Pizza Lover

My favorite food in the world is pizza. I like thick crust ,sauce,lot's of mozzarella and
crushed red pepper to spice it up a bit !!!!!!
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I beg to differ,Greeneyes.It's thin crust double sausage and mushrooms.Cut in squares.

Oh harry, I may have to change, sounds yummy !:)

Would you like to order some in with me and I could feed it to you?

Oops, I spilled some sauce on my bare chest. How will I clean it off?!

What no veggies (lol)?

Of course darling !:)

Pizza...Oxygen...I need them both equally

I agree!

yum! I add mushrooms, Gruyere cheese, return to oven and finally the hot sauce. With a good red wine ... to die!

yum! I love hot sauce, and red wine___ Bring it on!!!!!!! 1 1

You're welcome, of course... I take care of everything. Set the table, prepare pizzas, prepare the wine, light the candles, soft music, a nice fire in hearth and the snow outside ... an evening among good friends ....

Sounds wonderful !

welcome :)


absolutely :)


I think I'll adopt this beautiful little cat .....

I can only hope!!!!

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Come on I know you like pizza? I'll give it to you any way you want it!!!

Pepperoni's Pizza ..Sausage pepperoni cheese mushrooms and black olives..

Sounds really good!

I like thin crust. Damn, our first argument and we cant even make up over a pizza...any other ways that we can make up Greeneyes? :)

I've got some ideas!!!

Maybe I can play a tune for you on my saxophone....nothing in the world like make up sax

Oh, your funny and cute! baby.....

And I know how to make a sweet kitty stop acting so catty. Dont just Somali at me, but make a feline over here we can have some real fun, you little Manx ;)

I'm purring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mmmm...come on Greeneyes. Dog gone it.......dont make me beg....until you get here then you can make me do anything you want....and I want want to lick you, *****...and every other part of you, too

Do it slow and easy, please........

of course, i want to savor every bit of you...very slow and easy, it may take me hours....days even

Please make it take hours! purrrr

I'm gonna make you mine...and the pleasure will be all ours :)

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Love green peppers on my pizza too!

I agree that pizza is so good. I love the sauce especially, and also the toppings and the spices. I don't eat dairy products. I sometimes make homemade pizza, with no cheese, though cheese would make the toppings stick. I use veggie sausage, green olives, and green bell peppers on my homemade pizza.

Sounds great!

Come on people, you have got to love pizza!!!!!