Guns Aren't Good

Guns are crazy. They say people kill guns don't. We all know this to be a fact. I just dislike guns. I always wasn't like this about guns. Years ago my parents experience one of the horrific moments in their lifes. Guns was a part of that experience. Guns don't make you a bigger man or person. Its said that the pen is mighter than the sword but not true in reason. Anything written in ink must be backed by the sword aka gun. The pen is nothing with the enforcement of what is written in ink.The gun rule the world. No doubt about it. We as people must look at this and take notes. Money is the tool to control the gun. Purchasing services. The gun is the master of fate.The guns is sickness. If anyone take a look at a revolver it would seem to look like a erect penis representing the barrel. The scrotums representing the cyclinder. The head of the penis is the flash suppressor. The bullets are *****. Its madness representing a weapon of reproduction material not giving the same results. Its pyscho madness. Its a crazy weapon.
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What happened

The simple problem with your whole statement is, that you don't get anywhere close to intelligent respect with out them. There are far to many people who are physically larger than you, and even if you are the biggest kid on the block, someone is always going to target you. When they believe that you are packing, and capable of ending their marauding, pillaging, raping and burning, then they at least keep their distance, usually looking for an easier target. Now the question is, are you willing to be the weak target. From either the criminal at large, or the greater criminals in the government. You can abandon guns, but be prepared to be the victim of the illegal or "Legal governmental criminals".

Remember the main reason the government hunt's thieves is that they don't want any competition, not to protect the honest citizen.

Amen!!!! Here endth the lesson, without forgetting the international security. (attacks by other countries)

Try too understand it this way if the only people that have guns are the bad guys and or the Government also the bad guys for the last five years what the hell do you think just might happen, I no in that Dumbacratic Utopia that the morons on the left seem to live in just can't understand that, but then again they also cried and still cry about Iraq but what are they doing now. I will neverrrr give up my guns or my second amendment rights give it a break!!!!

I am a person into the constitutional rights of a person. You have the right to bear arms and as Americans I have the right to not want to bear arms for myself. My parents drove through a shot out between polic and drug dealers. Happy no one was hurt. The drug dealers had the police out gun with their automatice weapons that shot unlimited rounds per second.

Yes, you have the right too not bear arms completely understand that, But that\'s not what I said. i\'m talking about people like you who want and demand that people like me give up my weapons. I was a police office, just think what it would be like Ie your drug dealer story if we the good guys didn\'t have them. Not to mention all the other countries that would love to invade us but think twice knowing that the fight would not just be against our military but every American like me. I guarantee you that if that happened you would love for people like me too be around to protect you.

I am not a police officer but a person that believe in constitutional rights. Every individual has the rights to bear arms or not. Guns to not kill people kill. Some of these people out here should not bear arms. People like the Posse, the Yardies, Crips, Bloods, Aryan Nation, MS13, El Rokens, Latin Kings, Disciplines and host of others. Political organizations with a agenda should have these weapons like the Klan, Hebrews, those who are aggressively preachers of hate and social division. The Bumpy Johnsons, Frank Lucas, Frank Matthews and John Gotti types. These people have no right to bear arms. These with mental problems that will harm themselves and others have not the right to bear arms.
This country have not been invaded since Pearl Habor. What happen in New York during 9/11 was not a action performed by a aggressive nation but a organization with support of weathy backers. Taking control of government after government in the middle east.
Am not trying to take the gun off the uniform police officer or the official on the street. Are you a person that worked for a law firm that is not a lawyer conducting work in some sort of investigations or private industry security person without legal knowledge.

Am want those that are soldiering in the streets guns from them. I know men that been murdered over one dollar. Let me correct something I wrote. Political organizations with a agenda should not have these weapons like the Klan, Hebrews and those who are aggresslively preachers of hate and social divison. The gangsters type like Bumpy Johnson, Frank Lucas, Frank Matthews, John Gotti and Howard "Pappy" Mason. These men have no rights to bear arms. Do you agree, if you disagree then your in the wrong profession.

We must be people or moral consciousness.

Got news for ya, Your bullshit government and your occupant in the white house are doing nothing but preaching hate and division to anyone who doesn't follow or believe in there bullshit.

You are miss understanding I was a police officer i'm not now, I'm not talking about taking guns out of the hands of law enforcement i'm talking about taking the guns out of the hands of legal citizens like myself. you will never keep weapons out of the hands of the people you are talking about. The only people that are being affected by the idiots making these laws are me and people like me. since Pearl Harbor, we were never invaded by the Japanese we were bombed and attacked by them, one reason they didn't is because we all have weapons and that is why we haven't been invaded by anyone do you understand? but the more people like you who think like you do weaken us thinking your doing all of this wonderful stuff when all your really doing is weakening us. security person without legal knowledge is that supposed to be a poke in my eye, I have the police academy and several years of service I would say I have legal knowledge how about you. We where attacked by Muslim terrorist on 911 total pieces of **** end of story.

I have legal knowledge and believe in the practice of law. I do believe in suing if need be. Pearl Harbor was the only time a foreign power attack any U. S. provise. Hawaii is not the mainland of the U. S. I mention evils like the gangs, hate groups and people preaching hate and yet it seem everything is about being a patriot, having a gun and otherrs attacking the U. S. Your argument is week and sound conservative. I do not make the laws nor a person on the ballot. Government is used today for a stepping stone for power. Every where in the world people are fighting to control or become the government.

By the way who is going too decide who is a hate group and who is not, you or the Democratic party what a joke. I do not agree with gay marriage nor will I ever I don't know these people I surely don't hate or even dislike them but you and your bullshit government and the morons in the gay rights circles scream that crap all day long, Makes me understand why someone would want to hate them.

I am very much a conservative, a proud to be one, as far as my argument being weak i'm sure you would say that no matter what my argument was, I don't care if it is weak too you or any of Democrat. I'm right and all you have to do to know that is look at what your moron of a president and your political party is doing to this country end of story.

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