treated me. She said ” I’m sorry I did not believe you and that I did not listen to you. A couple other cousins told me the same thing. My mother is so smooth she had them wraped around her finger for many years.  It's just ssad to say they still treat me like crap. They have treated me so bad for so long, whenever I do come around they still treat me like crap. Because, they don’t know any other way to treat me.

Wow, I can’t win for losing……I was just a kid , I'm sorry...

Jaqmed Jaqmed
41-45, F
Mar 4, 2010