According To The Body To Choose The Wedding Dress

According to the body to choose the wedding dresses

    The delicate shape and cute: son white suit who wins the high waist, the wire surface and loins "sell for less than a polished form proportion.Shoulding much as possible keep the wedding dress lower body skirt poses too be soft and light weighed up, but to highlight short stature defect.Shoulder Xiu design should also avoid over-exaggerated, as Xiu bubble or large lotus leaf; The last body can be beautiful and many change, the skirt and the head of the super avoid laying son - Captain; The word of the V class of tiny low profile designs to raise high sense.

    The tall form: This type of model is married to sourdough, a prom dresses fashion everyone can try, especially with a film of the bottom hem of the body has a wedding dress with fishtail lying a form of merit, corresponding with the small cap add half coverage of wedding dresses short front for good.

    Gao Shou Zhe: Full dress that enhances two conceptions of the shoulder, may be married Gao Shou Xing look more energetic, shoulder sheet such as packaging, bubble exaggerate Xiu lotus leaf design, and over the upper half of the sum beam is much good to change; Can choose to dissolve thick aqua blossom lace lace one shoulder Avoid dew, fashion topless.

    The form has a face: Cutting the costume beamline summon right, add style lace, lace wear slender.The blossom is properly applied the lace flat surface can not elect to withdraw money from most types high - low to obtain good choice; And kidneys, conceptions of the pendulum skirt should wherever possible avoid complicated.

    Too abundant complete: The last full body abundant bride had better choose the design to the body is simple, but is the cocktail dresses deserves chest cavity son again, but abundant along the entire body, do not select take time to design the wedding dress point; The bride too thin then you better be dressed in Gao Ling, long sleeves, multilayered, the wedding dress of the Lotus Type feuille.Un little tour of the Suprema is all Women all know, these are the clothes that is, the quare rather trying several others, leaving very addictive!


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