Seems To Be The In Thing

Discord is the new money maker. There was a time when fighting and arguments were frowned upon.  I think it's getting popular. The reality shows are promoting that behavior.  Jon & Kate got more time & cash when things went south. I think Sarah Palin, & dumb son in law gained a bit more a few more gigs with all the fighting.  Levi got Play Girl.  Celebrities get too much attention after their wild fights in public.  The media plays it as bad..but the more attention they get, the better they do.    It's a messed up way of thinking.  Mel Gibson just got caught again acting like an animal..he loves discord.    I don't.  People should get paid a bonus for being great not violent.   
wiseowl wiseowl
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2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

I agree ..same thing with politicians.They have some extreme behavior and always get caught, mortified and lose their jobs, in that order. The Kennedy's escaped the worst of their behaviors. Sign of the times.

Have to agree with you here Miss Owlie. When the star's of old did somthing stupid hollywood went into action to keep it hid. Today's generation seem's to sit on the edge of their seat's waiting for some celib to do somthing so they can read about it or watch it on tv. The idiot's in hollywood have found a way to cash in on it off the stupid people who buy into it. Last week it was big new's that some star's went skinning dipping at George Clooney's like skinny dipping was somthing new that nobody else had ever done. I dont watch much tv anymore, wonder why ? My Best to you Miss Owlie.