Abortion Pill.

So all I read on the Internet was horror stories about the abortion pill and how much pain the women went through. This is my story:
I'm 20 years and I got pregnant by my ex boyfriend. He's in the military. I'm a full time student. Struggling to make it as it is. So it would be unfair to bring an innocent child into the world when I couldn't give him/her everything they deserved.
I went to the clinic yesterday (sept. 22) I filed for emergency medi-cal and I immediately got accepted. I did not have to pay a thing. My blood pressure, height, weight, and blood was taken. Then I had a sonogram to determine how far along I was. I was 5 weeks.
Then I was taken into an office and given the first pill along with 3 other packages. One contained the next for pills that had to be dissolved in my mouth the next day. Another was antibiotics that I need to take ever twelve hours. And the last was ibouprofen.
About two hours ago I took the other four pills. About 30 minutes before that, I took Vicodin, it's stronger than ibouprofen (total life saver)
I've had very mild cramps. And I've passed two clots already. I've been sitting on the couch with a heating pad watching tv and drinking my sprite.
I'm not crippled over in pain or anything.
Not all stories are bad about the abortion pill. I'm very thankful for my positive experience. Good luck to any ladies who will go through this.
Pain medication is KEY.
Jenackie Jenackie
18-21, F
Sep 23, 2012