Pizza: Keep It Simple :)

I'm not an adventurous eater.  I'm not.  I just don't really have it in me.  I keep it simple, yes, try and keep it healthy to, but simplicity is key! ;)  Certainly if you push me (and I have been pushed ;P ) I'll try something new.  But more often than not, I'm the one in the group saying, "Hey, how 'bout pizza?"  :)

During a recent snow storm, I had the opportunity to *make* pizza.  It was exciting!  We used the bread maker (never used one before) to make the dough (whole wheat), then topped it with sauce, shredded cheese, sliced sausage, and artichoke hearts (but not on my half! eww...).  It came out relatively well....let's just say we'll do some things differently next time :)  But what great fun!  Making a sharing a meal with friends couldn't be better.  Food does have that wonderful ability to bring people together, especially when it's homemade.  So, keep in mind, whether it be for the next snow storm, or perhaps just next family dinner night?... Homemade pizza: even if it doesn't turn out *quite* the way you'll still have a grand time :)  Eat up!


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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

We've used the prepackaged pie crusts a couple times. I'm not too crazy about them. They have -something- in them that makes them taste strange and... 'junky'.<br />
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I saw in the market the other day that they're now selling fresh pizza dough from the deli. I think I may try that next time.<br />
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My wife makes these neat pita pizzas with zuchini on them and cream cheese. They're pretty good.<br />
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I LOVE pizza too.